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Crims0nIce21 Mar 18, 2018 3:44 AM
It's alrighty and likewise, I was preparing for an exam...but I never was able to gave it, my paperwork gone wrong woosh! lol

Thank you!! ^^ :D

Haha I know, right?! Facebook is not my thingy really, I cannot make myself to get used to that, it reminds me, I am mostly living by myself, in other words, don't know anyone other than you to talk to there, it makes me using facebook a little bit mhm lonely? sort of...

Yer welcome^^. Yea, understandable, you'll get used to, must be pretty much already I believe. Well that's for sure, but it is past now ^^ you manage to overcome the biggest hurdle in one's life...getting main means to make life possible without being dependent on someone else...Haha, I can feel, I'm same while giving an oral exam lol, I wonder from where extroverted people come from xD...

True, it make sence...Some things cannot be changed rather we should just change our perspective for that...Ignore, yea...But politics is everywhere xD lately, I am facing, my family of 4 is divided into four different parts haha, although, we don't mean any harm to each other haha...It is odd, living just become a present we're forced to have, is too selfish thing to say...But from a point it is just that. Well, not that it will change anything, you're right.

Lol yea..

You're welcome XD... ikr XD!
Mhm, I don't have any significant person in my life haha I was just kidding back then haha, I do kinda liked one, were from same nation as mine, we talked and talked, I kinda devoted myself to help her with her tragedies, by the time I met her, she had developed a liking for alcohol and damn, I gave my all to help her with her life in a real rational way, although nothing much was going on in her life, but her past was kinda strange....and dark one, she really loved me in the end. Though while she was full and filled with flaws, trust me, I am not judging but she berated me a lot of time, yet I tried to maintain my decorum, cause I felt if I end up criticizing her for her nature, she would ended up committing suicide, I kept my mouth shut, she started drinking more when the consistency of my messages decreased, and then I left her without a goodbye... For the first time I liked some girl and it ended up so freaking awesome, never anyone other than her has ever hurt me this much...Well you know, I am not the type who would have fight, when it comes to fight situation, I decide to flight away, pointless conversation of conflict never can nurture a relationship of warmth not in my eyes. And here, I haven't ever touched alcohol O.o haha... it happened a little while back... phew it still is kinda sad...

Yea, it must be an amazing feeling!!

Haha it's completely fine...and same haha my life has been a little chaotic lately...


Haha, my decisions kinda wavers..while it's all fun, I still kinda seek more reasons...but yea that's my one and only for now, nothing better than that I can do for now...OMFG haha that's ahem lol yea, it should be like that, a trillion times better than being insects to others... impossible-possible...Aye, I really hope so. thank you!! haha I really hope so XD!! ahh you're half way there already, if not half maybe you're done with 1/4th of the journey! :D rest would be less complicated, but just be wise, to make your way more pleasant! Haha I wonder if you can run with barbels attached to you xD it can be fatal, don't do that! HAHA Yea, wow haha you' genuinely are motivated lately! XD. Aye, I'll try my best! Haha you're welcome and likewise, thanks for everything! :) Yea, I don't make friends tbh, oh as I mentioned about her, people misinterpret me, most of people between 14-24 love judging other's for no specific reasons...I cannot concur with that...that's why, I don't like people, trust me, I am really lonely in real life, but being alone is better than having someone with whom you're just gonna feel left behind anyway...Haha I really hope so, haha XD that'll be *cough* cool I guess XD, HAHA Hai, I surely am gonna do that!!! That reminds me you read about "gatebox" haha I would love to live a life like that! check out this

lol many would find that sick I guess...haha Tell me what you think lol

Aha, it sounds strange to me lol!
Yea!! like really! We surely would meet someday, yey, it would be a real strange experience tho *cough* I cannot even imagine that XD...Oh, you should' it is really nice! XD

...I've came to believe, we define words in our own way, especially when it comes to words like "life", "death", "happiness", "sadness" and one more "god", there are no answer while there are many on the other hand, people question "What is life?" and when someone answer to that, end up contradicting rather than settling down with that answer, doesn't this implies they also have a perspective for life... I concur, yea...real happiness... lol XD. Wow true...that's really deep in positive way!...Whenever I talk to you, it reminds me, people don't generally give a damn about such topics, while I love them! I wonder how people are so conceited...Though I really agree with you, learn from our mistakes... Well we do make things more complicated...also there are those who make things complicated for others as well...HAHA true, We are deep otaku XD mhm perhaps xD, but we two cannot change anything expect each other's perspective to perceive life in a better and much more pleasant way haha XD that alone is equivalent to changing world in which we live in...I really love their songs..."one more light" really emit suicidal vibe...Ahh I wish...tho he must be at a better place now...
xD I see.. lol! waoh! it was be damn, you hope so O_o I'm sure it was a dream xd hmm amazing because it turn out as a dream, hence it must be just like a game that offer some real adrenaline rush *cough* perhaps much more than that, I can feel, I've woke up all drenched in sweat thanks to some meh nightmares, so maybe not really amazing... dreams are complicated...Hey, have you ever had a dream in which you have died? I every now and then have suicide real! HAHA hentai in VR...cough would be some immenseness... XD lol! yea, I wonder if we will ever learn the truth behind that...
Wow words of wisdom! Yea, wow haha true! at least we are unlikely to believe just everything said by just anyone...Yea, questions, it is better to seek an answer by oneself than believing in someone else's half arsed answer xD... YEAA, we ain't gonna be like every other sheep following the herd XD we are contrarians!! it is true, in order to seek pleasure, people go after extreme neglecting things that they already the end, most of us realize the worth just anything when we lost it, when we lose it...haha yeaa!!! ^^ yea lmao!! XD it is funny how such cases really have happened I guess.

