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May 3, 2017
I have seen 4 and a half episodes of this show. Episode 1 seemed promising. Ok story line and an ok plot. Now let's jump ahead to episode 2. For the first 12 minutes, there was literally nothing happening at all. I mean AT ALL. The whole first half of the episode was 1 long and emotionless conversation. The characters don't have any personality, literally.
Episode 3 was ok. There was a good amount of plot advancement and was slightly entertaining.
Now to episode 4. I watched 14 minutes, eagerly awaiting for the episode to end. They go into another long and boring conversation about the read more
Apr 29, 2017
So I am a gamer striving to be pro. This anime is the epitome of that goal. It's the story of a former pro kicked out of his seat at the top, having to start at the bottom. Now what really does not make sense is how this is an RPG game, while it still requires significant skill to be good at, rather than just level and items.

Beside the point, the reason I write this review, note, I have never written a review before, is simply that I am awestruck by the incredible artwork that took place in the making of this series. It's read more