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Mar 22, 2019

The story starts slow. The anime takes it time to develop the character and world. Everything is done with care. By the end, each character is well developed and they all feel alive. It's a great mystery story about politics in a very different world. Very engaging.


At first, I didn't like the style of the drawing. It all felt a little disproportionate. Some characters are very small, others are overwhelmingly big. After a while, I just got used to it and everything felt great. The characters are all very different and the art and their style reflect their personality. I also loved the regions. They ...
Mar 15, 2019

It's a slice of life anime. The plot isn't that complicated, what keeps you interested is the character development. It's the story of four girls going on a trip to Antarctica and learning to enjoy their lifes. A very simple and heart warming story.
At first I wasn't sure why the anime would reveal that they would make it to Antarctica in its opening, but as the anime progressed I understood that the story wasn't about them going or not, but about the reasons each one of the girls had to go away and how they would change. Learning how to deal with the lost of ...
Mar 8, 2019
-SINS- (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
The premiss of the story is very interesting. A world where angels have gone crazy and demons are actually more helpfull for mankind. So a group of fallen angels, or demons, have United to save humans from angels and the so called Venus. That said, the author clearly wanted a longer series to develop his ideas. I hope he could spark some interest and got the chance he wanted to make something bigger.

The art didn't impress me. The main characters are very ordinary. Specially Satan. That said, the angels are very cool. I also liked the idea the author had for the weapons. The ...
Mar 8, 2019
When I found this anime, my first thought was that it would be full of fillers and fan service. To my surprise, only the last episode is a mix of filler and fan service. I just can't imagine why they chose the last episode for that. What a weird way to end!
The story was a very pleasent surprise as well. Evolution is diferente from what we know. Snakes, frogs, cats were the winners of the gennetic lottery on their world. This scenery is used for social criticism. On the background, the anime hints about world politics (antartics, americans, amphibians and oceanoids politics), but, as the ...
Feb 26, 2019
Anne Happy♪ (Anime) add

Story is the weakness of this anime. If you want an elaborated plot or even a basic story, go look somewhere else. The premise is quite interesting: a famous school that has a class for unlucky students. In Danganronpa logic, this is a class full of ultimate unlucky students. Although it has caught my interest, the plot never goes any further. They hint some developments that never do happen. Not even the other teachers seem to know why this school has a class full of unlucky students. The episodes are full of nonesense and very random. The level of nonesense was a bit too high ...
Mar 2, 2018
The story never gets really deep. It's very funny and light hearted. The dose of nonsense was just perfect for me. The concept of the story is reaaly interesting: parks are, in fact, magic kingdons. The plot is simple, but kept me interested until the end. The princess' curse is never really a main theme. It ends with a rushed conclusion.

The art is great. The characters are all very diffferent. I love the idea they had for the mascots. Is a very colorfull anime.

The music is good, but not outstanding. I ended skeeping the opening many times.

The characters don't really get any development. There is ...
Jan 24, 2018
Amagami SS (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (5/25 eps)
It is clearly a dating sim that was adapted to an anime. They had to cut it in many parts to have all the endings presente on the anime. So the protagonist keeps going back in the past and reliving his school days so that the espectators can see a different ending. All girls have four episodes. I only watched the first girl. The result is that everything feels a little rushed.

The art is good. There isn't much complexity, but it goes well with the story. The girls all look very diferente and also very cute.

The music is also nice, but the english is kind ...
Jan 22, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
The story isn't that exciting. It's centered in the relationship of the professor and his daughter. He seems to be a little too concerned with his daughter well-being. Worring about every little thing. As I don't have any contact with children, I couldn't relate with the slice of life moments. The best part for me were the scarce cooking lessons, like how to cut a pumpkin. And I have yet to try it to see if it Works for real.

The art is very cute. It is also very modern, but it retains that special touch of older animes.

The music is also very cute and the ...
May 18, 2017
The story turned out to be so much more darker than I was expecting. It deals with what being a human really means. In this world, robots are, litlle by little, becoming more and more like humans. Can a human love a robot? What is love? Why do we end up hurting the ones we love the most?

The art complements the story very well. The emontions are always conveyed by facial expressions. The coloring also helps to demonstrated the emotions and to set the tone of the story. It was my first time rading an webtoon and I really liked it.

The characters are well ...
May 12, 2017
3 Hearts (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
The art is definetly the best part. It's beautiful. From the clothes to the scenary, everything is well desinged. Very lovely and detailed. I can say that it was what kept me interested.
The polt isn't amazing, but it's quite good. There was a twist that caught me off guard. The Characters aren't really nothing special. They aren't well developed and are very common. No backstory or inner feelings are really shown. If you are looking for a fast way to burn some minutes, I can recomend this. If you want something more intricate, go look somewhere else.