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Jun 4, 2014
D-Frag! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Have you ever imagined an work so randomly amazing, that could even be saw as the best anime from an entire season? Well, D-Frag! surely wasn't a "number one", but its revolucionary comical style put a tough challenge for the other adaptations aired during 2014's first quarter.

{STORY - 8/10}

Centered on the Game Creation Club (Provisory), focus is basically upon... Playing games... D-Frag! is an unique breathtaking comedy that stands upon a simple thematic like having nonsense fun during afternoons? No! Most situations are not even based on this and constant disturbed interations between Kenji and every other character from D-Frag! is what draws attention and read more
Apr 27, 2014
And here it comes again! Another loli anime, this time, driving tanks! I know they are on Junior High, but it doesn't matter, as long as their appearances were enough to drag me all the way to the end!

Girls und Panzer literally blows up any expectations and shows the route of a glorious way, consisting of friendship, team work and lots of commitment. Of course that a huge amount of armoured vehicles are introduced in the few 12 episodes aired on television.

{STORY - 10/10}

It all starts with this "art of piloting tanks". Sensha-do is a sport played only by girls and women, exploding their deepest read more
Mar 23, 2014
KoreZom is back, and it could actually get even better than its previous season. Obviously that I'm talking in plot terms, since its essence remained just the same: make you lose your breath from laughing!

{STORY - 7/10}

Ayumu returns as a zombie and masou-shoujo, but, if meeting a lot of weird people got him into tons of trouble, dealing with an unexpected event, that suddenly turns his school life upside down, will be a true challenge.

An unknown drunken being joins our main character on this new journey to assist Ayumu onto understanding the reason of living and seeing the bright side upon being accused of sick read more
Mar 4, 2014
I didn't realize how good KoreZom was until rewatching it about four months after the first time. A breathtaking comedy that will give you a huge amount of good moments, without losing focus on what matters: romance and drama.

{STORY - 4/10}

At first, episodes may only steal lots of laughter, but plot gets a little more interesting when close to the end. It obviously wasn't intended to be epic. Still, we can see some funny and quick battles against many animal-based demons, called "megalos".

Ayumu's dull life changes completely after being murdered by a serial killer and revived by a necromancer called Eucliwood. Now living as a read more
Feb 10, 2014
No wonder how this is my third time watching Date a Live, it's a truly unique anime and one of the best and most known works from 2013! The same emotions I had while first seeing it were reproduced again, DaL doesn't get boring at all!

[STORY - 8/10]

Strange and non-human beings, who are able to inflict a massive damage on wide areas with earthqwakes. Those are called "spirits". The high casualties level made them hunting targets, but due to their strong and unlimited powers, taking one down is nearly impossible.

Shido has an efficient and harmless ability to put an end to all this. Being able read more
Jan 13, 2014
It seems like everything that turns out to be adaptated into anime get a whole better and nicer to see. Some of the most famous characters created by the Grimm Brothers star on this outstanding masterpiece, produced by JC Staff. Couldn't expect less from them, awesome job!

{STORY - 8/10}

As any fairy tale, it all began with the classic line "Once upon a time". Otogibanashi is the place and this time is close to ours, but the stories may differ a bit from the original ones... Despite the good share of parodies, which are the strongest point from this show, it ended focusing on a love read more
Dec 27, 2013
I love SoL animes, but this one... This one is something that you can't just miss. Talking about something so not amazing is what makes it so amazing, so unique... A friend's recommendation on "Working!!", from the same author, made me excited for it!

{STORY - 10/10}

An anime about work may seem boring at first, but SxS really changes that concept and proves us the opposite. Focusing on an uncommon theme, it shows a bit of civil servants' routine at office, with some comedy and even romantic situations.

Three novices at the "Health and Welfare" section are introduced. First episodes aren't promising at all, but it begins read more
Dec 17, 2013
Since this was recommended to by a girl, I already knew it would be good. Then, I found out it involves relationship issues... Talking about romance, without featuring it at all is trully original...

{STORY - 6/10}

A small group of girls giving love advices? Eventhough they don't know a thing about it? Pretty original! Love Lab is about "how to be romantic", as it literally gives out lessons to help young girls on getting that special guy's attention.

Finding Maki on a embarassing situation with her own "kissing" dakimakura (body pillow) suddenly turna Riko into the student council's assistant. Her first task: teaching our princess how to read more
Dec 15, 2013
I've already watched some animes where we can find a girl dressing like a boy, as a disguise (Ikusu, from NakaImo!) or under a traditional father's command, but this was my first time seeing a main female character like that. Can't say it's something never saw before, obviously... Still, a great choice!

{STORY - 7/10}

It all begins with the relationship between Konoe Subaru and Kanade Suzutsuki. Konoe, belonging to a butlers lineage, that swore serving Kanade's one, promised being the one who'd call her as a master. However, the fact that she's the first girl born on her family and also the only sucessor would keep read more
Dec 12, 2013
Eventough I was able to play only the first game from this series, due my lack of time, I got pretty much addicted and really loved it! Reading that it would be adapted, after those 3 years, has left me excited! And here I am, reviewing it right now!

{STORY - 2/10}

After many years fighting for the Shared Energy, the four godesses, each one representing a different nation (those being related to particular real-life gaming consoles), decided for peace between them, under the Friendship Agreement. This would cease their battles and prevent possible wars in the future.

A few main events happen during the anime, but read more