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When looking at the artwork for Kokoro Connect and Hyouka, the artwork looks strikingly similar to each other, despite being animated by differing studios. Hyouka's artwork is a marvel to look at since it was animated by KyoAni, but Kokoro Connect's artwork is also very good.

Kokoro Connect, synthesizes comedy and drama in a very appealing way. It does not rely on straight gags, and it doesn't try too hard for laughs. This is a positive, because it doesn't seem forced like in other anime. The drama is not over the top and does not seem forced at all. There are also slice of life elements in Kokoro Connect, but is not the central focus for this anime.

Hyouka is marketed as a Mystery anime, but it does have some supernatural, comedic and dramatic components as well. The mysteries that are solved in most of the episodes may be trivial, but the process isn't boring at all. The mystery solving process is done through continued interactions between the characters.

If the mysteries were solved straight away... then what would be the point of having entire episodes? Just to force laughs out of the person watching, like some other anime do? Hyouka paces the mystery solving very well, and also contains slice of life and some romance to mix things up.

If you liked Hyouka and also a great mix of comedy, drama, with some romance and supernatural... without seemingly forced... then give Kokoro Connect a try!