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Mar 13, 2017
Giant Killing is to soccer as One Outs is to baseball. Both rely on a main character who's an underdog trickster, both heavily resort to psychological battles. But the comparison stops here and the soccer one ends up behind in every aspect so far.

Giant Killing is somehow a soft show, not intimate but close enough, in a way, and there's an overall nostalgic feeling about it. There isn't any spectacular ambition showing, nothing is really fancy and the viewer's emotions rely on the story in its unraveling, more than on an audiovisual ride. Be it the art, the animation or the score: we're miles away read more
Mar 11, 2017
Major tells only one story throughout the course of its six seasons. That fact holds more than it seems, but talking about the construction of the story or the characters couldn't come without necessarily spoilers (it also holds the advantage of needing only one review for the whole saga). So, in order to prevent it, we'll focus on some general elements, the ones able to translate the qualities of the show. And yes, qualities only, for even when not at its best, Major never fails on any aspect.

That particular steadiness shows up in the art, the animation and the sound. Although there is nothing really read more
Feb 23, 2017
Disappointing. Area no kishi starts as an interesting new take on high school soccer with formidable expectations. And with 37 episodes to go, you expect them to be quite fulfilled.
Sadly, not.

First things first : the art and animation are a few years back ! Nothing awful, but nothing remarkable anyhow. Even the greatest moments are below 2016-17 standards, especially after seeing the intensity of some pearls like Haikyū vs Shiratorizawa. The overall art feels like the nineties, when sports anime were still cheap and relying only on the contagious rage to win of the main protagonists. You'll even notice a drop in quality after half read more
Jan 28, 2017
For those who love tournament fights only! Preferably with aberrant and gore-ish martial prowess among masters. Because there is nothing else to it. Well, almost.

You have a story, a script the size of a matchbox, but fairly right for the purpose it serves. Characters' backstories easily fill that purpose too, being side stories on their own, keeping us entertained. It only stretches a bit much around the end, otherwise, there's nothing to get bored of: plenty of fights!
On the artistic side, Grappler Baki is a failure. Everything from the chara design to the animation is cheap to the point even Baki doesn't look the same read more
Jan 5, 2017
When you watch Boku no Hero Academia, you may feel a void in yourself. A strange one, not clearly understandable at first. And it grows from the first episode to the thirteenth. Whatever enjoyment you may gain from the show is not enough to fill that void.

Then you realize it's a good thing.

That void is your brain knowing the enjoyment will last thirteen episodes and no more. At least not for a year. That void is frustration, and it comes like this because the anime has incredible potential and is good enough to make you desire for more.
I exaggerate a bit, but there are really read more
Dec 31, 2016
If you're pondering over watching Nanatsu no taizai or not, there is one question you should ask yourselves: do I like shōnen anime? Because here's your typical one, surfing on familiar waves such as Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball, bringing its own share of epic. So, if the answer is yes, it's unlikely you won't enjoy the show.

Even without spoilers, you know what to expect of that kind of anime simply from the genre they belong to; that's the problem with stereotypes and this show is no exception. In fact, it doesn't even try to break the stall, doesn't try to run free and surprise read more
Dec 25, 2016
Nothing surprising here as it continues the story. Same qualities, same flaws.

The characters and the actors playing them are mainly to blame for the last ones. They tend to overplay a little, and more than they should, from a western acting's point of view. The result being the protagonists aren't that much convincing in their roles, and the actors do not succeed in making up for the monolithic characters they portray (for most). With maybe a bit less tension about the IBM despite a very dense story, probably due to the fading of the element of surprise, there is also a slight decrease in progression, read more
Dec 25, 2016
Adapting the core story and the protagonists of Shichinin no samurai in a fantastic world with a strong Moëbius feeling (and maybe a bit of Jodorowski) is a perillous feat.

Fortunately, it is well-accomplished here.

The world of Samurai 7 is both grandiose in its perspectives and simple in its ways, without showing off. Diluted into a rather slow contemplative atmosphere and sci-fi, the story becomes fascinating thanks to its characters, slightly imbued with shōnen stereotypes to hold its part even during fight sequences.
Overall, the execution is remarkable to the exception of the CGI, which were not bad for a 2004 show but it was 12 years read more
Dec 25, 2016
DAYS have their up and downs. The show turns a few stereotypes into likeable characters and focuses on even fewer to keep it simple but honest. Like its art and animation: decent, enough for the job. However, the story takes an interesting start which keeps on going quite pleasantly until the end, even if there are some weaker episodes. It makes up for most of the flaws you may notice and brings something fresh to soccer anime since Ginga e kickoff!! (2012).

But it's not a revelation either: even entertaining, the story still plays with the same old ingredients; the way it's done makes the difference, read more
Dec 24, 2016
DRIFTERS blends a few well-known ingredients from a few genres, both recent and not that much, adds different kinds of styles, including humor, and serves a cocktail in which they seem to believe. They do not even try to hide their inspirations, but they clearly use them at their best and often comes up with slightly different takes on the archetypes.

From the opening to the recognizable character designs and overall style, and flashy animation, the show dares enough to be interesting and rarely fails. The art and ambiance of an Hellsing cast upon The Lord of the Rings, a mix of classical, nothing really brand read more