You're welcome!! :D, I know, right!! Yea!! Loneliness can be nice, and yea, it is innate! and woow same! And you consider me as a part of your fam, I'm really honored to hear that ^^ glad to have you, and likewise :)), I as well consider you as a part of my family, to whom I can be my real 'self', without being criticized ^^. I dislike to see how people are nurturing superficial connections simply of no values... no attachment but hollowness... You're the only person who never have ever made me feel as if I am being judged. It's more like they all say. Meh world is overwhelmed with trolls sighs...I can relate, people draw conclusion with their half-arsed information. TRUE, and those who misinterpret you, discard them! pfft!! Yea, they cannot be helped for how they perceive xD. Strange dude...meh, he sounds like some 'gone case', haha really, it sounds awkward mhm...I wonder what he intent to do...Yea, emotions are purposeless unless and until we reach a specific point, where things be more mutual than unrequited...HAHA XD Thanks XD, Welp we surely are!!! :D

XD yea!, Ikr, yea, haha yea, MAL!! and A-P!, yea, I was. lmao lol it sounds funny now XD lmao yup...mhm Welcoming club, I sure was talkative then, as compared to now lmao...DAMN I used to make a lot of typing mistakes haha XD I am relatively better now...HAHA ikr XD, Yea, same!! :D

7! xD

lol XD!, sure, but when the times come, I'm under-processing XD, we think complex and we are complex rationality XD, HAHAHA omg haha Pennywise won't make a good body guard I guess lmao XD You're welcome XDD.

You're welcome ^O^ this emoticon is funny af XD ^O^
HAHA Yea...Yush, hang' in there!! You're welcome :D


You're welcome once!! ^O^O^!!

Aha thank you ^^ lol xD..

That's contradictory xD, I hope you're doing fair ^^, You're welcome aniki :). And haha thank you!! Aye, I'll! haha thank you!! :D, Mehm...Not doing any course tho, but I'm preparing for some job in bank perhaps as a clerk!!
It's alrighty and likewise haha XD Sorry for late reply ;^;

Good luck with stuff :D
~Take care~
Crims0nIce21 Jan 1, 2018 8:52 AM
MERRY CHRISTMAS ANIKI!!! I'm late again haha, but well it is still Christmas season lol!

Wish you and your family a very happy new year!!!!!, and I hope 2018 bring opportunity and prosperity at your doorstep!!!

I'm happy to hear that, lol!

Ahh I can understand I believe lol. OMG facebook lmao, Yea sure thing, It'll be an honor!..I'll meet you there, I'll have to resuscitate my acc. HEHE xD

You're welcome, it must be complicated but you'll get used to, I believe >.< I see, interviews really sounds scary, especially if you are an introvert haha >.< would be scary, sounds like they pretty much can ask just anything lol! damn glad you made through! lol xD. I see, I can imagine a stiff and sweaty moment of life lol. You're welcome!! I'm glad ^O^ Thank you ^^. Haha, I know, right!! I can tell. You like movies like edge of tomorrow?

Lmao I guess lol! Yea, truth hurts, damn true, but yea that's how world works unless majority of population learn the truth, it won't change anything, sighs and it won't ever happen, we just walk on our distinct paths neglecting everything around us. Ahh lol same, but that's where our society would strike us I guess...

Haha I've got it and you explained it pretty fairly! more like we'll have to make our own flow than going with some flow mhm Complex but would be pleasuring in the end I believe. At least we would have less regrets that way...

That's wow you've got some aptitude, you must have worked damn hard for that really, stiffness in your decision, goal directed approach! I've got it! I'll talk to HER tomorrow for sure and will ask her out fair and square!! Thanks aniki! Yup, I've got that you want me to ask my crush out and I will! Haha jk but yes, I've got it...Damn it must have felt so amazing when you have gotten the news that you got selected, right!!?!

Haha okay, it's alrighty xD

Yea, they are capped to accept anything...and short tempered smh :/

Haha I am not sure yet >.< lol Let's see lmao xD. Haha Yes, I will try my best to, thanks really! You're welcome bud always!, And Yush, we won't give give, we shan't give up! I hope 2018 change a lot of it...for good, you already have a job, that's the biggest achievement in one's life!! I am sure will turn! HAHA motha' packing xD. Yup! Yea, we can allay, we just need to learn how to! Ahh, haha none of it is bullshit to me ^^. Yea so damn cool, you are my oldest friend Yey and my only friend haha. YeAA XD. HAha I know right haha XD Now imagine lots of lolis wandering in your mind haha you'll feel ecstasy.

