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LeoEarlSpilner Oct 16, 12:03 PM
Aha, I see. Well, DCUAOM is a bit hit-and-miss. Most of 'em got faithful adaption like Frank Miller's Year One and The Dark Knight Returns and some of 'em didn't. Still overall it's enjoyable though. Enjoyable than DCEU imo. Anyway, do you read Marvel comics too?

I should've guessed it. That announcement just made my day. I actually thought they cancelled releasing blu-rays. Because we didn't had any news from them for more than a year. I was pissed, changed my mind and decide not buy anymore, even the third manga box set. Well, it's finally happening so I can wait no matter how long it is. Guess, I'll be buying the third box set on December. Do you've Bleach Jet art book? That would be great but right now, I'll accept whatever it. Hope he recovers soon and bring up with something. By the way, how is JoJolion? Is it like an alternative version Diamond is Unbreakable?

So you've 23 manga to catch up? I've add 17 on my current list, but it's probably be around 70. Well, it not that I'm ignoring or anything. I just keeps forgetting it. I can't even remember some of those manga titles. Well, My Hero Academia already reached that big thing spot. Seems others are still in neck and neck. Who's do you think will be the next big 3? Okay, I know that you aren't touch with all shounen series. Just mention any three which you liked so far. Yeah the animation is great. I will watch it eventually.

Oh! You're right. I started it anyway, it's better to finish it off. Actually I dropped twice. First time, I couldn't even finish the first season. Two years later, I accidentally saw some random epic scenes, and the special effects was amazing. So I left guilty for dropping it. I know! I just picked up due to it's popularity. The X-Files, Lost, Fringe kept on-hold after first season and now I just lost interest with them.

Yeah, David Productions did a great job for all these years. So I consider as one of my favorite studio behind Madhouse and Bones. It scares me whenever I hear these kind of stuff. Hope everything works out well, and not end up like Manglobe.
LeoEarlSpilner Oct 13, 12:21 PM
True! It seems that way. I know! The fall of the New 52 and that Rebirth recycling is the reason why I stopped reading comics. And also I didn't like the art style of early Rebirth issues. Lol Guess, it's pretty obvious right? Most of them are like the pillars of DC. I need to check out Under the Hood and The Joker: White Knight. But I've seen Under the Redhood animated movie few years ago. Maybe it's an adaption of that comic. By the way, have you seen any DC Universe animated original movies? I'm not sure about Watchmen's prequel and sequel. But the original is definitely worth it. It's the same author (story) of The Killing Joke.

Well, I think you've already heard that Bleach Can't Fear Your Own World light novel is finally getting translated by Viz Media. So are you gonna pick that one to your collection? You mean Isshin being the protagonist in prequel? That's sounds interesting. But I feel that it might live shortly. Exactly! I'm wondering how can Hirohiko Araki manage to work from all these years. His serialization started 32 years ago, and yet he still looks healthy.

Oh, yeah. I'm realizing that even I don't enjoying new battle shounen manga the way I use to. Well, I enjoy some of them like Dr. Stone and Fire Force. Because their concept were kinda unique. Still I'm not up to date though. Some of my friends suggest me to watch/read Kimetsu no Yaiba. But right now, I'm not interest in a fantasy shouenen like InuYasha.

I see. I've seen few episodes of True Detective here and there with my friends. But right now, all I can remember is Alexandra Daddario yum yum scene. Everyone are liking it, so guess I'll have to check out by myself someday. Hmm... about Game of Thrones, I had a big shows list to watch. GoT has been on my queue for a longtime. I heard that the final season will be come out this year. So I started watching it. I've seen only the first two seasons so far. First season had slow pace so I didn't like it that much. I was about to watch the third season, at that time the series got finish. And like you said. The massive show fanbase was in chaos. I asked some fans about it and I didn't get any proper answer from them. Like some of them were depressed, some of them doesn't even wanna talk about it and other were defending it. So I'm not sure whether I should continue or not. I know X-Files, it ran more than a decade and recently got two new final seasons. How many seasons have you completed?

Stone Ocean might takes a while. I heard that the animation director wrote on twitter a week ago, that he has not paid on his work. Uhm, I don't know exactly what's going on in David Production company. The news was posted in Anime News Network.

