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arderine Yesterday, 1:55 PM
my most favourite classic rock band is fleetwood mac, but i also enjoy others^^ what about you?
arderine Dec 7, 8:51 AM
hi there, thank you so much c: i appreciate it.

haha that's great then :D
i prefer the normal black/red tea most, wbu?
PureElusion Nov 11, 8:57 PM
;-; I wish i lived there.
stand Nov 11, 2:57 PM
The Zeppeli 'family' only gets better and better.
Jonathan is too normal he comes across as bland... he tried tho.

I like Bloody Stream the most. I don't know if it's mostly nostalgia or what, but it's burned into my mind.
The visuals too, the colorful posing in the beginning and Joseph putting on Caesar's headband.
Another OP I remember strongly was End of the World with SFX edit.
A lot detail always goes into each opening regardless.

me 1st ep.: eh Fighting Gold is okay I guess
also me 2nd ep.: can't skip this I need my Fighting Gold dose!
stand Nov 9, 10:49 AM
Same happened to me I struggled hard to watch it when it was airing.

I've always preferred part 4 because of the cast but I think part 7 has more superior qualities to pick from overall.
Even to this day I can't pick so I decided to be greedy and have them both tied as my favorites.
Jolyne is my fav Jojo though- no contest, i'm getting an itch to re-read part 6.

I used to list it as something like: 4=7, 6, 2, 3, 1. Now excluding part 5 for the reasons I said, and uhhh part 8... exists...
Interesting though the anime version of that ranking is more like : 5, 1&2, 4, 3. Weird how that worked out. x)
stand Nov 7, 3:37 PM
Lol see? Even that yt vid felt endless and it was so short!

Part 5 has been quite fun so far. Not that I expected otherwise but David Production seems to be more passione passionate about it than part 4. I hope it holds up to the end.
I read the manga back when the only available scans were BAD; both image quality and translation quality... so i've always kept my opinion of it on the neutral side. With the anime it's kinda like i'm experiencing it for the first time again.
Part 6 and 7 are the only ones I read in color, but it's undeniable those scans give an extra oomph to everything.

I've never touched the One Piece color scans. I don't see why they would make the reading experience worse than the black and white version.
It might make the series easier to marathon in general. If I had to start again i'd pick them over the B&W ones.
stand Nov 6, 11:26 AM
Yeah no problem. It's when the timeskip happens so I personally see that as a good segue point off of the anime.

After that the anime will gradually but ultimately send you into abysmal pacing territory, seemingly endless panning shots and stretching material as much as possible. Sometimes 1 episode would only adapt about half a chapter. The visuals take a noticeable hit as well. Sadly, the only thing in the entire anime that holds up is the sound.

These days everything in the anime is better in comparison to what it was, but sitting through ~250-~300 episodes of that was a journey/experience I don't necessarily wish on anyone.  ̄ー ̄;
stand Nov 5, 8:44 AM
Hi there. I'm doing alright.
It's true, i've enjoyed and still keep up with both versions of One Piece.

For anyone seriously willing to tackle this massive beast I would say to start with the anime (skipping fillers) up to episode 516 then switch over to the manga and continue with chapter 598-onward.