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LeoEarlSpilner Jul 13, 2020 10:13 AM
Sorry, I couldn't keep up with my words. This year has turned out the worst, and I was busy with things. Anyway, how have you been lately? It seems you're rewatching One Piece? Last time, I saw you've dropped it. lol

Well, now the anime is coming back, so the chances for these old light novels are much higher now. Even I'm not a fan of Jaymes either. I'm more of a Tekking101 fan, but Jaymes deserves respect for being a loyal Bleach fan. He's suffered more than anyone for defending the series, even had a lot of backlashes everywhere. By the way, his channel is back, and the video is working now.

I know. It used to be the second weakest to be exact after Phantom Blood. Yeah, I totally agree with you. I just can't wait for Stone Ocean's adaptation.

It seems we're not common when it comes to arc positions. I wasn't that big fan at the beginning. I got hooked up on the end of Soul Society, when Aizen appearing as a villain, and really enjoyed Arrancar the most, but the only problem in anime was fillers. Fullbring was okay to me, but there is no good development, so I would rank like:
Arrancar > Soul Society > Blood War > Lost Agent > Substitute Soul Reaper

Well, I go like: Marineford > Water7/Enies Lobby > Dressrosa > Pre-Submmit War and Post-War > Alabasta > East Blue > Whole Cake Island > Skypiea > Thriller Bark > Fishman Island
I'm still not in touch with the series, so I'm not sure about the position for Wano yet. Is it still the same for you? I mean Wano's rating lower than Fishman Island, is it that bad? What's your opinion about that arc?

Yeah, even don't know much about their ranking system, I was just talking about the magazine covers like these, how they use to pushing Ichigo back on its spot. I know it's not important, but I can't forget the treatment they use to do, and haters used to make fun of it.

Toei is still holding Slam Dunk rights, and due to its manga sales, I think there's still a chance for something like continuity or reboot how they bought back series like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Digimon and even '60s GeGeGe no Kitaro.

Yeah, DBZ was the best for me compares to any cartoons shows in my childhood. Oh, I bet you'll watch the 4th run once they release all blu-ray sets. Lol, I guess I'm like them too. It's kinda true, though but everyone has their own taste and likes after all. Even I do still watch kids shows like DC Young Justice and Star Wars the Clone Wars, and have no plans for stopping it. Haha, that's another funny story. Although, Naruto does have rants on the final arc, back in 2014. Oh, I see. Still, I'm glad you survived there. At least, you don't have to worry about that anymore. My college days were okay, but in high school, I was super lazy in studies. I don't flunk in exams because I'm good at coping strategies. Same in my region, Beyblade toys were more popular than anime. Wish I still had those classic ones. It's pretty rare to get these days, or I think they don't produce anymore. Oh, and I'm a Kai fan, by the way, who's your favorite character? Oh, you mean in Adult Swin? I think Bleach dub ended at the end of 2014.
LeoEarlSpilner Mar 18, 2020 4:44 AM
I know! Same here, I was about to faint hearing this. I should've listened to JaymesHanson what he was saying all this time. To be honest, I totally lost all my hope on it, stopped even watching Bleach contents. Still, I have a bad feeling of the production due to all these virus pandemic.

You're right! But for now, I'm happy with whatever he's working on! Anyway, I'll reply properly soon. :)
LeoEarlSpilner Mar 18, 2020 3:43 AM
I guess I'm late! It's already here.

LeoEarlSpilner Mar 18, 2020 3:36 AM
Hey buddy! I'll give a proper reply at the end of this month. But right now, Bleach is getting Thousand-Year Blood War arc anime adaptation!!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

LeoEarlSpilner Jan 1, 2020 2:07 AM
Happy New Year! ^^
Black_Sheep97 Dec 26, 2019 11:24 PM
Alabasta is also great, the reason i like ennies lobby more is that i like the villains more along with robin and usopps development.

Haven't read all through whole cake but i liked what i read till that point.
Black_Sheep97 Dec 26, 2019 6:49 AM
I got into it through a channel called animax, that was anime exclusive.

