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Higashi no Eden Movie II: Paradise Lost
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Kiba no Tabishounin: The Arms Peddler
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Green Blood
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LeoEarlSpilner Dec 25, 2018 12:32 PM
Merry Christmas! ^^

True, I started realizing it ever since I got into Fullbring arc. The Fullbringers never had a proper development, even Chad and Orihime on that arc. But at least some Quincies were better though. Yeah, I know. The way they treat Kubo and Bleach was brutal. Well, that's what I thought at that time. I started using subreddit in the early 2015, just to know if we ever get any leaked news or events. When they announced, I just couldn't defend the series anymore, cause of my depression. People were bashing everywhere, and MAL was an hateful zone for Bleach. After Bleach ended, I stopped reading manga for 3-4 months. Suddenly, I just picked two new series, Red Spirit and TPN. Red Sprite was the replacement of Bleach. It was kinda average for a fresh shounen. But it couldn't last long either. They axed within 14 chapters. I see. I finish HSDK anime a long time ago. Guess, I need to check out the manga as well. Yeah! By the way, have you read Kubo's one-shot manga "Burn the Witch"?

Not to mention the unique storytelling and the characters are really great. Now even I kinda bored with other jump series. I'm not able to get into series like Black Clover, Food Wars. Anyway, who's your favorite character in TPN? Yeah, after Dressrosa arc, it wasn't that great the way it use to be. But I still enjoy it. The problem is the anime. Sometimes it's really painful to watch cause of the slow pace, and the subbed version voice is kinda annoying for me. Yeah, along with that, I'm hoping to reveal all mysterious plot points one after the other. Oda said, he almost finished 80%. So it about time to clear it. Even sometimes HxH art looks so dull as well. Right now, I just can't image how Togashi finish his series at this point.

JoJoniums are really worth buying, that if you're a big of it. Wish it had the same hardcover for my other favorite series as well. Yeah, Viz media should've released those FMA hardcover 2 years ago. Damn, now I can't spend for it again. Do you've art/data books of Bleach and Naruto?

Ikr, Bleach lost it's popularity. There was no point of making an live-action movie at the worst situation, and it got an obvious result. The movie was fine but it was suffering at the box office due to lack of popularity and wrong time of releasing. To be honest, I really don't like these kind of live action movies. Me too! I heard Jet book is worth buying, but now I can't spend for it. I was hoping something for Bleach at the jump festa. It was totally disappointing. Do you read those Bleach LNs?

Sorry for the late reply!
LeoEarlSpilner Dec 4, 2018 9:03 PM
Oh, then I'll limit myself into 10 shounen, 10 seinen, 10 male and female characters on each list.

I agree with you. Especially, antagonist like Starrk, Harribel, Nnoitra etc has cool and unique character design, but they never had a proper depth into the story. First of all, Kubo is not good at planing in the conclusion. I was really shocked when I read chapter 680's announcement. I couldn't believe that he's finishing with in 5 chapters. I was so depressed for 3-4 months. Many things wasn't answer yet. He never revealed Aizen's Bankai and the final battle was so underwhelming, that pisses me the most. Yeah, I can understand in your perspective. Most of the battle shounen has the same influence. Well, that's what the WSJ want. I just read them when I don't have anything else to do. Like when I'm in out of town or in traveling. Right now, One Piece, MHA and TPN is the only priority. I'm not in touch with 7DS. Guess, I need to catch up soon. Oh, well I really like Ban though. He's my favorite character in that series.

I see. Yes, I do. I've owned a complete box set of Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note, two Bleach box sets (48 volumes), all Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Pluto volumes, 12 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hardcover volumes, 15 volumes of My Hero Academia, 6 volumes of The Promised Neverland, 2 volumes of Hunter x Hunter, a singe volume of Naruto (20th vol. that's my first manga), All You Need is Kill 2 in 1 volume, 1 Vinland Saga, 4 Monster and 1 20th Century Boys perfect edition.

Well, I guess, there's some conspiracy is going on between Kubo and Shueisha. Even though the series ended, we got some bleach related stuff like the live-action movie, the jet art book, we had Bleach Paradise Lost mobile game till yesterday, and Kubo himself has returned with his spin-off one-shot. Recently, Studio Pierrot posted a Bleach picture on twitter for 40th anniversary, and people gone crazy on the comment section. So I believe, there's a chance of happening. But still, it 50/50 for me. I don't wanna get depressed again. Let's see on 22nd, jump festa. People are hoping on that day. Yeah, the last 3 season of Bleach had an amazing animation (2010-2012). So if it does happen now it would be way better than before.
LeoEarlSpilner Dec 2, 2018 11:14 AM
Yeah, it's really great. Especially, that English titles option was a nice idea. Guess, it takes me few days to get used to it. I've a tons of favorite series and characters, so I'm confuse to fill in my favorite list.