Oh peso, I have heard of that. It is rupee here, Rs. Ayee, Likewise, Aniki!, Yup one day, maybe...on earth instead of in heaven if that's so, Yea then in heaven or in worst case scenario, I might commute from hell to heaven to meet ya once in a while xD Reminds me of Gabriel Dropout haha XD

That's deep, interesting, someone once said to me..."You cannot make anyone happy without making yourself feel sad" it kinda left me thinking... I do not believe so, we can find happiness in other's happiness i guess. yes or no, yea, that kinda make life a little sad... Haha it was to me, okay I might me a little hyper that day? maybe... Ahem haha XD okay lol, I'm kinda curious and feeling strange haha. Is pleasant and pleasing to ears, reminded me of my childhood, reminiscing, I really love "Numb" deep his song's lyrics with enticing voice.

Lol xD aniki HENTAI! hmph *averts my eyes*, Ah I can relate really, but the thing I hate the most is, despite how much I think about something, it never make much sence!!! wbu? I get lost in my own complexities xD, Intriguing!! I can feel you must be a big thinker by the way you talk really. You murdering two peeps...damn bonechilling! Do you know them irl? but haha that dream must be real amaziing!! Anime-like, was it?? Waoh, I wish I could feel such dream like wow in VR!! Would be so freaking cool! our past lives? I wonder really haha reincarnation! xD

Haha waoh really?? sounds soothing tho, plus alluring! Japanese, I see xD, Well yea past is past sighs... sad though...HAHA damn I was just kidding, I would rather be a loner seriously, I learnt, people come in life with responsibility, where despite how good you try to be, but other will judge and critize you as if you're some shit and shouldn't exist...I would rather make loneliness my best friend than someone who just make me realize how worthless I actually am >.<. Ayee You're welcome bud!!!

Waoh haha I was thinking, we sure have talked a real DAMN LOT around 1000k workds or maybe even more?? right? but never talk much like live chatting haha xD intriguing! isn't it? We are like, sending letters to each other haha sweet XD oh I see though, I will meet you there sometime!!!

Yea lol

I'll try not and Likewise >.<

lol, hurt but will set us free, I concur with you! Yeah, Read the real them! and discount them, their absudity and puck em! Wo- haha damn, really can, ahem* you can now change yourself with how you think now! That's so cool ;^;. HAHA okay lol xD...Damn why you wanna meet Pennywise? He's mhm...Haha damn ikr that song is sleepy lol, and I see. I love it!!!

Haha ikr, but it sounds nice thinking, you'll gain experience with days and months and years...XD haha nothing lol damn, I love uguuh-chan ;^;

aye :D


Yus!! normals are lame pfft...Aha I see, Haha waoh that's sure soungs fun!! aha Damn lol, must be cool!! aha, sweet, you can now live a life like those in anime!! starting a new in an apartment and everything!! Waoh your own business!! damn! would be some work tho...:/ You're welcome!!!

Damn lmao XD lol!


NUU, :^: You're welcome!! you're welcome always :D

Ahh was some infection....I am fine now!! thanks tho ^^

Ah it's alrighty and likewise!! and it's cool!!!

Ahh I see..glad you're enjoying ^O^. AHA I see!!! aye, Haha damn lol, she sounds noice!! Take ya time, aye!! You're young! ^O^, damn I'm happy to hear that! Doing pretty fair, still lame life and everything, I'll start off with college this year I guess, I don't wanna but meh let's see XD lol...

You're welcome and Thanks^^O^^
Crims0nIce21 Dec 1, 2017 9:39 AM
I missed your birthday, sorry. I hope you had a nice birthday. Congratulations you're 21 now!!! Hope you enjoy this time of your life.

Haha Anime sure is life saver!!! Yush!! You're welcome, aniki...Ahh Chapter 3!!'s gonna be a long one?? Wow, I am curious suddenly!! xD what's that something xD
DAMMMMNNNNN!!! WAOH I'm so happy to hear that!! You clear a big phase of your life!! XD, lemme know, how's going everything there?? how is it? REally?? Hey hey, what kind of stuff you are to do whilst interview there?? And woow haha! really that's great aniki!!! You are awesome! ;^;'ll clear that as well easily. And well yea, but you'll get used to things real soon and then it all will just become part of your life! so, don't worry :)) Ah you always will have my support although I'm doing nothing much haha xD and thank you for the same really, it really helps :) helps a damn lot!. Oh no...I haven't ahh, I checked that movie, ahh..I can tell why you have watched it! XD

Ahh...haha as if we live in a perfect world, I know right...Human surely made it trash...Nah, you're right...just any and every animal is better than human being. Yes, it make sence sighs lol
Really, that's deep...Yea, I do believe we write our own fate and color our own scenery, so....Yea I believe we we can do that...Hey Aniki, do you hold enough what it takes to do that? xD...It really is a difficult approach but promising indeed.
You are otherworldly optimistic! and yup, we are the lives indeed...Hmm this kind make me thinking... :/