Aha, well, just give it a try. I think it's better check out Cowboy Bebop first. It's better than Samurai Champloo, in my opinion. Cool fan film! Thanks for the link. ;)
LeoEarlSpilner Oct 10, 7:35 AM
I feel you man. I love DC comics and Batman and all, but even I've the same problem as well. They just keeps on writing different stories, in different universe from different authors. Overall, I feel it's the same shit over and over with same characters. The way they publish is a complete mess. I accidentally got into a reboot-like version called the new 52 universe comics. Oh man, I just wasted my time on that. Even Marvel comics are even worst. Well, I just randomly picked the best. So far I've owned Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, Batman Hush, Black Mirror, The Long Halloween and The Dark Victory. I recommend you to check out Watchmen. It's a bit unique and awesome. You can get it as a one-shot volume.

Lol. Obviously, the fan base is still strong in the west as always. If they wanna grab money, then they should do it. Anyway, I'm fed of waiting. Well, I really don't mind if the new series set in Bleach universe. Burn the Witch was fine for a one-shot. Yeah, well really had a crush Stacked female Byakuya. But I just don't want a boring slice of life garbage like Boruto. Kubo is really talented man. It's better to move in a monthly seinen series. I know you would love it if that happens.

Oh, so you aren't even reading TPN? I actually hate Naruto fan base. Some of them are absolute toxic.

So what tv show have you watched recently. Well, most of favorite shows are sci-fi/space opera. Recently, I've seen a cancelled show called Firefly (it's really good kinda like Cowboy Bebop, somehow they completed the story in sequel movie), an ongoing show The Expanse, and now I'm watch an old 60's show Star Trek and yeah, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079.

Yup! Sure, that if you are asking the most canonical stories (Universal Century), then these are ones I consider watching.

1) Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 (series that if you prefer dub or compilation movie trilogy)
2) Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (series only, don't watch compilation movie trilogy. It has a lot of changes so not worth it)
3) Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (It has a lot of mixed review and I haven't seen yet. It never legally come out outside of Japan)
4) Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack Movie
5) Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA's

There are some good side stories, spinoffs and prequels in Universal Century which is worth watching.

1) War in the Pocket (a side story, it comes between 0079 and Zeta. I think it's better to watch after Zeta)
2) Stardust Memory (watch after Zeta and War in the Pocket)
3) The 08th MS Team (U.C fans consider as one of the best installment in the franchise)
4) Thunderbolt (OVAs or two movies)
0) Mobile Suit Gundam Origin (Latest installment. I'm not sure whether it a prequel or a alternative version. People says the manga version is a masterpiece. I believe it better to watch after Unicorn)

Few mediocre U.C installment which set after all the series what I've already mentioned. This is up to you.

1) Gundam F91 movie
2) Victory Gundam series
3) Gundam Twilight Axis OVAs (not worth it)
4) Gundam Narrative movie (this one is getting a sequel movie trilogy next year, Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash)

These are some good stand-alone series (Alternative Universes). None of these doesn't connect to Universal Century.

* Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (My personal favorite A.U series. It has slow pace but I still love it cause of the nostalgia)
* After War Gundam X (I haven't seen yet. Many people says the most underrated and it's good)
* Turn A Gundam (An another most underrated great series which I haven't seen yet. A series which is beyond the U.C)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny (Many people hate Seed Destiny cause of annoying extra protagonist and plot holes. But I actually enjoyed it. If your watching go with the remastered version 2011, 2013)
* Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Two season and a movie. Seasons are good but the movie is an complete bullshit. Don't watch it nearly killed the franchise)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans (Good plot and interest characters. But don't expect for a happy ending)

A.U series which are not about war. So I ignored them.

* Mobile Fighter G-Gundam (Battles in tournament, and it's too goofy. But many people liked it)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Age (I really don't know for whom or why it exist)
* Gundam Build Fighters (This one is for kids and it's popular in Japan)

LeoEarlSpilner Oct 10, 1:05 AM
So even you took a long break huh. What were you doing past 7 months? Did you got into western stuff or something?