My favorite character was probably ichigo and byakuya kuchiki but i havent seen all of it yet, my favorite arc in one piece so far ennie lobby.
Black_Sheep97 Dec 25, 2019 10:09 PM
Favorite bleach arc and character?
Black_Sheep97 Dec 25, 2019 10:07 PM
Howd you get into anime?
LeoEarlSpilner Dec 22, 2019 5:07 AM
Hey buddy, sorry for the late reply! My mind wasn't in the right place all these days. Anyway, you are talking about ShinigamiSamurai?

Yeah, there are no plans for Superman guy so far. But it's weird without him. That to 4 times they've shown Batman's origin story already (including Joker movie and BvS DoJ had an intro flashback). As for Spidey's appearance, the third time (MCU) was a smart move. It looks different, more like from Ultimate Spider-Man comics rather than another Amazing Spider-Man version. It seems that way. Just look at Marvel, they've got Fox's X-Men, MCU, Sony's Venomverse and animated Spider-Verse as different franchises. Joker is the first outside movie since they've launched the DCEU franchise. Now Joker got a one billion mark. It remained a possibility for a sequel or something related to that, but not in development so far.

Right, forgot about those older light novels. But I guess it too late for that. The author of Baccano and Durarara, Ryohgo Narita's Spirits Are Forever With You is a bit thicker than the normal volumes, and also it's hard to translate. I'm sure you know the Youtuber JaymesHanson. There is a video of his which he got almost all Bleach stuff as much possible from Japan. ( 1:27) But I believe there's still hope for We Do Knot Always Love You for translating. I heard it sold well, especially on Amazon Japan.

Oh, thought Vento Aureo would be top 3 on your list. Usually, I've seen a lot of fans rank Vento Aureo as a top favorite these days. Yeah, I should've made into two parts in Stardust Crusaders. My top 5 favorite characters would be:
Jotaro > Jolyne > Joseph > Josuke > Gyro

By the way, how would you rank Bleach arcs? Suddenly, I got up with this idea. You can include TYBW and those 4 fillers arcs as well.

Guess I need to rewatch Skypeia someday. I've seen once and wasn't a big fan at that time. Forgot to mention Thriller Bark though, most of the episodes were annoying. Only Brook's story and Bartholomew Kuma appearance is the only good thing. Well, I'm thinking of ranking all One Pice canon arcs as we did on JoJo. :P I agree, and there isn't much time left. Now Oda has revealed that he has plans to end the series in about five years. I heard the editor spoke about the ending information. The source was from Oricon, by the way. Yeah, but not just Marineford for me, from Sabaody Archipelago till Marineford was a huge hype train. When I got into Sabaody I couldn't predict how it goes. Exactly, Will of D and those poneglyphs are one of the most important things, and as well as about the Void Century, Uranus Weapon, Joyboy's promise, Luffy's family, Dragon's History, some main character's devil fruit abilities, and the people why they don't go after One Piece, etc. Ehh... The list just keeps ongoing.

You're right, thank you! I check the whole history, and I never knew that even Digimon and InuYasha were the same genre. SAO's first 15 episodes was good, and later it ending up being the most overrated mediocre of all time, and I have seen Re:Zero already. KonoSuba sounds interesting. I think I've already added to my ptw list.

Reading canceled manga is pointless anyway. So I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a big fan of Black Clover. Although, the art style was kinda like Bleach. Even I should've avoided back those days and should've read something worth it. I've read a lot of canceled Jump manga. Yeah, it's actually the 99th episode of Toriko. It was totally awkward. Well, crossover in anime is rare, but I just feel Toei is too lazy to pull in a better direction. No, I don't blame them. But it's just a shame that Bleach couldn't stay on the magazine spot. I think it got replaced in 2011. True, Slam Dunk was exactly 120 million combined Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin. It got increased to 5-6 million for the new edition. They should've rebooted the anime by now.