Yea...arrogant, aren't they? Everyone has flaws in them...criticizing other, they should learn to be more aware of themselves and their flaws O_O, Haha would be the best thing to do as goku xD, WORLD NEEDS A RESET!! xD...but let it just it is...although, I won't say that everything's fine...xD
HAHA lmao xD yea, I totally detest arrogant behaviour ;^;...They should just become GOD...
Ahh...Yes, I kinda am starting to change things for hmm good I guess xD...Let's see how things will turn tho. Temporary...Well...I don't hold much desires now, I've become an old soul now cough-cough lol. Yea, I'm getting to learn a lot from your perspective! Welp, you're right, I oughta start working to become just someone I would like to...Hai, I'll do work on that! Thank you really. ^^ And hope you succeed in obtaining what you desire of. really have learnt a lot lately! Welp, really, life itself is nothingness...We' should just learn to live for something and give our heart and soul to it..although not to extent that it turn things into suicide...But yes, I've got what you're saying...Ah bud, I can feel immense positivityin you! and YEa!! That's how it is! But wow...Reaching that level, to which you start seeing things that positively would take a little time...but yes, that's how one should think! motha packing lmao xD, I'm gonna die laughing XD Our mind is our greatest enemy! lol I first wrote anime instead of enemy xD...Naw, I don't know much about wanpisu! ;-; ;^;...YES really!! You're welcome, always are!!! And thank you really, Ah thank you really, this support means a real damn lot! words are not enough to convey how thankful I'm to you. Yea, ahh we are together for a real long time, right! Besides, Internet friends! It is amazing!! YEARS!! with "S"! It is unbelievable! Yea, you sure gonna be my life long friend! XD
Heart-rending life! Yea, I do that a lot! but, hey aniki, Do you think you can make other people happy while remaining happy? I am starting to wonder...Like, whether you should help someone in need despite you'll have to leave your comfort zone for that...or not?? Please let me know your perspective on this one! sad short life, yea, we should enjoy whenever we get chance to ;^; now that I think of it, I missed a lot :/. HAHA damn lmao, you're funny xD I wear pants as well but I'm short so my pants are I wonder how things will be for me lmao XD...Ah...Lemme lemme, I'm listening to that song as well now.

That is really amusing...I guess that's only because you think a real real damn lot I guess...dreams become inane when you think a lot of stuff simultaneously!! My dreams are really scary although I hold no such thoughts...they are just about people around me dying in weird manner and everything, wonder why...OML, really? that's odd really, our brain is strange really, I wonder, it really must be a scary experience, and it vanished...I hope it don't happen much, it sounds strange. Really, maybe, take care really. I hope it is not anything serious! Haha being normal is no fun, just don't be odd one out xD So, YUSH take care of yourself! *wink* HAHA XD
Wow, *cough* ex! I see, Haha, yea, ah love hurts more than it caress xD...yea lol okay, odd of me *cough* Really? Love is temporary? I guess, what you say? xD. Oh, I see, hmm, okay. WOW 4 years ago, no wonder I knew nothing about that xD...Yea, find some amazin' girl for yaself ^^. BE CAREFUL BE WISE! I kinda pucked up with things xD...I'll tell you *cough*. Yea...yes, you're right!!! once again BE CAREFUL *in bold characters* Haha Thank you really XD I already pucked with things haha I will let you know HAHA XD Damn life xD

HAHA OMG I never opened FB in ages!! lmao...*laughing like hell rn* Yea, I'll XD

Haha xD Yea, you're right...Annoying >.<

yey thanks lol XD

Haha Yush, really. I will. And likewise! Wuv yaself! I really don't meet many people lmao, I can trust my family I believe lmao xD although they'll hate the real me I guess!


Yea, lol sad despite how much we think regarding just anything, and come up with some seemingly perfect conclusion or answer, we always are to end up with regrets...Haha sad really. Regrets sure gonna haunt us till the day we die...We just have to bear them sighs... Yea I can understand that, some situations...I sometime feel like, even if I relive the same life, notwithstanding that, I will end up with regrets anyway lol...Ah Luckily my choice only had hurt me and not those around me. Sighs, really an advice by someone surely matter at times. I wouldn't want to make some big choice or decision alone, for now at least. Wbu!? I can relate, can feel. Yea, what is done cannot be undone...Let's not mull in past, we're here in the end...with our lives, Yea...haha be careful with whom you love xD, THERE ARE WOLFS in sheep's clothing!! scary the world is, isolation charge me XD. Do you think it would work if an introvert try to make out with extrovert haha XD? just curious lol. Lol "TRy and try, until you die" haha We gonna havta exert ourselves ;^; for a healty life, strange, empty mind is devil's workshop...surely, I can feel devils!! Haha Yea it would be cool if we get to meet some aliens there! I believe in aliens!!!! We are not alone! scary XD yea! | Yea...that's why I avoid em lol! hehe anytime, I love your OUR LONG comment conversation lol! It's an honour reallly, and thank you really :). LMAO damn Uguu-chan, I am always wanted one ;^; I'll cherish her XD although I cannot see nor feel her but she's here!! reminds me of "up all night" but Owl City|
Yes...I guess so, 3 years XD. Time sure flies like fly! I'm feeling old already *cough-cough* it is about time *cough*
R.I.P. RA_RA-CHan, *UGUU-chan, stares you*

Yes, I really hope so, thank you. And same!!


Ahh...I listened to a few of them! yush^^

HAHA lol, Yea, I am glad I am not like those normal who are pretty strange to me xD, living like they're normal wtf! I doubt their approach! Yey!, I'm really happy! What kind of job it is tho, is it fun? waoh haha, it' so cool really!, Don't be lol, and haha Havinga job must be really cool in a way, I mean waoh, you've a job!! LOL, the you who is not old sure would tho^^, You're welcome!!!