Same here! Even I love a lot of characters, but I feel that Bleach is so underrated compare to current battle shounen series. Well, Aizen, Yoruichi, Kisuke, Kenpachi, Nelliel, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Gin are my top favorites, and Aizen is my all time favorite anime villain.

By the way, do you collect manga volumes?
LeoEarlSpilner Nov 28, 2018 10:40 AM
AniList? So is it better than MyAnimeList? Yeah, especially I love to add Trigun and Baccano! there. I'm happy to see those series on your list. ^^

You don't say! Who's your favorite character in Bleach except Zangetsu?
LeoEarlSpilner Nov 26, 2018 10:45 AM
Oh, yeah! Even I love Trigun, Gintama, Baccano! The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. and Naruto too. ^^ But there isn't much room on my favorite list.

By the way, is Bleach is your first favorite manga?
LeoEarlSpilner Nov 23, 2018 7:40 AM
Thanks for the add!!
ShinigamiSamurai May 8, 2018 12:10 PM
Thanks for that but ive had Bakuman on my ptw for 3 years lol so dont have to worry about it
Acervate May 2, 2018 8:48 AM
Diamond no GOAT
XRZF1000 Mar 20, 2018 7:45 PM
Hi! Thank you for accepting.
ShinigamiSamurai Sep 15, 2017 5:20 PM
Haha yea man theres a reason why Kubo is my favorite and same with all those characters, and its not only with manga/anime I also share the same zodiac sign as alot of my favorite athletes, musicians, and entertainers.

Yea and its not like Yoruichi would get mad lol haha hell yea especially Isshin haha Ichigo used to kick his ass all the time

Yea its close between Toshiro and Rangiku but id have to say the best squad by far was squad 11 they were literally so perfect for each other and had such an awesome connection and well not to mention we saw them the most. And like you said they are the strongest and most vicious squad in the series yet they were the funniest and always lightened the mood haha this is them in all their glory singing (Yachiru voice bruh is she form heaven lol) Also Yumichika is my guy even tho hes a lil fruity lol but hes actually very underrated with a great/strong/often forgotten Shikai. There is so many funny and memorable moments between them but these are some of my favorites lol Poor Ikaku is always getting shitted on by everybody especially from Yachiru and Rangiku its no wonder he doesn't pay her boobs any mind anymore lol

Haha man idk they both talk in that troll know it all voice(and frankly they do) its really hard I do however give a slight edge to Madara however after re-watching/reading Bleach again I might have to side with Aizen. Yea man although there was enough buildup for Kaguya she was shit and should have never happened (Fuck you Kishimoto's editors and SJ) instead of a 2-3episode fight between Naruto/Sasuke against Madara, can you imagine all those episodes they gave Kaguya its Squad 7 and Obito against double Rinnegan/ Rinne-Sharingan Juubi Madara like come on man shit would have been so much better than against Kaguya.

Oh yea and I saw you added all females on your favorites(all of them are top tier waifu's haha) I actually changed mine up a lil yesterday but shortly after changed it back haha im gonna change it up this week permanently and atleast leave it as is for a few weeks.
ShinigamiSamurai Sep 14, 2017 5:29 PM
Yea he first started on July 19 1999 actually forgot to tell you this but thats my birthday lol well I turned a year and thats when Zombie Powder serialized so even more reason why Kubo is my favorite lol. Thats awesome I really love it when mangaka does that with their characters.

Im not sure it may have been the first or 2nd time but nonetheless thats why Kubo worked on them because they would become canon later in the manga. Yea lol Yoruichi was fine as hell and was always teasing Ichigo should have taken a chance haha and same bro the scene kills me the funniest part is Ikkaku because hes just tired of Rangiku and her bullshit lol. GOOOOOOD MORNING ICHIIIIGOOOOOO *gets clotheslined* haha he was always one of my favorites he always got his ass beat haha

Yea I loved that Aizen Volume he looks all menacing and "God Is Dead" so badass and there are so many amazing ones some of my favorites are the 1st and 74 The Death And The Strawberry volume 18 The Black Moon Rising, 54 Goodbye To Our Xcution and 71 Baby Hold Your Hand, Volume 60 Everything But The Rain (Masaki and awesome we got to see the backstory and contrary to the older Memories Of Nobody) overall man so many amazing ones and I love how the volume and poems go so well with each volume godamn Kubo is so underrated.