Yeah, you're right. It seems this is far the franchise can go, and I should accept the reality. Anyway, do you wish Burn the Witch gets serialized someday or you're looking forward for something new? And speaking of different series, have you read Masashi Kishimoto's new manga Samurai 8? I heard that it's flopping and a lots of Narutards hate it. :(
LeoEarlSpilner Oct 7, 7:51 AM
Hey there! I'm extremely sorry again. I had a hard time in 6 months bond of a company. It was painful. So I didn't get time to login. Anyway, how have you been lately? It's been almost 10 months, and yet there is no news from Kubo or Shueisha about Bleach. Do you still believe there will be future for the series?

LeoEarlSpilner Dec 25, 2018 12:32 PM
Merry Christmas! ^^

True, I started realizing it ever since I got into Fullbring arc. The Fullbringers never had a proper development, even Chad and Orihime on that arc. But at least some Quincies were better though. Yeah, I know. The way they treat Kubo and Bleach was brutal. Well, that's what I thought at that time. I started using subreddit in the early 2015, just to know if we ever get any leaked news or events. When they announced, I just couldn't defend the series anymore, cause of my depression. People were bashing everywhere, and MAL was an hateful zone for Bleach. After Bleach ended, I stopped reading manga for 3-4 months. Suddenly, I just picked two new series, Red Spirit and TPN. Red Sprite was the replacement of Bleach. It was kinda average for a fresh shounen. But it couldn't last long either. They axed within 14 chapters. I see. I finish HSDK anime a long time ago. Guess, I need to check out the manga as well. Yeah! By the way, have you read Kubo's one-shot manga "Burn the Witch"?

Not to mention the unique storytelling and the characters are really great. Now even I kinda bored with other jump series. I'm not able to get into series like Black Clover, Food Wars. Anyway, who's your favorite character in TPN? Yeah, after Dressrosa arc, it wasn't that great the way it use to be. But I still enjoy it. The problem is the anime. Sometimes it's really painful to watch cause of the slow pace, and the subbed version voice is kinda annoying for me. Yeah, along with that, I'm hoping to reveal all mysterious plot points one after the other. Oda said, he almost finished 80%. So it about time to clear it. Even sometimes HxH art looks so dull as well. Right now, I just can't image how Togashi finish his series at this point.

JoJoniums are really worth buying, that if you're a big of it. Wish it had the same hardcover for my other favorite series as well. Yeah, Viz media should've released those FMA hardcover 2 years ago. Damn, now I can't spend for it again. Do you've art/data books of Bleach and Naruto?

Ikr, Bleach lost it's popularity. There was no point of making an live-action movie at the worst situation, and it got an obvious result. The movie was fine but it was suffering at the box office due to lack of popularity and wrong time of releasing. To be honest, I really don't like these kind of live action movies. Me too! I heard Jet book is worth buying, but now I can't spend for it. I was hoping something for Bleach at the jump festa. It was totally disappointing. Do you read those Bleach LNs?

Sorry for the late reply!
LeoEarlSpilner Dec 4, 2018 9:03 PM
Oh, then I'll limit myself into 10 shounen, 10 seinen, 10 male and female characters on each list.

I agree with you. Especially, antagonist like Starrk, Harribel, Nnoitra etc has cool and unique character design, but they never had a proper depth into the story. First of all, Kubo is not good at planing in the conclusion. I was really shocked when I read chapter 680's announcement. I couldn't believe that he's finishing with in 5 chapters. I was so depressed for 3-4 months. Many things wasn't answer yet. He never revealed Aizen's Bankai and the final battle was so underwhelming, that pisses me the most. Yeah, I can understand in your perspective. Most of the battle shounen has the same influence. Well, that's what the WSJ want. I just read them when I don't have anything else to do. Like when I'm in out of town or in traveling. Right now, One Piece, MHA and TPN is the only priority. I'm not in touch with 7DS. Guess, I need to catch up soon. Oh, well I really like Ban though. He's my favorite character in that series.

I see. Yes, I do. I've owned a complete box set of Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note, two Bleach box sets (48 volumes), all Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Pluto volumes, 12 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hardcover volumes, 15 volumes of My Hero Academia, 6 volumes of The Promised Neverland, 2 volumes of Hunter x Hunter, a singe volume of Naruto (20th vol. that's my first manga), All You Need is Kill 2 in 1 volume, 1 Vinland Saga, 4 Monster and 1 20th Century Boys perfect edition.