OMG haha, *blush* baka, lmao JK xD

thanks ;^;

Lol, you mostly are tho. Lol, you sure are for that xD, in a real strange and amazin' way lol! yush, You're welcome! :)

ah Don't be, I feel sick and had some strange eye infection...I'm better now tho, thank you.

Sorry for late reply...I wanted to wish you bday! on your BDay ;-;-;. Hope you had a nice birthday!

How are you lately? How is life?

PS- Take care really, I hope everything is fine at your end. :)
Crims0nIce21 Oct 22, 2017 5:17 AM
You're welcome :) Yea, Anime...Anime literally changed my life, my "self" my everything...but it also seldom gave me reason to be depressed over just Nothing...lmao, But yea...I'm pretty thankful to anime. Yes. please do! and you're welcome bud, always!! Ah it's cool...Take your time :) prioritize what's more important, and soon you'll have enough time to complete it! I'll be eagerly waiting for it! :D Hmm! Best of luck with whatsoever that "something" is lol! you're welcome always bud!! Ahh..You passed the final interview, that's really cool! and it's alright, tho, I am sorry to hear that...but when you can pass that much! I'm sure there must be different opportunities waiting for you! Hope you get your desired job :) FAITO!!!. Yea...seriously, you should be! it proves that you are now real close to have a job. I am really happy to hear that! Ah 13 hours! THAT"S INSANE!! ah...LOL Ikr Lmao.

Ah...I can quite understand...lies sure are soothing in a way, but immensly painful in other. And I can feel, sounds painful in a way. Truth never can be as soothing as a lie can be...not always...Everything is not as rigid as it may seems...World is's amazing! yet HORRIFYING at the same time...And, Ah same lol...I live in my own little world with no human in it...Illusion are better, than being hurt soon afterwards. But do remain connected to reality...there truly is no way to run away from it.
Yea...that's how it should be...We are what we are...people should fvck themselves than finding flaws in others...judging others. It's absolute that "Nothing is perfect" and only perfect should hold the rights to judge. I'm gonna do the matter in what mould I throw myself won't change the fact that I'm sh!t, instead..I wanna just accept myself for what I am...But it all will be fine...soon, right...I guess. Tho Aniki, your perspective is alluring really. And genuinely speaking, I never am gonna met anyone with such amazing thinking! You're amazing to me and always will be! Ah Scorpio and cancer! makes a good pair lmao! and wow that's amazing!! FEED THEM LIES IN RETURN! ah...I see...for me, either ways...I don't specifically long for any happiness...nor wanna hurt myself either tho...but ignorance is...something that really words cannot can be the most beautiful thing! really... I learnt that no so very long ago.
That's haha really intriguing! lol your dreams must be next to reality then! ah wow LIke VR!
OMFG I didn't know you have a girlfriend O_o...And waoh...that dream, I can literally imagine it happening before my eyes, not kidding...and it kinda give me same vibe as 5 centimeter per second gave me. Ah it sounds so soothing but strange. You guys never broke up but not dating...Muster courage and as her out when you get a job then to consolidate things :) it all probablly will work :) the way really makes me feels like!

Yea, I know, right...OMFG that's more of an insult than a lie lmfao XD what good that will do seriously?? Yea, sometimes...but should do think twice before doing that..a lie can lead to a thousands more lies! and a house built with but bricks of lies, never would stand for long.

A persona to deceive others...yea, world is full of deceit! we're to play along I guess...waoh, it surely sound fascinating, and I can pretty much understand why...they'll discount you otherwise. Our true self won't ever fit...ah, yea, people truly are egocentric! and Ah, I concur with you on that, keep on changing yourself as per the atmosphere around you, Keep ya self save and away from pointless criticism! I'm really honored to hear that :) and likewise, I trust you a damn real lot. And you're an amazing person!! Ah that's cool :)

HAha I guess I quite get you...but not sure lol! XD

HAHA I really hope so...AH I have lots of regrets as well...I can completely relate, they suffocate are snatching my sanity gradually with each and every day. sounds heart'rending, but it's alright Aniki...I'm sorry but, I can understand.
Ah yea, that's what I kinda meant...when we just couldn't withstand...and it all start to fall apart...well never mind that tho...I can understand..but let's change our stiff approach to life to a more soothing one...more...hmm happy one? let's keep on giving tries until we die xD. Yea cannot change the past....
Wow that would be a real productive!! OMG haha, that sure sounds cool!!! haha waoh..don't you think going to moon gonna be boring? view from there surely would be amazing thing...something we cannot imagine, i believe but still XD...
OMFG internet saved me? it kinda fvcked me at the same time LMAO XD smh...ah people can be real damn scary!! RUN AWAY!!! LOL.. Yes, lol! Waoh really? I'm really honored and happy to hear that xD!! :) Thanks!! xD. ah lol same, I cannot talk to anyone like I do with you...Ah haha don't bud...I love listening to you...your comments are damn amazing to read! and I love our conversation :)) and likewise, genuinely, thank you Aniki :) for everything!

LOL...I really avoid people to a great extent...haha ah I can understand..I'll have to be like that very soon I guess...maybe...gonna be scary..but Ah I'll see...ahh optimistic!! Yea...Let's's better that way than just assuming everything as impossible...