Hahaha, that's an interesting story of being a weeb. XD Did you survive from those exams? Thought Beyblade was your first anime. Just saw in your list with decent scores, and I find a bit rare in this day and age. Yeah, well, I started watching One Piece from 2013. Before use to ignore and dropped many times cause of 4kids dub. It took me a while to realize it's greatness. So you start watching Bleach over 300 episodes? Then it has to be 2011 at the age of 17. Guess we've some age difference. Even I saw Bleach in late 2010/early 2011 but only in the dub version.

Pokemon was my first anime, the second was DBZ. I got into both in the same year, when I was 7. But your guessing was right though. I've been a Dragonballtard ever since then. I might've seen DBZ almost 20-25 times, and use to collect whatever related to these two series. Then later I saw Digimon, Beyblade, and my cousin introduced me to Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Detective Conan. Even I didn't know these series were from Japan or call them anime. Even Naruto as well, but I only knew the characters. I was stubborn back then, refuse not to watch. Because in school, some Narutards use to bash Dragon Ball, and I do the same to them. Almost 10 years ago, I accidentally saw some series from Animax. I remember they were airing series like Black Cat, Kaze no Stigma, Blood+, etc. And just like that, eventually tried other anime and now we are here.
LeoEarlSpilner Nov 15, 2019 5:28 AM
I'm so sorry for this long conversation. Feel free to skip which doesn't interest you.

Exactly! It doesn't have the right people to maintain, and I heard that they fired the actors for Batman and Superman. Batman already got replaced and still consider as the same universe. I don't know how does that work with a fresh one. Yup, the new Joker has become a huge success. But it's a standalone though, not a part of DCEU.

Oh, I see. I think that's all we have from viz media. Hope they release at least Unmasked and 13 blades someday. So your Unmasked is in French or Japanese? It's alright, I'll be reading Part 8 eventually. Thank you for explaining it. Since I stopped reading, I don't remember the chapters name. I guess it's around chapter 32. Yeah, I better check out part 6 first. Let's see. I like all of them, but this goes on according to my enjoyment in anime.

Stardust Crusaders
Diamond is Unbreakable
Battle Tendency
Golden Wind
Phantom Blood

But in the manga, it might be upside down once if I'm up to date. So how would you rank it?

It's still okay for me, at least the last two arcs weren't that bad compares to Fishman Island or Skypiea. Even I use to complain about the Whole Cake Island arc due to the pace and some characters give me the creeps. But in the end, Luffy's battle with Katakuri saved it, I really enjoyed that part. Guess, many people had a lot of faith in this series, including myself. Sure it's no perfect, it always had ups and downs. I want it to clear all the mysteries in it. Yeah, in New World, Dressrosa is my favorite as well. People say it was like Alabasta, but that not true though.

Yeah, pretty much! I still remember Baccano and Trigun on your favorites. By the way, it's "Isekai" I didn't get that word on that day. It's not that I hate the genre or anything. But I feel some of 'em are just ripping off each other in the name of a genre, and many people enjoy it. I see I was just worried after seeing so much hate and low rating on this series. Nah, first off, I don't wanna compare Death Note, Bakuman or Platinum End with other popular battle shounen. Because these series have their own formula. I'm also a fan of Takeshi Obata's work. I can just imagine how great can be without seeing it.

I still wish Black Clover author's first series "Hungry Joker" should've continued. I felt it was so unique and good. The main character was very interesting, even though he's a weirdo. But Jump refuses to change these similar aspects, and stick with Goku-Vegeta formula. Same here! Haha yeah, it's Tsuna btw. Sometimes I feel like to punch these characters. Because he reminds me of myself back in elementary school.

That's a fact! People can say that "these new ones gonna be big 3", and after a year, it eventually pushes back. Speaking of pushing back, do you remember those days when Jump was trying to push so hard on Toriko to be on Bleach's spot? Three goofy heads on cover. Back then, Toriko didn't reach 20 million in sales. It seems nobody doesn't care that much. Lol, some Togashi fanboys already consider like that or say like "it should've been on Bleach's spot". Indeed, it's the golden age of Jump. Most of them got anime adaption which is lengthy over 50+ episodes. So if Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and Fist of the North Star were like big 3 of the 80s, then do you think Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, and Dragon Ball Z (part 2) were big 3 of the 90s? What was your childhood favorite or your first anime?

