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Apr 21, 2020
Preliminary (202/207 chp)
Here you should not wait for dizzying plot twists, which at once change the direction of the whole story, reveal some terrible secret or introduce a new side to the conflict in the desire to rewrite the rules of the game. The story and setting are unpretentious, so someone will definitely find it uninteresting. Also, fighting and unique art are frankly modest in the first quarter. What made manga for me is a few meritorious principles that separate it from the vast majority of competitors in the genre.

Firstly, the main character is Tanjiro. Its peculiarity is in the emotional maturity due to the origin: his ...
Feb 8, 2020
Preliminary (33/? chp)
Read this if you want to give yourself depression because you will never have a relationship this perfect. Let's be honest - this is not the manga about simple school love, but about our dreams about perfect girlfriend who will never be with us. I love this manga so much that i read it in one time and i am waiting for the new chapters. But be aware because this manga is like drugs. I want to say this was a good manga cause I enjoyed it but when I look at myself I see desperate person who avoids reality

p.s. shikimori is very cute, would ...