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May 26, 2019
— contains spoilers —

Flying Witch is the most Iyashikei Iyashikei I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I wouldn’t call it the best Iyashikei but it certainly fits the genre the best and fully goes for it, it doesn’t really step outside of it much at all. It’s rare to see a show go so fully into Iyashikei, majority that I’ve seen like to fall into multiple genres with Iyashikei as an aspect rather then the entire point, but flying Witch feels like it’s entire point is just to be Iyashikei.

Flying Witch follows a witch - go figure - as she moves into a read more
Oct 15, 2018
If you don’t want spoilers then don’t read this review but know that if you’re not sure about this show or didn’t like the first few episodes, you have to give it another chance. Kemono Friends is amazingly unique and I love it.

*contains spoilers*

When Kemono Friends first started airing I originally dismissed it completely, a shitty CG show based off a failed mobile game, how could it be any good. And in a season full of lacklustre anime based off mobile games? No thanks. So I didn’t think about it much and just didn’t watch it.

But then it got very, very popular! While it was read more
Feb 27, 2018
‘Mars of Destruction’ is an odd little beast, discussion around it usually falls one of two ways. Either someone is real and says how horrible this anime is or people ironically call it a masterpiece and praise it as the best anime ever made and obviously one way is much more fun to talk about then the other. read more
Oct 15, 2017
Keep in mind that this review is going to be pretty spoiler heavy.

This is a prime example of when a great idea and concept is made but then the show just falls flat on its face as it doesn’t fully understand how to utilize the great premise.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous is a 2012 anime of only 11 episodes, backed by Doga Kobo it’s a supernatural, romance drama based off the manga of the same name, and it’s so fucking boring!

So what is the premise of Natsuyuki rendezvous I hear you ask, well it’s basically ghost cucking. Our protagonist Hazuki has fallen in love with a much older read more
Apr 23, 2017
Warning: the following review may contain spoilers.

One Room doesn't seem to know who it wants to appeal to and also has no idea how to do a romance anime and doesn’t even use its unique POV perspective well.

One Room is an early 2017 short form original anime that's 12 episodes long and backed by Smiral Animation, each episode is roughly 4 mins long and it aired from January 11th to March 29th of as stated before, 2017.

One Room before it aired was a show I was looking forward too, it claimed to be a POV (Point of View) Anime which goes through three different stories read more
Mar 5, 2017
Warning: the following review may contain spoiler.

Mob psycho 100 is a hard review for me to write, not because I won't do it justice (that's a given) but because it's just hard to explain. But I'll try to explain it to the best of my abilities and hopefully no one will want to crucify me.

The story is hard to explain, the show has a lot of different small plots, a lot of subplots and no main plot (at least in the beginning) the subplots all come together eventually to form a bigger plot, which leads to some more subplots which all eventually come together again, read more
Jan 7, 2017
Warning: the following review may contain spoiler.

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars was surprising in a good way, however that doesn't really change it from what it is, although it does make it more tolerable.

Regalia is a show about aliens who come to earth but they look exactly like humans and then some of these aliens can transform into mechas and be piloted by another alien that they are paired with except for the protagonists which are a pair of an alien mecha and a human pilot.
Now Regelia sounds like a generic mecha anime, it even takes place in a monarchy like a lot of read more
Nov 6, 2016
This is NOT spoiler free, you have been warned.

New Game! Is freaking amazing and has some of the best cast of characters in a moe show to rival love live and K-On!

New Game! is an anime from the summer of 2016 (winter for me, I'm Australian) produced by kadokawa Shoten and delfi sound based on the manga of the same title.
The manga was written by Tokunou and drawn by Shoutarou. (If I got the two mixed up please correct me in a civilised manner) the manga begun distribution in January 28th only three - almost four - years ago in 2013 and is still being read more
Oct 17, 2016
Orange (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is NOT spoiler free, you have been warned.

Orange is not about Oranges! I know, I was shocked too.

Orange is about a girl named Naho and her friends each getting a letter from there future selves respectively. It turns out that a transfer student they befriend Kakeru is no longer with them in the future as he killed himself not too long after they meet and thus they are to use the foresight these letter provide to save Kakeru and give him a future and at the same time they also take care of a few other regrets.
It's a shoujo so it's got the read more
Oct 6, 2016
NOT Spoiler free. You have been warned!

After such an amazing first season, how does the second one hold up.

We enter the second season of Kaiji to find Kaiji down on his luck. He still has a huge debt hanging over him and he spends a lot of time gambling still, trying to win as much money as possible. We then find Endou, who's complaining about his latest job, which is finding and bring in Kaiji.
Turns out it's really easy because he find Kaiji almost right away, Kaiji notices Endou and instantly starts asking to go into another survival game saying this time he knows he read more