Honestly, Fist of the North Star was hard for me to get in at the beginning. Because it feels so rough and some chapters were pointless. But once you get used to it, you'll eventually start liking it. This one has no formula, purely an original work and it's also an experience, especially for the male audiences. Still, it may be outdated but I think you should try out! Sure did! Glad I finally started reading Kingdom. This is the first time I'm reading about Chinese history manga. So far it just Tyrion and Arya. Maybe, later I'll be liking them as well. Uhm, according to Wikipedia says the 15th and final season, which is going on. So are you planning to catch up anytime soon?
LeoEarlSpilner Oct 24, 2019 11:09 AM
It's popular alright but when it compares to MCU, it failed miserably. Guess, most of the audience doesn't care anymore. Well, Wonder Woman is the only movie which I liked and even Shazam! was okay. Aquaman was saved by special effects but the plot was too generic and the rest were lame. Same here, The Dark Knight trilogy is one of my favorite trilogy of all time. I get what you mean average that if you're only talking about MCU movies, you can thank Disney for that. lol, Weirdo? Hi-five than, even I don't watch that much, especially 21st-century indie movies. But there are some blockbuster franchises which I'm following ever since I was a kid. Oh, right!

Yeah, me either that if Viz releases it. So far, I've got that All Colour but the Black art book, Souls, Masked character book and Color Bleach+ Bootleg. I think you asked me about it last year? So what's your second favorite JoJo series? I thought so, I heard something like that in subreddit comments, and also part 8 Jousuke Higashikata is a weird person, nothing like Jousuke from part 4. I'm actually confused. To be honest, I haven't even finished reading part 3, since I was reading the manga volumes (same goes to MHA). Still, needs to get 3 more volumes to finish it. I directly jumped into part 7 (I thought it's a soft reboot) while watching part 5 anime. Now, I'm realizing that was a mistake. Eh, so I'll stop reading part 7 and start part 6. At this rate, anime might take around a year or two.

I see. It seems you're almost up to date on One Piece. I need to catch up on One Piece soon. I checked my history and remembered that some of 'em are kinda fantasy/MMORPG/heram crap. I have a friend who suggests me into these kinds of stuff. He's a big fan of SAO and some manhua including Solo Leveling. He only cares about animation, modern typical art style, light-hearted storytelling, and happy endings. I really don't wanna add them to my list. Anyway, what're your thoughts on Platinum End?

I wish I could've said this easily, but I'm not sure yet. First of all, I still have no idea about Demon Slayer. As for Black Clover, I liked it but after reading Fairy Tail and Naruto, it feels so mediocre. Okay, I'm not up to date though. The last thing I read was a few chapters about a temple mission. Back in 2016, I thought MHA, Haikyuu and Food Wars might reach that level. Guess, nobody doesn't feel Haikyuu and Food Wars as big 3 at all. At that time, Haikyuu sold higher than MHA, Food Wars sold higher than Bleach and Fairy Tail. These three are different genres, even though we still consider battle shounen. So those three were my big 3 at that time. Right now I've to go with your big 3 due to its popularity. I totally agree with TPN as this gen's Death Note. AoT still manages to stay in the top 5 best selling manga, and you know One Piece is unbeatable. I don't know why I just keep forgetting about Kingdom existence. I should read that one instead of these shounen series. By the way, have you seen the Kingdom anime?

Right, it's still considered one of the greatest shows of all time. I'll be continuing soon. Is Tyrion Lannister your favorite GOT character? Oh well, I haven't seen any of these but I heard that Supernatural is coming to an end this year. How many seasons does it have anyway?

