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Dec 27, 2020
This review contains spoilers for seasons 1-3, so if you haven’t watched it (And idk how you call yourself an anime fan if you haven’t seen Attack On Titan) then please beware. Also, this review is about mainly the Attack On Titan series in general, not just Season 4.

Here we are, 7 years in the making and we arrive at the finale of the masterpiece that is Attack On Titan. Hunter x Hunter stans are crying, Naruto tards are star struck, the One Piece fandom is fuming, Black Clover loyalist are wondering why they like such a piece of shit show, and My Hero read more
Oct 23, 2020
Ah Haiykuu, the return of one of the greats. Hinata and the Karasuno crew are heading to Nationals to face off against the best of the best to see if Hinata can live up to The Little Giants name. I have already made a review on the first part of To The Top which I recommend looking at to see the changes in opinions and stances I’ve made thus far. Like I said before, Haikyuu had to dig out of a 10 foot hole before it was even considered a watchable show. A mixture of it being apart of the sports genre and being boys read more
Oct 2, 2020
You don't even know how much I want to love Re Zero. It's like there is a single layered glass window that I need to break for me to love Re Zero. Except that for some reason, I just can't. The characters, the settings, it's easily 8/10 worthy. There is just one detail that makes this series just short from one of the greats. And that is... Natsuki Subaru.

Story: 6

I mean let's be honest, it's an isekai. The story isn't anything mind blowing or anything we have never seen before. I think it's safe to say Re Zero is character driven. Now with that read more
Jul 27, 2020
Yet another Sho “carried by animation” nen. And this time it’s not even trying to hide the fact that it is all action and no plot. Unlike the other shonen flops that have come out recently this one doesn’t even try to make up a plot. It’s pretty sad to see the state of the shonen genre slowly but surely decline year after year. I look back at the glory days of shonen when FMAB and AoT rattled us with mind blowing twist and turns and a beautiful story. And now we have the turd that is Dr. Stone, Fire Force, Demon Slayer, Black read more
Jun 25, 2020
Oh my god this is so damn bad... My original review for this gave it a 7 and that has dropped to a 3 now. They pulled the most cliche of the cliche's to pull together this typical boring battle shonen. It's gotten to the point to where I am actually angry at Bam for being such a generic baby. he literally provides absolutely 0 to the show and for some god damn reason everyone in the anime follows him to the end of time. Like what? They set up characters to be bad asses who don't take s**t from nobody and then turn around read more
May 27, 2020
I'm about to say something that is going to be taken way more literal than it really means: Hunter x Hunter is the most overrated anime I've watched so far. Now I know what you are thinking: "Wow this dude must think it's absolute garbage let's bombard him with messages telling him how he couldn't process the complexity and masterful writing of Hunter x Hunter." I already see it in my close future. But I want to clear up, no I do not think Hunter x Hunter is bad. Far from it, considering i'm not the biggest fan of shonen I actually decently enjoyed this read more
Apr 14, 2020
Damn, what was I missing. I think my initial reaction along with almost 99% of the populations was: "Ew furries, hard pass" or something close to that. However every day, one by one, more of my friends recommended it to me and I thought they went furry fan boy mode. But finally, I saw it on Netflix and decided what the hell and watched it. Damn this was a good show.

Story: 8

The story takes a turn on the usual high school troupe with adding animals and a glimpse of reality of carnivores and herbivores living together in "harmony." The story is surprisingly dark which read more
Apr 4, 2020
I wrote a review for My Hero Season 4 back when it first aired its first few episodes and gave it an 8 out of self spite. Now that we have reached the conclusion I thought that I would update this review for all 25 episodes.

My Hero Season 4 is a curveball. I think for the most part we can all agree that this was probably the weakest season to date so far. Yet for some reason looking back at it, it has some pretty damn good moments. Which makes me question why I didn't like it. Deku vs Overhaul and Endeavor are the read more
Mar 29, 2020
I think I have found it, the pinnacle of anime. I've traveled across the lands, searching far and wide to find the anime I wanted, and here it is. Interspecies Reviewers has thrown dirt on the line that separates Ecchi and Hentai. In my honest opinion I wouldn't even be mad if they turned this into a full blown hentai. I can tell the producers are just scraping that fine line to the world of Hentai and I'll be on board if they do.

Story: So today we went to the Interspecies Reviewers plot and found out it actually has an intriguing non cliche story. The read more
Feb 9, 2020
Ah, Haikyuu. Remember when everyone dismissed this anime because it was boys volleyball? Look at all of them now. I'll admit I was one of them but it wasn't necessarily the boys volleyball aspect but more as just the sports genre of anime. Sports has been a tough act to follow in terms of anime and there is this unwritten bias that most sports anime's aren't very good. Haikyuu follows this trend and above all boys volleyball is a sport most people turn away from when hearing about it. So you understand the 10 foot hole Haikyuu had to get out of before it was read more