Yea Yachiru/Kenpachi was my favorite Lieutenant/captain relationship (2nd Rangiku/Toshiro) they actually played off each other perfectly and right since the beginning they basically told us she was his Bankai, Yachiru is actually one of my favorites in the series and even more so as everything was revealed in the final arc. Yea lol Kenny was always wild he had to change his ways against the Sternritters. I actually had that as my profile picture in color for a while, also who do you like more Aizen or Madara my Bleach love is well documented haha but I honestly dont know bro 2 of the 5 greatest most iconic villains ever thats fucking tough..
ShinigamiSamurai Sep 14, 2017 11:06 AM
Lmao yeah it would be awesome to see it again with Kubo's new and improved art but I much rather see more Bleach before Zombie Powder lol oh I checked the other day he recently turned 40 a few months ago so hes still very young at some point he will add too Bleach or make a new manga because hes just too young. Also I actually am a spiritual person and what do you know Kubo is also cancer(coincidence I think not lol hes my favorite mangaka) and Ichigo is aswell same with Shunsui, Spike, Neji, Killua, Sougo, and Katsura and Sasuke is a Leo but our birthdays are only 4 days apart. So its no coincidence all of these are my favorites and we share the same zodiac sign on top of that the emotions are pretty spot on all of them are rather laid back and dont like being told what to do lol aswell as being tough and stepping up when they have to, manga really is a work of art because they take everything in consideration haha mangaka are so underrated.

Yea man the Bount arc was too long lol or even if they did like 6 episodes in Karakura town and then they immediately went to the SS it would have been so much better. Yea that arc was great for the anime it set up things to come and gave us a sneak peak at those Zakpakuto and Nanao Shikai now we know why she acted that way with her. Yea that soccer episode lol thats when Yoruichi shows her tits to Ichigo again haha. That reminds me of this awesome scene lmao Ikkaku is just tired of her shit lol Renji Kon and Ichigo were ready to pass out and Rukia was jealous lmao its those little moments that made me love Bleach.

Yea damn near every slice of life episode was awesome especially when it centered around Rangiku, Toshiro, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Ichigo. Yea but atleast we got Renji vs Bazz B but what I wanted the most was Grimmjow vs Bazz B MAN THAT WOULD BE SICK!

To me Mayuri was always a weird sick fuck lol that speech vs Sayzel was LEGENDARY (Kubo is also amongst the best mangaka with quotes I mean shit just look at any volume or any character speech such a UNDERATTED trait from Kubo Sensei) also that one speech during the regai arc I actually couldnt find it on youtube but I remember it being great aswell. Yea Gremmy OP powers were perfect against Kenpachi in reality he was one of the few that could handle him at that time(actually maybe only Aizen would win thats it) my mind is a little shaky on the fight lol but basically, the reason Unohana kept killing or damn near killing Kenpachi was because Kenpachi potential was locked right? because Unohana was the only one that actually gave him a real fight right shit I cant really remember lol. Yea imagine Jiraya and Kon going to the beach to see Tsunade and Rangiku lol.

1. Fade To Black - its literally the SS arc all over again and who doesnt like that!?
2. Hell Verse - Amazing concept actually wouldnt mind a Hell Verse arc
3. Memories Of Nobody - Fits in nicely with the anime and poor Senna :( and great promo
4. The DiamondDust Rebellion - I like Toshiro but all the other movies I enjoyed more I loved watching this promo with Opening 7 (so underrated)

Bro I remember I got chills when I saw this haha not even Chair Sama can contain LORD AIZEN
ShinigamiSamurai Sep 13, 2017 8:16 PM
Same as my boy Grimmjow volume 24 I believe? And he looks just like Hyorinmaru mixed in with when Hichigo and Tensa fused.

Lol so how do you watch anime or just download it?

Yea im currently watching but haven seen an episode in a month lol will do so soon. Lol fuck I mean atleast Bleach was on the final arc can you imagine if it just ended on the Fullbring arc I would have been pissed! Yea supposedly during the beginning of 2016 or late 2015 there was a new chief or something like and well he wanted to clean house because 5 mangas that when on for over 12 years ended abruptly. Yea thats why I didnt read TPN for a while because if I was really enjoying it I would be extremely pissed if it got axed early luckily it seems to be the leader of the new school so we're safe for a few years.