Yeah, you got 2 Madhouse, 2 Sunrise and 2 Brain's Base series. But I guess, Gintama and Durarara!! moved to a different studio.
LeoEarlSpilner Oct 16, 2019 12:03 PM
Ah, I see. Well, DCUAOM is a bit hit-and-miss. Most of 'em got faithful adaption like Frank Miller's Year One and The Dark Knight Returns and some of 'em didn't. Still, overall it's enjoyable though. Enjoyable than DCEU IMO. Anyway, do you read Marvel comics too?

I should've guessed it. That announcement just made my day. I actually thought they canceled releasing blu-rays. Because we didn't have any news from them for more than a year. I was pissed, changed my mind and decide not to buy anymore, even the third manga box set. Well, it's finally happening so I can wait no matter how long it is. Guess, I'll be buying the third box set in December. Do you've got a Bleach Jet art book? That would be great but right now, I'll accept whatever it. I hope he recovers soon and brings up with something. By the way, how is JoJolion? Is it like an alternative version Diamond is Unbreakable?

So you've 23 manga to catch up? I've added 17 on my current list, but it's probably been around 70. Well, it not that I'm ignoring or anything. I just keep forgetting it. I can't even remember some of those manga titles. Well, My Hero Academia already reached that big thing spot. Seems others are still in neck and neck. Who's do you think will be the next big 3? Okay, I know that you don't touch with all the shounen series. Just mention any three which you liked so far. Yeah, the animation is great. I will watch it eventually.

Oh! You're right. I started it anyway, it's better to finish it off. Actually, I dropped twice. The first time, I couldn't even finish the first season. Two years later, I accidentally saw some random epic scenes, and the special effects were amazing. So I left guilty for dropping it. I know! I just picked up due to its popularity. The X-Files, Lost, Fringe kept on-hold after the first season and now I just lost interest with them.

Yeah, David Productions did a great job for all these years. So I consider as one of my favorite studio behind Madhouse and Bones. It scares me whenever I hear these kinds of stuff. Hope everything works out well, and not end up like Manglobe.
LeoEarlSpilner Oct 13, 2019 12:21 PM
True! It seems that way. I know! The fall of the New 52 and that Rebirth recycling is the reason why I stopped reading comics. And also I didn't like the art style of early Rebirth issues. Lol, Guess, it's pretty obvious right? Most of them are like the pillars of DC. I need to check out Under the Hood and The Joker: White Knight. But I've seen Under the Redhood animated movie a few years ago. Maybe it's an adaption of that comic. By the way, have you seen any DC Universe animated original movies? I'm not sure about Watchmen's prequel and sequel. But the original is definitely worth it. It's the same author (story) of The Killing Joke.

Well, I think you've already heard that Bleach Can't Fear Your Own World light novel is finally getting translated by Viz Media. So are you gonna pick that one to your collection? You mean Isshin being the protagonist in the prequel? That's sounds interesting. But I feel that it might live shortly. Exactly! I'm wondering how can Hirohiko Araki manage to work from all these years. His serialization started 32 years ago, and yet he still looks healthy.

Oh, yeah. I'm realizing that even I don't enjoy new battle shounen manga the way I use to. Well, I enjoy some of them like Dr. Stone and Fire Force. Because their concept was kinda unique. Still, I'm not up to date though. Some of my friends suggested me to watch/read Kimetsu no Yaiba. But right now, I'm not interested in a fantasy shounen like InuYasha.

I see. I've seen a few episodes of True Detective here and there with my friends. But right now, all I can remember is Alexandra Daddario yum yum scene. Everyone is liking it, so guess I'll have to check out by myself someday. Hmm... about Game of Thrones, I had a big shows list to watch. GoT has been in my queue for a long time. I heard that the final season will become out this year. So I started watching it. I've seen only the first two seasons so far. The first season had a slow pace so I didn't like it that much. I was about to watch the third season, at that time the series got to finish. And like you said. The massive show fanbase was in chaos. I asked some fans about it and I didn't get any proper answer from them. Like some of them were depressed, some of them doesn't even wanna talk about it and others were defending it. So I'm not sure whether I should continue or not. I know X-Files, it ran more than a decade and recently got two new final seasons. How many seasons have you completed?