HAHA pretty damn much lmao! ah!! maybe EGYPTIAN!! ah I used to love that game!!

Ahh...Same! Yea, some of their songs are real soothing...the music and vocals are other-worldy amazing...I'm not sure which was their last album ;^; I'll check it out. ah Ikr. Li'fe is short...Life is real long for me...yea, preciously ugly makes it damn long for me lol. Haha, I was just kidding...not like I'm into such stuff...may this life be a havoc, but I won't lean on illicit means to make it fun? or just to forget things...HAha that's scary tho xD, same in my country I guess? I am not sure tho lol.
Yea, I guess...sighs...just, can we abstain to acknowledge a most of it? I wonder what it gonna takes...
Yea, but 75% of it is, Hell, and rest of the 25% is diminishing heaven xD
I concur with you on that...reset, I wish...really, it's just...things are working this peace soon will charge us enormously!

Ahh, yea, you're ware a facade without forgetting our real self...people are arse, there always be people who'll contradict despite of whatever. Aye! yea...haha that' thinking is cool! lol! Yea, you do make sence! :) You're right! strange life. Haha I didn't meant that in that It was more of a joke that's all ^^ Oh bud, you're not...And I'm not saying this to console you or anything, I seriously mean it. What matters the most about a person to me is their perspective...And yours are real genuine and plausible! And now that you're working on yourself for better, I'm sure you'll make an amazing person :) I love ya perspective...LOL I just wanna be an observer now...I'm quite done now. That approach to life's gonna be soothing. LOL XD 3 kids *cough* lemme know when you...*cough*


You're welcome xD. Meh Agree with me xD!

Regrettably, yes. I wonder how...for selfish desires, people just throw away their logics and everything...
Praying to me is just a mean to divert our mind from the devastating circumstances under which one's going through, it may provide temporary peace but unlikely to do any help. AH, I wonder, xD. Yea, we're on our own in the end...We cannot be helped if we just kept on rejecting it. So...:) Haha temporary, yea...nothing will last, when we'll be gone.
Ahh Theorist sounds fascinating! Haha I can pretty well see that :) and yea, no wonder you like writing!! HAHA I always do that tbh...I make a false delusional world for my own self...have my own imaginary life which is more soothing with pain...but better than reality. So, it's cool!! lol! Yea, learn to read people! I specifically don't trust many or even if do end up trusting, I don't let them have chances to stab ma back! lmao. Yea, I guess, would've been better than this....I guess. Damn suddenly it sounds scary, cough* maybe...we would have a better reason tho haha xD

AHHHH!!! That' is...Haha I wanna observe you guys from distance, would be fun...Yea, it's really fair...treat them as per how they treat you...fair and SQUARE!! that's how it cannot be an angel to a demon nor will you want to be a demon to an angel :). Ahh, I see, well, either ways, keep yourself safe :) and just be wise with your decisions bud. AHH Waoh, No, I didn't know that!!! scary but cool! pretty cryptic

Haha yea,

Yea, abnormal! that's what I am as well bud haha. Damn haha Same, I think a way too much :/ it is pain at times. Haha maybe really xD. Thank you so very much, Aniki :). Ah it's alright!! You failed because you're suppose to get a better job! Work hard! Best of luck, my wishes are with ya :)


Haha KImochii!! lol!

Ah, It's all cool really cool...I'm more at fault tho haha my alzheimer xD zetsuboushita!! I'm really sorry.

LOL! it's cool xD...

Yus. Ahh, 21! on 21st of November! 21!! You're gonna be real mature :). HAHA Forever 21 xD...

Mhm If you say so...

It's Cool...and likewise XD...Damn how you manage to write all that on your phone ;^; Thank you so much for replying :) I love reading and replying to you :)). I am doing fine... thanks and likewise, ~Hope your life's just going fine~

~Take care
Crims0nIce21 Oct 3, 2017 1:22 AM
and I forgot a line again xD, I don't know what that actually is! What about it??!
Crims0nIce21 Oct 1, 2017 5:44 AM
sorry I forgot to reply to a small portion, that is

"Yah, life once fucked us up, now it's our turn to fak ourlives hahaha JK
Aye! Just go with the flow and reach that goal. Eventually, we will heaven in this world and that happiness 😀

Hahaha, you too~
Ototou~ (I guess it means little brother in Japanese XD) when is your birthday again?"

Haha I wonder how we are gonna do that lmao XD
Ahh I really hope so...let me know when you get a job!! :D It would be a real big step to happiness according to me :D

Yes, you're right :D! 12th of July! your is 21 of November, right! your is pretty near! wait you'll be 21 this november of 21!!
Crims0nIce21 Oct 1, 2017 4:37 AM

That's intense really! and it's amazing tbrh! it just proves how our hobbies saves us from the stare of death. Ahh Anime! yea, thanks to anime, I've got to meet you!! ;^;... Haha I am happy to hear that :')...keep yaself away from this intrusive thoughts :)
Haha, it wasn't that bad :I, was really like a story out of some slice-of-life and romance genre manga.
Ahh like SAO perhaps? Hai, I'll be patiently waiting for you to finish it asap! a novel by you! :D would be real fun reading it ^O^. Wow job interview! That's real awesome! Best of luck with that bud! hope you get selected! Give ya best!... 3D girls are... I know, right lmao xD

