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Mar 31, 2016
Decided to add one extra fairly positive review here after seeing that most of them are pretty negative overall, couse why not?

Anyway bear with me. This isn't gonna be super detailed (or so i thought before writing this), couse this is only my second review EVER and i kinda suck at doing them because of that but wanted to try again for the hell of it. Bear in mind that i have seen both sousei and evol too so this isn't my first aquarion show.


- Soundtrack, i mean it's just too awesome and really gets you pumped up, especially in the fight scenes. read more
Nov 3, 2008
The best sport anime i have ever seen.
The best seasons are in my opinion 2 and 4.
One reason is that they both have good openings.
I like fourth season because it has a complete change in characters and other good thing is that he's finally playing in some other country than Japan.
Season 2 well i don't really know how it is good apart from the opening.