Stone Ocean might take a while. I heard that the animation director wrote on twitter a week ago, that he has not paid on his work. Uhm, I don't know exactly what's going on in David Production company. The news was posted in Anime News Network.

Ah, well, just give it a try. I think it's better to check out Cowboy Bebop first. It's better than Samurai Champloo, in my opinion. Cool fan film! Thanks for the link. ;)
LeoEarlSpilner Oct 10, 2019 7:35 AM
I feel you, man. I love DC comics and Batman and all, but even I have got the same problem as well. They just keep on writing different stories, in a different universe from different authors. Overall, I feel it's the same shit over and over with the same characters. The way they publish is a complete mess. I accidentally got into a reboot-like version called the new 52 universe comics. Oh man, I just wasted my time on that. Even Marvel comics are even worst. Well, I just randomly picked the best. So far I've owned Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, Batman Hush, Black Mirror, The Long Halloween and The Dark Victory. I recommend you to check out Watchmen. It's a bit unique and awesome. You can get it as a one-shot volume.

Lol. Obviously, the fan base is still strong in the west as always. If they wanna grab money, then they should do it. Anyway, I'm fed up waiting. Well, I really don't mind if the new series set in the Bleach universe. Burn the Witch was fine for a one-shot. Yeah, well really had a crush Stacked female Byakuya. But I just don't want a boring slice of life garbage like Boruto. Kubo is a really talented man. It's better to move in a monthly seinen series. I know you would love it if that happens.

Oh, so you aren't even reading TPN? I actually hate Naruto fan base. Some of them are absolutely toxic.

So what tv show have you watched recently? Well, most of the favorite shows are sci-fi/space opera. Recently, I've seen a canceled show called Firefly (it's really good kinda like Cowboy Bebop, somehow they completed the story in sequel movie), an ongoing show The Expanse, and now I'm watching an old 60's show Star Trek and yeah, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079.

Yup! Sure, that if you are asking the most canonical stories (Universal Century), then these are ones I consider watching.

1) Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 (series or compilation movie trilogy)
2) Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (series only)
3) Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
4) Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack Movie
5) Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVAs

There are some good side stories, spinoffs, and prequels in Universal Century which is worth watching.

1) War in the Pocket (a side story, it comes between 0079 and Zeta. I think it's better to watch after Zeta)
2) Stardust Memory (watch after Zeta and War in the Pocket)
3) The 08th MS Team (U.C fans consider as one of the best installment in the franchise)
4) Thunderbolt (ONAs or two movies)
0) Mobile Suit Gundam Origin (Latest installment. I'm not sure whether it a prequel or an alternative version. People says the manga version is a masterpiece. I believe it better to watch after Unicorn)

Few mediocre U.C installment which set after all the series what I've already mentioned. This is up to you.

1) Gundam F91 movie
2) Victory Gundam series
3) Gundam Narrative movie (this one is getting a sequel movie trilogy next year, Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash)

These are some good stand-alone series (Alternative Universes). None of these doesn't connect to Universal Century.

* Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (My personal favorite A.U series. It has the slow pace but I still love it cause of the nostalgia)
* After War Gundam X (I haven't seen yet. Many people say the most underrated and it's good)
* Turn A Gundam (An another most underrated great series which I haven't seen yet. A series which is beyond the U.C)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny (Many people hate Seed Destiny cause of annoying extra protagonist and plot holes. But I actually enjoyed it. If your watching go with the remastered version 2011, 2013)
* Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Two seasons and a movie. Seasons are good but the movie is complete bullshit. Don't watch it nearly killed the franchise)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (Good plot and interesting characters. But don't expect for a happy ending)

A.U series which are not about war. So I ignored them.

* Mobile Fighter G-Gundam (Battles in the tournament, and it's too goofy. But many people liked it)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Age (I really don't know it's for whom or why it exist)
* Gundam Build Fighters (Made to sell toys)