Bad lies and good lies...hey bud, let me ask you a would you rather question, would you rather remain ignorant to a truth which is to hurt you a real damn lot or be hurt by knowing the truth, just so, because you were damn's more like whether ignorance can please you or...Yea, you're right...but despite whatsoever, sometime terrible things done to us by other for good can have real terrible impact on us, even if their intention was not bad. But yea, there generally is a logical reason behind a lot. Yea...true.
Haha lmao! XD Cough* I would rather be like the way I am to be honest...
Yes, our experience with situation taught us where we are actually wrong and hence, we start to change with time and situations we face as we grow I believe...
Yes...sighs, acknowledge ourselves...real difficult anyway, yea heart-rending truth XD. I have a lot of regrets as well, I can feel...There are times when it doesn't even make sense! continuing life with these memories I have intact in my mind...Honestly, my regrets are real lame to be honest haha...But Ahh ;^;.
I wanna re-do life! really. It is insane right, why we regret when it was us who made those decisions after thinking over again and again!. Die with regrets, people generally wants to die because they have regrets...I hope you'll manage to overcome your regrets...despite anything, We cannot undo things, real heart-rending. But well, concept of regretting is absurd the same time, we are all alive, living, knowing no matter how much we think over just anything. Immortal O_o Haha immortality is scary from my perspective xD. Yes, try is all I can do...AA honestly ruined me xD I have lots of regrets because of that place XD. Meh No, I never was into any inappropriate stuff ofc xD just people crying depression there end up making me see phases of life that I wanted to remain ignorant to...I have seceded myself from interacting with people online...Yey! you're the only person other than my family to whom I am talking for this long time you know...I really really mean it, I don't get along with people I meet irl. People I meet online end up affectionate towards me in *cough* in a way I cannot explain really meh nvm
Meeting you in person, damn Haha you'll know how introverted I am irl that way haha XD I would rather talk to you by messaging instead of talking to be real honest haha XD but damn that would be real amazing meeting you :D. Hai, I'll pray for that! ^^ Yes and likewise, It will kinda add some reason in my life as well lol! Hai, it's really possible :)

xD. not really...My native language teacher had same name as me...she was quite an old woman*cough* strange for her to have such name tbh. And it's not that rare sadly ;-;. I have seen people with my name quite sometime but your...nope, never! You are unique! in a good sence ofc :). Ah your name sure sounds different!
Haha, Really? I guess they have such name like Jat, Ra...reminds me of age of mythology lol!

Yea, I heard that...he was an amazing singer...ahh his songs...I grew up listening to him...Yea,
Really really's precious, I still wonder...I guess it was suicide, people always say stuff like "They are earning by doing this and that" and stuff like that, but what if it was his depression that turn into passion and was igniting his will to sing...I mean his songs kinda do emit depression, don't they? but then some will say, it was his means of earning...but I do believe that depression can ignite a passionable flame...sadly, a flick and it all fell apart.
Ah I can feel you really really...Concept of living is complicated...There really isn't much to life, but how? just how can we stop our mind to wander around meaninglessly. Need some drug to see the stars xD. Yea, now that we are alive...let's just play along I the way we want to I guess? of course not affecting others in bad. :). Theories can be too idealistic but people are harsh...hate how things work...

YEs! let's just keep on trying irrespective of the outcome, remaing ourselves, remaining good, discount those who don't acknowdlege the good in you. Yes,'re 20! LEVEL 20! Haha I wanna catch upto you! throw me a time machine bud lmao! Yes, transient ecstasy, constant melancholy! but yes, get a job, go with the flow, get a girl cherish her, have kids XD you are of that age now *cough* jk I guess? nah XD You're welcome :)

Haha I love uguu! lol
Yea...hell on earth for me...

AH I'll check it out!! Damn you must be amazing at it, you are cool!! ;^;. haha XD

Ah I don't know much myself lol! but it seems real different!

Yes, that's how world work...there are criminals living outside the bars and innocents are prisoned...people living in opening their eyes in this world with disease that just cannot be come that is fair? then there are people...praying to god...It's not even about "your deeds will decide what you'll get." but luck? there is no theory that can describe this absurd cycle...Yes, it's sighs...but that's how things are...but then we cannot just decide is cruel! Really cruel! helping people thinking they require help and you find that person was just a wolf in sheep's clothing...Haha flirting with adults lmao! 22-30 I see, quite adult! haha it's alrighty XD

O_O something that can actually happen! something that you can really attain by working hard please XD.

Haha, I am quite abnormal that's why I wanna be normal lmao XD
Let me think...honestly, death is alluring xD but if anything...hmm, I'll be plenty happy if I get a job next year for now...and if I do, I'll tell you the rest then :D maybe when we meet in person haha XD now wbu tho :D I'm curious!!

You're welcome, always :))

Haha, okay :D. Hai, same! and I'll try my best! haha XD

It's completely fine and sorry for the same haha XD

Crims0nIce21 Sep 23, 2017 6:57 AM
Haha after reading, I can say with certitude that you have changed bud; for Good of course cheers~!

Ahh YEAH! Dance must be part of you, Idk...I feel like it should be! XD. Still, damn sweet, congratulations bud!! I know you're amazing Aniki ^O^. Writing novels, Ah I remember reading a story by you...Hey, what genre you write ^^ I'm interested! ah never heard of that game ;-;...mhm girls.....

