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Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden
Feb 22, 3:10 AM
Watching 7/14 · Scored 6
Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX
Feb 17, 6:56 PM
Watching 6/24 · Scored 4
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season
Feb 16, 9:17 AM
Watching 14/22 · Scored 4
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Manga History Last Manga Updates
Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX
Feb 13, 2:42 PM
Reading - · Scored 5
Kuzu no Honkai
Kuzu no Honkai
Feb 11, 2017 6:14 PM
Reading 45/53 · Scored 6
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Dec 18, 2016 1:41 PM
Reading 39/? · Scored 7


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Ryuseishun Feb 14, 5:49 PM
Was gonna acknowledge why you thought Evergarden is bland to you, but after seeing your other grades for other series, I thought about it otherwise, and now I'm just shaking my head at the kind of anime preferences you have :\
lawliot Feb 6, 11:24 PM
nice you roasted VE fanboys
Darken_BR Feb 1, 3:42 PM
Thanks for your shader tip for Violet Evergarden
Monkeybreath Jan 11, 2:20 PM
How can someone give a dropped anime a score when you haven't even finished it?
George_Alfaruq Jan 11, 11:36 AM
You rate things too low like you can make a 10/10 story LOL
oryouohagi Jan 11, 7:19 AM
Hey, I'll leave this little nothing here for you :)
kaanton Jan 11, 6:00 AM
>calling a character an archetype just based off the first episode

Ignoring how insipid that is, saying a character is bad simply because their basic personality is archetypical is a bad thing to do. It completely ignores all context that the show gives for their personality which informs their character and instead just reduces them to generic labels. And there's also the fact that you seem to believe any unemotional character is made to pander to otaku, which, let's just not get into.

>The animation isn't nearly as good as the commercial videos that hyped this show so much, but it is still serviceable

Servicable is a pretty huge understatement. The character animation is among the best in TV anime. I've no doubt that the show will have the most consistently great character animation in TV anime as a whole. It's nuanced and really detailed. The animation carries a lot of the characterization in the show, actually.

>The art and designs are very detailed as well, but the shot composition and layouts do a disservice to them; lots of frontal or profile medium close-ups and extreme close-ups, usually using one point perspective, so not very complex stuff. Very much 'made for TV' cinematography, but polished nonetheless.

The shot compositions are chosen to create a sense of mood, in this case a quiet, melancholy atmosphere. On top of that, they focus on details that add to our understanding of the narrative and characters, such as characters' hands and legs, the flames in the streetlamps and other stuff. The storyboarding is pretty strong actually, both in how the individual shots complement the narrative and in how the different shots in sequence do so. Complex shot composition isn't necessarily effective shot composition. Composition has a more important goal in a narrative than simply leading the eye around an unnecessarily complex image.

>Lower your expectations, otherwise the overblown hype will kill this show.

Agree with you there tho lol. The writing isn't exactly spectacular. Hopefully the show's other strengths will be enough to counterbalance the dull melodrama.
duhFlash1458 Jan 10, 11:59 PM
How are you going to judge her character based on the first episode?
nekkoMaster Jan 10, 10:51 PM
but making her a cookie-cutter kuudere archetype with no regards for social norms is lazy characterization at best, her current character has no depth at all and those little quirks of hers are definitely just made for the 'waifu' audience in mind, she's a weak character that pulls an otherwise serious story down a notch.

what the hell !!!!! Lazy characterization . ?? Just what kind of character would you want off a war doll who have no emotions whats so ever .. it's part of story .. i would not say it's weak character because it gives a totally different meaning . She does not have lot of emotions in her character and that's what gives it more room to grow . Anyways , animation and sound itself are enough to give it 7.5 atleast .
riorangel21 Jan 10, 10:26 PM
Just read your Violet Evergarden review, I expected lower ratings tbh ( I rated the show 7 ) As a digital artist, I do think you're wrong on the Art & Animation part, you're just neatpicking scenes. The one major problem of this show isn't about the Animation, it's the background art. The buildings and wide shots are well painted BUT some closer scenes, plants and other trees are very rough , it's not detailed at all and doesn't match the whole production. Nonetheless, the Animation is flawless, atleast 4- 10 frames per shot, and 3d scenes were great enough. Plus pointing out Violet's flaw on her characterization is stupid, you can't judge a character on episode 1, like really you CAN'T do that LOL. That's her flaw and we'll see if she developes as the story goes.

zpenrith Jan 10, 6:51 PM
Uhhh TriZen and MassOreoKiller are actually wrong, Violet is actually human and isn't a automatron/robot/android.... It actually never says that anywhere and is their presumtions.
MassOreoKiller Jan 10, 5:47 PM
Literally wanted to type what TriZen just said..
But yeah, I think you missed the point that she isn't human but an automatron or whatever you wanna call her that was built and served for the purpose of warfare.
TriZen Jan 10, 3:14 PM
Hi, just want to leave comment about your review. I think you forgot the fact that Violet is not entirely human and you yourself might unintentionally did disservice to yourself by labelling her as Kuudere and also by assuming her quirks are just made for the 'waifus' audiences. I suggest stopping all of those labelling attempts and just treat the character as who she is. And, I am already bored saying this, but only one episode has aired, so there is much room for her character development.
For art and animation, of course it's not going to be as good as the commercial (I'm talking about the CMs, not the PVs). If you want to set your expectations, it's much more relevant to set it against the PVs, not the CMs for the novel. For shot composition, etc, it's probably because of the director's preferences.
Thank you and have a good day
EngravedinDeath Jan 10, 12:50 PM
TY for the info ^_^
EngravedinDeath Jan 10, 11:44 AM
Ean fam, Where did you get the subs? Please help me out on this, I mean where did you get the Evergarden subs from?