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Nov 29, 2020
Do you want to know something funny? The description of MAL emphasizes a single sentence for this manga, "for you, I would do anything", and the curious thing about this is that the one shot is based solely on this line of dialogue with some themes here and there to supposedly be something.

I tend to find very interesting works with approaches to war themes, being able to use it to create a powerful drama, representing the raw pain and cruelty of war and things like that, it is a package full of many possibilities.

When I saw this one shot, I was curious to see the read more
Nov 8, 2020
An excellently impeccable work. Both its art, characters and psychology convey a macabre tone of horror. Heavy scenes, traumas, extremism, everything here has a very well-built motivation to happen, and it is far from being gratuitous. The shocking tone is beyond the physical, it is through the psychological.

The art is incredible when it comes to representing emotions through close-ups, not to mention that it is also very well drawn, Hideo Yamamoto managed to make many panels that are genuinely disturbing and filled with meaning.

The dialogues tend to be incredible, there are great mind games and Nakoshi’s attempts to pull the trauma out of the characters read more
Nov 4, 2020
In short, this manga is a heap of torture, humiliation and moral destruction. A manga made for a few, and well, unlike extreme works like ero guro, I'm not really a fan of these bizarre fetishes.

And the manga is really just that far as the translators translated (keeping in mind that the translation stopped a few months ago, so I think my reading ends here), with some loopholes here and there for exploration, but it's basically a cycle of torture, girl by girl explores her pleasure through violence, humiliation and other methods.

As far as I read, everything that happened is gratuitous, but in one of read more
Nov 3, 2020
Azumanga Daioh was unfortunately a big disappointment for me. Not only because it was in a 4-koma format which spoiled my experience because it became a dull and even heavy reading, but because the comedy was very mediocre, and the worst that can happen in a manga like this, is to not have a good laugh while reading.

It is a comedy that clearly catches on some stereotypes and overuse them until they can no longer (Sasaki loving cats, Chiyo being a genius). Despite everything, the characters are charismatic, but it didn't work for me. Also, art is too simple, i mean, it doesn't even try read more
Nov 3, 2020
Innocent is detailed and delicate in each frame, adding weight to each page, and I can say that in terms of art and narrative.

The manga contains the best artwork I have ever seen in a manga, contemplative, using metaphors capable of transforming a page with few elements into an absurd weight if it is within the context of the work. Very rich characters of development, super humanized and with personality evolutions. Incredible action scenes. Perfect blend of its subtle and delicate art and aesthetics with its coarse and dense weight within the work.

The rich and stylish aesthetics of the time drowned in blood in many read more
Nov 3, 2020
Dead Tube is a manga with a diverse reception, either you love it or you hate the manga, and luckily I was one of the ones who loved it. For me, it was a complete experience, filled with content that I like. With a lot of gore, sex, fights and incredible arcs. Of all the arches, only one didn't cheer me up, which was the one on the island, but there are arches like the school's epic arc, Justice Man's arc, which is an absurd satire and even the current one has been quite good, all which are very interesting and strongly compensate for something read more
Nov 3, 2020
It is crazy to think that a story could be so complex, well condensed and filled in such a small number of chapters. A functional experimental use with a non-linear and disconnected narrative, but with intertwining ties.

And it's also complicated to talk about this manga since it's something you experience, and this type of experience varies from reader to reader, some welcome this type of narrative experimentalism in a good way and chase its meaning by reading it once, twice, three times. Others understand nothing, preach the idea that it has no meaning and goes on with life. Because I see Nijigahara as something unique, read more
Nov 3, 2020
What would Ultra Heaven be? For me, a trip about drugs, spirituality, science, psychology and reality, all properly connected. And I speak as much about the drug surrounded by the manga plot, as the manga itself.

The manga presents in its history a dystopian universe that is very well built and very well lived by the protagonist Kabu, and both he and all the other characters who live with him, contribute to the plot in an incredible way. The whole journey of the protagonist is something unpredictable and captivating, we experience what he experiences literally. It is also worth mentioning the psychological weight that the work read more
Nov 3, 2020
It is surreal how dense and deep Sanctuary can be with such a risky plot, but executed with mastery.

Surreal politics, mind games and dialogues delicately devised and placed for a clever dispute, resulting in an absurd density. The double narrative between Akira who takes care of Yakuza and extreme methods outside the political centers, and Chiaki who takes care of the political part by facing his rival among other conflicts, is incredible. Action a little scarce but potent when present, leaving marks and being a mature representation of Yakuza, being more than killing, it is a matter of strategy.

Incredibly developed characters who masterfully fulfill their read more
Oct 30, 2020
It's crazy to think about how it all started for Shuuzou Oshimi. Before works of deep psychological content like Aku no Hana, Chi no Wadachi and even his most recent manga, Okaeri Alice. Shuuzou Oshimi did some pretty .. curious manga. It serves, on the one hand, to see the evolution of his art, themes chosen to approach and characters, and if it were to put a current work and a work like Sweet Poolside side by side, it would be difficult to believe that it came from a master of psychological horror.

Speaking of an aspect that has changed a lot, his choice of themes, read more