Haha yea, you're right, no doubt, in the end, even a lie is not a lie as long as you're not aware of the truth...Love yourself before loving someone else...Oh bud haha I get to listen to this line like once a week from my parents haha, So true tho, we should be aware, and acknowledge our own capabilities :) however, I'm just being whatsoever I am now...going with the flow...I am completely aware that people...They all change with their age for good...tho some don't xD. Honestly, What life actually is? and answer is, just seek happiness for yourself without affecting other's in negative way...there isn't any better purpose behind anyone's existence and in any case, it's not gonna be long :P. A life only of contrite, just gonna take us to nowhere, it's completely up to us whether to indulge ourselves with it or just go for what we can grasp :)

Lol it make sence! XD

Haha yea bud...let's just be ourselves and play along. No-one generally give a damn about anyone or anything...should not affect us either...Hai aniki :D

I really hope it's just that :), you're welcome, always. Take care bud! Haha true..

Yeah haha...Rajat, Jat haha JATRA!! XD damn Jatra sounds Egyptian XD

Ahh negativity makes us strong... You're right besides, there are people who undergo through just unbelievable situation yet keep on living with hope...It' suddenly sounds absurd to even be depressed or hate life xD

Mhm are you okay bud XD You sound damn positive! That's amazing!! XD

Haha I've got it XD uguu it sounds pretty fascinating! xD haha that's like you!! XD opportunity to study hard...haha really?? Education make sence to a real little extent...ah People say, Ignorance is bliss... and I SAY!!! illiteracy is bliss!! XD Haha just kidding ofc XD

Ahh mobile legend looks like pocket legend! XD paladin is like hmm overwatch! XD Yea pretty much like overwatch! XD ahh..Special Force 2...Hey you like counter strike XD?

Haha thanks bud :) You're right...sadly education system in every country, is like that...maybe it make more sense in Europe? Idk tbh xD Norway's seems different to me XD

Haha Ah it make sence...We all just neglect reality...the concept of reality to me is... just to do what you're suppose to do and neglect whatsoever happen around you...and be goal directed...It must be fun..dealing with adults in a way :)

Haha powerful cough* in what aspect XD???

Haha just some normal person living normal life...only if normalcy exist XD What normal means to begin with XD...just a rational life I guess...I don't hold big expectation...

Hai aniki. And likewise :) lmao XD oka! XD

I am really glad to hear that :) Same...Ah it's amazing :D

Thanks tho :) It all make sense :D

Oh damn :/ I'm sorry to hear that XD I wouldn't want that to happen again...I can feel tho. Be careful. Haha okay XD

Crims0nIce21 Sep 21, 2017 7:47 AM
Mhm...Nope...I don't think I received your reply to my last one..if that what you're talking about xD
Crims0nIce21 Sep 18, 2017 3:15 AM
Just well, pretty much same as before lmao...Me, my computer...Music, games and anime sometime. What about yours, what you up to lately??

Sure was scary...mhm Yea, I'm still alive, thx ^0^. Yeah, kinda...anyway, the more we think, the less things make sence...Strange, but I truly believe so lol.

Really?? What happened...I'm glad you're you're safe Aniki! Keep on living, think life will surprise you when you least expect it to! And will be for good.. :) Take care please :)

Rajat...haha for the first time..You called me Rajat mhm sounds strange haha... Loneliness kinda hurt, but I don't completely hate it... People come in life with responsibilities... You'll have to make absolute choices to be with them regardless of the nature of your relationship with them... *COugh* my monotonous approach to life lol!

xD, Really..ahh I can understand... What you up to now ^0^?

BUd!! You liked your college life? I'm curious haha...

More...THINKING!! I started playing a MOBA named Paladin!! It's free xD...I'm pretty much addicted to it now-a-days...Maybe I'll start searching for some job within an year as well... I'm too lazy for college and stuff lol!

Hey, what would be your ideal future life?? :D That you believe you can attain at this point.

Take care

PS: I hope you're doing fine. I am glad to be back.
Crims0nIce21 Sep 16, 2017 5:32 AM
It's alright :)) Take your time.

Ah...thanks ;-;-; ;^;

Hope you're doing fine :)
Crims0nIce21 Sep 1, 2017 3:12 AM
Beautiful pfp tho :))
Crims0nIce21 Sep 1, 2017 12:44 AM
I'm extremely sorry for my extremely late reply... my school was keeping me busy... and I was pretty depressed at that time...that I just used to listen to music all the time and damn I asked my dad if I could drop out...but ahh I end up completing my school life... It's been a real long while now... I am sorry. I forgot about a lot... I have changed quite a lot in the mean time if I am not wrong... though I am not sure for good or worse... Anyway, I am pure NEET now!! YEY! Finally... my social life has virtual life, I need friends is something I feel like lately... XD Loneliness is devouring me ;-;

Forgive me for my late reply... I'm sorry.

How about you bud, How's life? How things are going at your end? Got a job? Married perhaps?? How's everything!! TELL me in detail!! XD I wanna hear a lot from you!!! Please :)
animegoji2003 Dec 25, 2016 12:32 PM
All ready have
animegoji2003 Dec 20, 2016 5:51 AM
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