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Feb 12, 2021
In a race against time, the Saints must save Saori and keep Hades from plunging the universe into the Great Eclipse! This addition to story is less climactic than the explosive "Inferno" arc, but the narrative does its job and fills in all of the open plot holes, though it feels like it's dragged out a little bit too long. Pandora's past is finally revealed and her arc ends with the audience getting closure about the purpose of her existence in the series!

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Feb 12, 2021
"Saint Seiya: Meiō Hades ~ Inferno" is the best "Hades" series and although the director and cast were — almost all — replaced, the spirit of Saint Seiya is stronger than ever before! One of the most interesting aspects of the Saint Seiya franchise, for me, has always been the mythos and the generations of characters that inherit the Cloths! So, a chapter that focuses on the underworld, a place that was only briefly alluded to during the original fight against Cancer Deathmask, is infinitely interesting! Ikki and Shun's brotherly love is also put to the test, when Hades selects Shun as a his host, read more
Feb 7, 2021
I originally dropped this series, it felt kind of exploitative to have a character in high school help three, orphaned elementary schoolers — who all openly flirt with him. Truthfully, it gave me the heebie-jeebies, especially when there started to be more and more uncomfortable ecchi scenes. But, I gave it chance again, shortly after I became a fan of "Rō-Kyū-Bu!" — which is by the same writer, Sagu Aoyama, and their stories are always a ray of light through a cracked window sill of ethical obscurity.

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Feb 6, 2021
Kamisama no Memochō is a series that I bought on a whim from a RightStuf sale and even though the pacing can be glacial, the last three episodes rewarded the audience's lenience, after having to sit through many scenes with alienating dialogue and lackluster writing. Moments with the criminally cute Yūko and her interactions with the "NEET"s could be charming, though sometimes, it felt as if Kamisama no Memochō may have been too ambitious and overwrought with dangling strings to really be effective as a single cour anime!

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Feb 5, 2021
This series is the antithesis to Ai Yazawa's Nana! While Nana is a coming-of-age story about young adults pursuing their passions and having mature romantic relationships, Skip Beat is about Kyōko Mogami, a teenage girl who drops out of high school to get a full-time job, so she can simp for her childhood crush... and when he inevitably betrays her, her solution is... to stalk him and join the same talent agency, to get her revenge by becoming more famous than him! The premise is just as vapid as it sounds and while I occasionally like a nice romance anime to shut my mind off read more
Jan 31, 2021
The story of Skull Man is an oh-so important one, the character is not only one of the first anti-heroes in anime history, whose design would later be the inspiration for the titular hero in Kamen Rider, but this series contains crucial subtext about Japan's political affairs. Shōtarō Ishinomori's Skull Man is a tale for the ages, it has the same gravitas as some of the most profound literary classics, though, sadly, is not as known in English-speaking countries as much as it should be.

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Jan 30, 2021
Mahō Yūgi is a comedy series that could only exist in the early ’00s: the screwball humor, the blatent sexuality, and the pop-culture brand of surrealism seems to have been a staple in comedy, during that era of anime! But, while Renkin 3-kyū Magical? Pokān established itself as somewhat of a cult classic, Mahō Yūgi came away without much of a devoted following. Unlike the aforementioned series ("Magical Pokān"), Magical PLAY feels empty and the characters are cardboard, despite their striking designs!

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Jan 29, 2021
Despite using "devil" in the prefix of the name and the "-man" suffix, this manga is not about Satanism, nor is it about superheroes! The generic moniker is used on the cover of a story that is a classic tale of good versus evil, right versus wrong, it also personifies the outlook of Japanese citizens, after their loss in World War II. Think about the battle with Silene as an example of wartime commentary, and boy, is it a hard-hitter! Devilman (1972) is a story that you'll be thinking about for years!

※Bonus: The hulking omnibus of Devilman's hardcover edition, distributed by Seven Seas, is gorgeous read more
Jan 26, 2021
The narrative in "Devilman Lady" is too much of a prototypical brain baby, basically, it's an idea that couldn't really take root. And I don't blame any of the staff for its failings, they did the best they could with the original source material. It must have been a challenge to make an age-appropriate product out of comic that I dropped after the first chapter, because there was nothing but gruesome rape scenes and pedophilia. Everything obscene that you could possibly imagine was in the first chapter of the manga! So, to try and then adapt it into a more distinguished product, is just insane!

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Jan 26, 2021
If I hadn't read the original manga before watching "Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku" — I probably wouldn't have been able to find much value in the narrative. The designs are all very attractive but the animation is subpar and the plot points that deviate from the source material, are what you would see in the script of a professional wrestling tournament. We’re also treated to blood, gore, and more gore! As someone who has watched all of "Midori: Shōjo Tsubaki" — I can say, in good conscience, that this is one of the grittiest things that I have ever seen.

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