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Saiunkoku Monogatari
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Fairy Gone
Apr 16, 8:47 AM
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stand 9 hours ago
The whole direction of the plot with the rapid introduction of other characters/their attitudes shifting made my enjoyment start decreasing severely.
The months long wait between some chapters made me start forgetting who was who and my investment became so low that I didn't really care to bother remembering.
Some of these issues would have probably been solved by binge-reading but since it's still publishing I have no desire to re-visit it.

I will gladly watch S2 if it ever happens though because I personally think the anime looks beautiful. Clean and vivid.
But yeah GCI anime is even harder to recommend that your standard anime. :s
Being a manga fan I don't mind monochrome storytelling but I really enjoyed seeing the gems in their corresponding colors, it made more sense to me anyway.

edit: Saiunkoku Monogatari btw, my journey with it:
ooh this looks nice + easy watch
i'll put it on-hold for a little bit
2 years later- maybe I should pick it up again
2 more years- a lot of series on my drop list need a restart
1 year later it's never leaving my dropped list is it? -___-
eryn-chan Today, 1:15 AM
Hey! Hoe gaat het? Het is inderdaad even wennen, maar het praat toch wel makkelijker in het Nederlands!

Ik ben de laatste tijd weer wat meer manga gaan lezen, waaronder alle manga versies van Shinkai's films. Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo vond ik ook goed. Een andere waar ik erg van onder de indruk ben (zowel anime als manga) is Kotonoha no Niwa. Die zit gewoon geweldig in elkaar en de anime is natuurlijk prachtig om te zien. Wat vond je van Kimi no Na wa. trouwens? Ik kan eerlijk gezegd ook niet wachten om Tenki no Ko te zien, de nieuwe film die van de zomer uitkomt in Japan.

Ah tof, dan heb je via hem vast al veel over Nederland gehoord. Waar ben je allemaal in Nederland geweest? Ik woon een beetje in het midden, boven de rivieren ;P
Fleure Yesterday, 10:22 AM
Hey Efu,

I'm fine, just busy. How are you?

The great thing about Saiunkoku is that it's focus is always on Shuurei's ambitions and dispositions rather than wasting time with hot guy #1, 2,3,4. Of course there are elements of of that harem stuff going on but it's never the main point or even a side point. A lot of the guys mostly are in awe by her character and that's really about as far as it goes since she has little to no interest really in anything besides well, you'll see. Inevitably, there will be certain romance elements and whatnot, but only insofar to add to the story. It's good. Keep watching it :).
eryn-chan Apr 14, 12:32 PM
Hey Efu! Bedankt voor je comment. Gezellig om ook eens in het Nederlands te praten op MyAnimelist! :D

Byousoku 5 Centimeter is goed he! Sowieso ben ik best wel fan van Makoto Shinkai's werk. Heb je ook meer films van hem gezien? Het liedje One More Time One More Chance is zeker nice :)

De manga vind ik persoonlijk beter dan de film. De film ziet er mooi uit, maar het verhaal komt in de manga beter tot zijn recht. Ik kan het je zeker aanraden om eens te lezen :)
TeKSMeLater Apr 13, 5:57 AM
No problem, sorry I couldn't help :(
TeKSMeLater Apr 11, 6:01 AM

I’ve only been able to read Tobacco-ya physically, my library happened to have it in their catalogue. I’m afraid there doesn’t seem to be online versions available, from what I have seen.
Konakana Mar 31, 9:35 AM
Previously, the anime had been my favorite and I had preferred it over the manga. Now though, it is very well the opposite.

The anime I feel has a weaker starting point, episode one beginning and jumping to Akari already accustomed to being at Aria Company as a single, while the manga goes forth from the very beginning to even show her first promotion and whatnot. Overall this provides it a more solid foundation and it does an overall better job in introducing new characters, including Aika, to which just appears in episode one as Akari's friend, yet their initial union is not directly shown. The anime also rearranges a lot of the chapters for whatever reason, which is odd since some chapters of Natural occur after some chapters of Origination iirc. The manga seems to go by season a lot of time, and one can feel the time passing as the city transitions in and out of each. For more major reasons as for why I'd prefer the manga though, it's more polished visually. Slightly more recent installments like Origination and Avvenire are serviceable visually, but Animation and Natural (which make up the bulk of the adaptation), are not particularly "impressive" and feel aged. This is very detrimental considering many episodes of Aria have the big special moment "punch" be visual scenery of some sort. The manga fixes this issue with clean, polished lines and it holds up much better visually. It's crucial for something like Aria to be visually polished considering what it's trying to go for. Another thing about the anime which irritates me is how episodes seem to stretch out some chapters to fill ~25-minutes. This leaves quite a bit of dead space in between things with the anime, which can occasionally cause it to feel even slower than it should be. The manga is much more fluid and flows well when read, not suffering from the same problem as readers can linger on the page for as long as they please. There can be shorter and longer chapters which don't need to be bound to filling 25-minutes and this really helps in cases. In terms of actual material, there are a few anime-original episodes, including one of my favorites in Origination, as well as some unadapted chapters. May as well complete both for all the content. One other thing that the manga handles much better is Cait Sith. Many of the Cait Sith episodes are probably the weaker parts of the anime, to which they sometimes felt out of place until Avvenire included an episode which almost serves as a last-minute patch up to that section of the story which the original three seasons didn't really conclude. The manga is both more cathartic and elaborate in how it resolves things though. As a whole, when read while playing the OST, the manga is stronger.

Lol, I ordered physicals of the manga as well, so I'm just waiting to finish my reread.
Konakana Mar 31, 7:59 AM
Blue Jesus is still GOAT, don't worry :)

It's about time that Aria makes its return though. This thing was my #1 for years previously, even before Blue Jesus.
Fleure Mar 29, 10:24 AM
Yes, very much so! It's a rewatch for me, but it's been years. I'm enjoying it a lot more this time around :)
stand Mar 25, 8:58 PM
Oh yeah i've heard that before haha, I watched a couple of episodes a few years ago. The chants are quite... intense.

They announced a related 20th anniversary project a few days ago and I felt inspired to watch it eventually.
Garnered a cult following these past couple of years huh? But I don't hate magical girls or Toei except Sailor Moon Crystal, so i'm in.
Konakana Mar 19, 8:50 PM
stand Mar 13, 9:31 PM
Happy (I guess belated :o) Birthday!
Blarey Mar 13, 7:11 PM
Happy Birthday!
Konakana Mar 13, 9:08 AM
Happy Birthday :)
Unowen Mar 8, 3:05 AM
Benio also a cutie.