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Jan 23, 2018
Godzilla has had it rough since his reawakening. With the boringly slow pace of the Legendary Godzilla, to the blazing fast pace with no real motivation that was Shin Godzilla, none of the recent Godzilla movies have really been all that good lately.

Will this Movie make the difference and usher in a new age of excitement and kaiju goodness for Godzilla and all his fans?

No… no it won’t.

To be honest… the trailer was enough to make me want to avoid this movie. The CG looked god awful, and I wasn’t entirely impressed with the premise… I don’t even really understand what motivated me to read more
Apr 6, 2013
Things you should know about this series:

a) The side antics and filler episodes, while humorous to a degree, feel exactly like what they are, side antics and filler. The story as a whole doesn’t suffer because of them, but you suffer through them mostly to get the tid bits of character progress they hide within them.

b) The core story should be strong enough to keep you interested, but where I feel this series kicks it up a notch is within the last two to four episodes. The drama starts to build up, and the ending is refreshing in the way it breaks from the cliché read more
Dec 9, 2011
You know... I wouldn't exactly say that it's the sweetest romance in the world (though it certainly tries to claim that title at times,) but it certainly is very interesting.

When I started it, there were only 3 chapters, and I was hooked enough to want to know more. I found out they weren't going to translate it anymore, and I refused to accept that. NtK has a special place in my heart because I was the one that pushed it out there to be picked back up again. I really do love this series. Each chapter keeps me wanting more. The only thing I read more
Dec 9, 2011
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What... the fuck?

That's all I could think as the story progressed. There was an event that got it started, and then as it closed... Let's just put it this way...

This OVA contains elements never present before in this series, and it strays from the idea of the series horribly.

As many have stated before, the art was very nice, though sometimes the character's looks kind of weird. Iori in particular.

On a side note, I almost felt like this was some sort of cross over. The supporting characters that were not apart of the main cast had this "I feel like I should know who these read more