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Sep 29, 2016
This hentai did several things right, I enjoyed it not only as material to relieve myself but the story also left me wanting to see more, you don't get that in most hentai. For the short of it I feel that one should not skip out on this one. The plot basically boils down to the main characters friend introducing her into the world of prostitution.

The story was really intriguing and made watching enjoyable. The story was coherent, I enjoyed what they did for the prologue. The scenes and lines delivered did not appear out of the blue. The story moved along well If you read more
Sep 24, 2016
Energy Kyouka!! certainly is a fitting title. Kyouka is full of energy and sexually active. Normally you watch hentai about the guy fucking the girl but this one is about the girl fucking the guy. I really did enjoy this for more than just the hentai, I would definitely recommend it. It is really entertaining, especially the end of the second episode.

The story is well thought out and is complemented well by the cast. You might not like it if you don't like seeing old guys fucking, but I was able to look past this because the scene focused on the female main characters. The read more
Sep 23, 2016
For starters the story actually had some semblance of plot, which was a plus for it overall. would I watch it again, eh probably not, though I did enjoy it. The Mc goes in to try and Netori his child hood friend back but it ends in Netorare and he definitely loses out on more than one occasion.

The story was pretty coherent and not what I expected from a hentai title. The flow of the hentai worked well and the scenes didn't seem just tacked on.

The art to me was a turn off, I don't really enjoy the way the nipples were drawn, but read more
Sep 22, 2016
This hentai caught my eye because I rather enjoy Netorare but it was actually Netori. The story is actually unique in that it uses sexting as the way for the characters to interact. The sexting was one of the good points and was used as a good way for the characters to meet.

The premise behind the story was actually interesting but the execution fell flat, I know it's hentai but I expect something more than what I was presented. The plot development was too mechanical and the transitions were more for moving to a new scene than to develop any story line. The plot was read more