Yea the Bount arc I believe was like 45 episodes long thats wayyyy to much if it was cut down to 25 it would have been much better. the Zanpakuto Rebellion arc fit perfectly with the anime (and well Kubo designed all the Zanpakuto) so you can say somewhat canon the Regai arc was top tier the animation was so on point it looked much better than other canon series animation lol and that Nuclear Getsuga at the end was FUCKING BADASS. Oh and I forgot the Amagai arc was pretty good aswell and it centered around Kira (he has such an underrated Shikai) yea I agree it was more so the placement that got people mad lol either finish the arc or star tthe filler before not in between. The beach episode was my favorite filler episode ;) RUKIA, Yoruichi, Rangiku, Nemu, Unoaha, Orihime *NOSEBLEED lol

Yea man lol I love the slice of life episodes in Bleach so much thats why I wasnt even mad with the Bleach placement fillers because Rangiku was always doing something stupid and Toshiro was scolding her Yumichika/Ikkaku/Yachiru had such great chemistry it was always funny when they were on I even liked Keigo that guy was a fucking idiot lol. that would have been perfect since all 3 of them are basically the same once a Soul Reaper the other Arrancar and Quincy DAMN!

Bruh how can you hate Mayuri lol that guy was a fucking nutjob I loved it whenever he was in the series doing anything lol especially his relationship with Nemu (he was lowkey afraid to be alone thats why he always kept her around) but yea that fight was amazing probably in the top 5 of the arc. I wasnt a huge Gremmy fan but if theres one thing Kenny hates is cheap tactics that why he kicked his ass lol. Kenpachi vs Unohana is early on thats why man if the anime comes back people would be so fucking HYPED during that fight especially seeing just how strong miss Unhana is, I know why Kenny was getting his ass beat the whole fight but I forgot about this so remind me basically she kept killing him and bringing him back to life right? Yea or atleast a FUCKING CROSSOVER can you imagine Shinigami in Konoha or Ninjas in Karakura Town like come on man smh..

Yea man that guy does some great stuff I always love watching Bleach drawing so keep them coming Kudo! Also rank the 4 movies from best to worst.
ShinigamiSamurai Sep 13, 2017 11:24 AM
Yea fuck them bro they deserved it haha Kubo was always a savage but it the end that was his downfall lol. By the way have you read Zombie Power(Kubos other manga) I also want to read it and heard we have alot of similarities with Bleach and I think its only liek 40cahpters it was either cancelled or Kubo dropped it not sure.

Yea man I hate mobile games but its legit a great game and its easily the best mobile/anime game out there. The community is huge there is alot of BBS youtubers and the Reddit is constantly growing and I started two 40person groups in BBS lol it was lit I used to play it so much lol but lately not as much. Yea SP is designing voice actors all that so man just a little bit longer..

I dont think we'll see anything similar to OP in popularity in atleast 30 years if ever lol (Oda might fuck around and OP will still be airing lol) and I actually might want to watch some more OP this week I saw the first 4 episodes like a month ago but havent seen it since lol. Yea I heard Hitmans ending was very lacklustre I honestly dont know wtf they thinking especially when its an established manga like the fuck just let them end it properly. Oh yea forgot about Toriko I havent seen it but heard the ending was so sudden it ended last year along with Bleach Assassination Classroom and this one 40year long manga and this other 13 year manga forgot the name but honestly dont know wtf is up with Shonen Jump. Oh yea and I just remember the shit that replaced Bleach "Red Sprite" only lasted 10-12 weeks WTF man if you really wanted to end Bleach okay cool but atleast let it have those FUCKING 10-12 WEEKS CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH BETTER REVIEVED BLEACH WOULD BE WITH THESE EXTRA WEEKS man I dont want to type more SJ rants lol.

Lol I cant wait anymore bro starting Decmeber/January im gonna watch and read Naruto and right after will watch Bleach anime again filler and everything lol I dont care man (and I actually dont know why the Bleach filler is hated when its really one of the best and still has top animation besides the Bount arc I didnt hate it I just hated the length) ive waited too long lol. I have the Ulquiorra and Grimmjow fights vs Ichigo on my phone aswell as the Aizen fight I try my hardest not to watch so I can show love to the newer series lol but sometimes it tough.