Well, I guess, there's some conspiracy is going on between Kubo and Shueisha. Even though the series ended, we got some bleach related stuff like the live-action movie, the jet art book, we had Bleach Paradise Lost mobile game till yesterday, and Kubo himself has returned with his spin-off one-shot. Recently, Studio Pierrot posted a Bleach picture on twitter for 40th anniversary, and people gone crazy on the comment section. So I believe, there's a chance of happening. But still, it 50/50 for me. I don't wanna get depressed again. Let's see on 22nd, jump festa. People are hoping on that day. Yeah, the last 3 season of Bleach had an amazing animation (2010-2012). So if it does happen now it would be way better than before.
LeoEarlSpilner Dec 2, 2018 11:14 AM
Yeah, it's really great. Especially, that English titles option was a nice idea. Guess, it takes me few days to get used to it. I've a tons of favorite series and characters, so I'm confuse to fill in my favorite list.

Same here! Even I love a lot of characters, but I feel that Bleach is so underrated compare to current battle shounen series. Well, Aizen, Yoruichi, Kisuke, Kenpachi, Nelliel, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Gin are my top favorites, and Aizen is my all time favorite anime villain.

By the way, do you collect manga volumes?
LeoEarlSpilner Nov 28, 2018 10:40 AM
AniList? So is it better than MyAnimeList? Yeah, especially I love to add Trigun and Baccano! there. I'm happy to see those series on your list. ^^

You don't say! Who's your favorite character in Bleach except Zangetsu?
LeoEarlSpilner Nov 26, 2018 10:45 AM
Oh, yeah! Even I love Trigun, Gintama, Baccano! The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. and Naruto too. ^^ But there isn't much room on my favorite list.

By the way, is Bleach is your first favorite manga?
LeoEarlSpilner Nov 23, 2018 7:40 AM
Thanks for the add!!
ShinigamiSamurai May 8, 2018 12:10 PM
Thanks for that but ive had Bakuman on my ptw for 3 years lol so dont have to worry about it
Acervate May 2, 2018 8:48 AM
Diamond no GOAT
XRZF1000 Mar 20, 2018 7:45 PM
Hi! Thank you for accepting.
ShinigamiSamurai Sep 15, 2017 5:20 PM
Haha yea man theres a reason why Kubo is my favorite and same with all those characters, and its not only with manga/anime I also share the same zodiac sign as alot of my favorite athletes, musicians, and entertainers.

Yea and its not like Yoruichi would get mad lol haha hell yea especially Isshin haha Ichigo used to kick his ass all the time

Yea its close between Toshiro and Rangiku but id have to say the best squad by far was squad 11 they were literally so perfect for each other and had such an awesome connection and well not to mention we saw them the most. And like you said they are the strongest and most vicious squad in the series yet they were the funniest and always lightened the mood haha this is them in all their glory singing (Yachiru voice bruh is she form heaven lol) Also Yumichika is my guy even tho hes a lil fruity lol but hes actually very underrated with a great/strong/often forgotten Shikai. There is so many funny and memorable moments between them but these are some of my favorites lol Poor Ikaku is always getting shitted on by everybody especially from Yachiru and Rangiku its no wonder he doesn't pay her boobs any mind anymore lol

Haha man idk they both talk in that troll know it all voice(and frankly they do) its really hard I do however give a slight edge to Madara however after re-watching/reading Bleach again I might have to side with Aizen. Yea man although there was enough buildup for Kaguya she was shit and should have never happened (Fuck you Kishimoto's editors and SJ) instead of a 2-3episode fight between Naruto/Sasuke against Madara, can you imagine all those episodes they gave Kaguya its Squad 7 and Obito against double Rinnegan/ Rinne-Sharingan Juubi Madara like come on man shit would have been so much better than against Kaguya.

Oh yea and I saw you added all females on your favorites(all of them are top tier waifu's haha) I actually changed mine up a lil yesterday but shortly after changed it back haha im gonna change it up this week permanently and atleast leave it as is for a few weeks.