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Oct 1, 2008
This show has a lot of flashy CG and beautiful music, but also pretty good plot and characters.

There's really no complaining about the visuals - while the animators are not that detailed with some of the character animation, the mecha and space combat is gorgeously rendered and there's a lot of it, and the general fight choerography is superb.

Since Macross is also about singers, the music plays a large role and fortunately most of it is very good. Both of the lead girls get their own pieces, sing duets and perform each other's songs on multiple occassions, and the songs are used to spectacular effect read more
Oct 1, 2008
On the surface, this looked great - promising setting, themes, characters, world. Unfortunately, all things that were clever about Season 1 were scrapped in favor of... well, I don't know, really. Shocking the audience? Misplaced fanservice?

The most glaring and obvious problem is that the cool antihero protagonist that was so refreshing in the first season got derailed into a wangsty Canon Sue. No clever tricks, determination, character growth or development, nothing but the endless loop of Oh Noes Nunnally over and over. And yet for some reason the camera refuses to leave his immediate proximity, so while the other characters and settings might have interesting read more