Yea lol people forget how loved Toshiro was he was constantly in the top 5 and even at one point made Ichigo 2nd place lmao thats wild I dont think ive ever seen that haha. And its mostly because he was always the first from the SS to go and help out Ichigo like remember that stretch in SS he played a huge role and then with Bounts and was the first captain during the Arrancar arc aswell and explained how dangerous they could be and then got his own movie that's why he became so loved. Yea Shunsui said in about a 100 years he would win and I would love Toshiro vs Bazz B. And well Kubo just kept feeding as Toshiro lol the cast is huge so its tough to show others love(if only he was given time in the TYBW smh) but the side characters all still have top notch fights like Shuhei vs Findorr(im happy hes the focus of the new novel) but man I dont know how the industry works by why the hell was their yearly specials that focused on 1 character like for example every year focus on a character for one year a 40 minute special on Shuhei the next one on Sajin and the next year on Jushiro etc.. again I dont know how the industry works but there is so much missed potential with that same with Naruto although it did have more specials and movies again why wasnt there a 40minute special yearly for characters like Sasori, Lee, Jiraya etc..? I actually really loved what they did with DBZ during its run they made 2 movies per year (Now thats kind of wild) but atleast a new movie every 2 years and a special per year like wtf youre gonna make your money back I dont know man.

For the most part I enjoyed every Sternritter with the exception of Pepe lmao hes the equivalent to Yammy imo. Like I really enjoyed Lille, Opie, and the LLoyd brothers were haxed fucks lol aswell as Yumichika and Giselle's dialogue lmao shit was funny (the moist comment if you forgot) I liked Bambietta design (more like Sternritter B for Bae lol) but my 3 favorites would be Haschwalth, Askin, and As Nodt Bazz B would be my 4th fav. Yea out of all I like Uryu the most but he doesnt count hes been there since the beginning lol. lmao Yumichika is a savage oh and also look at Kudo drawing the sternritter female cast and Giselle lol oh and this is fucked up lmao but the real reason why Bleach ended
ShinigamiSamurai Sep 13, 2017 9:47 AM
Lol man I have some Kubo artwork and in there, their is multiple times he wanted something but the editing team took it off lol they never fucking let him do his story.

Yea ive read the manga before and really enjoyed it cant wait to watch and read it again lol yea Viz is almost always spot on.

Yea YYH with top tier animation would be awesome. Yea lol its very dialogue heavy and well the Chrollo Hisoka fight already happened and man seeing it animated would make me forget about Bleach for a day lol.

Hell no man I couldnt wait that long lol but salute to that guy because WHEN ITS BACK he'll love it and it'll be worth it. By the way I dont know if you play this game or heard of this but basically Studio Pierrot is letting the Bleach mobile game incorporate manga characters (the game ends at the fullbring arc) and they are animating the characters adding the proper color to them and adding voice actors. So is that a hint? false hope? things to come in the future but we're getting closer and closer...

I wouldnt be surprised if thats the case and Oda might be telling them to leave him alone and even tho hes the industry biggest money maker in no disrespect do I mean this but he's like an industry dog and what I mean is that it seems he always does what SJ tells him to. Like Toriyama always had beef with them aswell and he kept adding shit to his manga(Dragon Ball) that was also stretched out but to a certain point he finally told them to fuck off, Togashi the same thing during YYH at a certain point he really told them to fuck off and it ended suddenly. Inoue (especially during Slam Dunk days from what I hear) had beef with them and he told them to fuck off and he was treated bad aswell and the most notorious Kubo himself he has literally dissed SJ so many times lol and hes always said he doesnt care about his editing team for always trying to change shit so its no surprise why he was treated like shit towards the end. And Kishimoto he's kind of like in between but after that Kaguya shit he was finally done and he said he wanted to create a new manga(should have been serialized by now or atleast the announcement dont know whats happening?) right now he just oversees Boruto but I wouldn't be surprised if hes like fuck this and SJ aswell.

Yea man anyway I can ill always support Bleach especially the blu-rays watching the Soul Society in HD Blu-ray on a nice big tv is something to die for lol trust me man its been extremely tough to not watch Bleach again but pretty soon ill be able to enjoy it again lol. Currently, I only have like 4 Bleach related books but im gonna buy manga soon and some of the Japanese stuff it doesnt matter man lol just want a great Bleach display.

Yea lol FT failed with the execution alot of the time but it was still enjoyable. I wish they would have done a similar Naruto vs Sasuke with Gray and Natsu at the end and make it the final battle but they couldnt lol towards the end they shoved Gray to the side and that really sucked but I am looking forward to S3 and see what else they add.

By the way are you a big Toshiro fan? It seems like hes the most hated when talking about the most popular which is kind of like a contradiction lol. And him aging with his Bankai was hinted at right since the beginning of the Arrancar arc and the previous 3 chapters before his Bankai it was teased haha I always liked all the height jokes.