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Jun 18, 2013
One could write about how this is just a continuation of original series and has continues with the same format of "adventure of the day". For the first half, yeah, you can say that. Then something happened for the second half, they actually wrote a multi-episodic story with some major character development. Thus I will focus on that part.

Like I said earlier, the first half was the standard, but the second half was very good. It all starts with Natsumi getting an invitation to join a police special forces group. This made all the her co-workers/friends, esp. Miyuki really question read more
Oct 21, 2012
This isn't going to be a spoiler but given the description it might as well be.

This short series is nothing but the ultimate of anime cliches. It had the poor boy who wanted to be the best. The super-secret weapon that escapes. The boy finds this weapon. The weapon loses it's memory. Weapon and boy become friends. The weapon goes loses control and everyone is afraid of it. Then the shop keeper who used to work at this top secret facility knows all about this weapon. This weapon is part of a larger top-secret weapon. Oh read more