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Dec 15, 2019
My Hero Academia season 4 is less focused on Deku and Almight and more on other characters as the episodes advance. Not even the bigger secondary characters like Bakugo and Todoroki are in the story yet. Hopefully they get some action later in the season but we're coming upon the 1/2 way mark soon. The arc is building but at episode 9 its just one battle with some back story for Karashima, and he had a whole episode already. Its the same with episode 8, that was Sun Eater of the big 3's story.
Essentially, The character of the series has noticeably changed in season read more
Dec 2, 2019
"Well Christina, you simply have been indelibly marked it would seem by Hououin Kyouma and his exploits normally reserved for esteemed literary figures. Mwahahahahaha!

Do confess now and quickly. We have matters of urgency to attend to. A Mad Sceinist can't be waiting around all day for an assistant to confess her sub consciences' amorous deviance now can he? But please, do tell. Perhaps you recall one certain afternoon in the Future Gadget Lab while alone with a particular Mad Scientist? Your mind says time travel doesn't exists yet you have memories of things you say didn't happen, but you know they read more
Nov 29, 2019
How to ruin a fantastic series by an author with communist sympathies.

It was a good premise; revenge always is. Bringing Roberta back on a vengeance quest should have worked well as far as material for a plot. But the repeated sympathies to a system of social order that brought more suffering and atrocities to humanity than any idea man has yet dreamt of becomes too much to dismiss as story telling. It borders on propaganda.

Besides Roberta basically being a terminator in human female form that becomes annoyingly unbelievable, Rock goes from being semi unlikeable to just plain annoying. Scheming while sitting around read more
Nov 29, 2019
The second season of Black Lagoon goes dark as black right away. Its brutal, hard core murder and revenge as entertainment. The first arc is done in 3 episodes. Moscow Hotel shows it true color and its red for blood and vengeance. They kill two weaponized children but its a justified and necessary kill, though cold and harsh. The two children are insane evil sadistic killers who mercilessly kill one of the Russian crime soldiers and many others in a city wide spree that attracts bounty hunters and the organized syndicates. A game of cat and mouse ends tragically but there was never any read more
Nov 28, 2019
It is what it is; An action packed ride from adventure to adventure. 'Pirates have more fun' could be an alternate title. That is if fun is being shot at, blown up, assaulted and scorched in fires by corporations, nazis, cartels and communists. This story is about as hard as it gets with violence and language without going over to the obscene or ridiculous. Solid R rating here. No deep character development going on either, just flat out high speed action. Revy could be considered the main character but it is an ensemble cast. Revy is a one dimensional anti heroin but she read more
Nov 22, 2019
It started off OK. Has a kickass main character in the beginning. The idea of an immortal private eye was cool. She is drawn sexy as it gets. But it rapidly devolves into a story filled with violence and porn. We are not talking the sexy kind of porn, we're talking the ugly degrading kind. It is violent and bloody; It's is basically a horror movie. Definitely rated R, perhaps even X due to its explicit scenes of sexual torture. This is the kind of twisted media that births psychos. An impressionable and weak spirt could be indelibly influenced by this series.

This read more
Nov 21, 2019
Fractale had so much potential. The premise is good. Albeit the matrix told this story before. Clain, the main character is a little wishy washy to be a hero and the "heroine" Phryne is a nihilist that just keeps surrendering every chance she gets even though her plight drew many people in to help her and has it cost lives. Her alter ego is a child software program that is innocent yet pouty and a handful at times and at other a reminder of why they fight. SPOILER; ( it's Phryen's other half, separated long ago) .

There are a few social commentary themes read more
Nov 21, 2019
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a 2006 production. Since then there has been Steins;Gate and Your Name basically dealing with a similar story line in a more emotionally connecting way. That said, TGWLTT is a fun and innocent story of teenage love crushes and of time travel happened across by chance. The main character is endearing and you root for her along her adventures. There really are no antagonists in the story other than bad outcomes of chance and fate that can be undone by leaping backing through time far enough. The catch is it can only be done so many times.

There read more
Nov 19, 2019
We all have that feeling. The other soul we are connected to but don't know them yet. If we are lucky enough, maybe we will meet them in this life time. Your Name is that story. Or it is theirs actually. Switching bodies is a common theme for story fodder and its been done many times. Hollywood ran with it in several major movies, some funny. Some "meh"... But here, In Your Name, the connection to your other missing half is expressed like it feels: A race to find them before you miss that one beautiful chance.

The art is stunning in this Anime. Panoramic read more
Nov 18, 2019
Gargantia is a fun ride that keeps you wanting to see what happens next. The world in which it takes place is basically water world of Kevin Costner ilk but different. Apparently the earth went all snow ball again as it did in its ice age past and as a result half of humanity decided leave the planet while some stayed behind. That was a better call it would seem as the ones who left are involved in a dystopian eternal struggle to survive while on earth people live hard working fulfilling lives on the now melted ice. A vast continuous ocean covers all land. read more