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Apr 18, 2008
Slayers has always been a great series to follow, with plenty of loyal fans. Its spanned three series, five movies, and two different three episode OVA series. Following, as always, the great sorceress Lina Inverse.

Premium is unique in that it is the only movie that has Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis; who are Lina's companions during the three series; as opposed to Naga, a friend/rival of Lina's from the OVA's. Naga does make a breif cameo, marking one of the few (if only) times Naga and the rest of Lina's friends are in the same series.

The story is a bit silly, with some town famous for read more
Mar 14, 2008
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
Furi Kuri, or FLCL, is an interesting watch, and luckily a short one.

I'm not saying its bad, quite the opposite in fact. But the pace of FLCL is so fast that it fit into six episodes a story that could have easily gone 13, if not 26.

If you aren't really paying attention FLCL can seem to be the kind of anime that is completely random, such as Excel Saga. In actuality it has a decent storyline and most of the scenes make sense, but you really have to keep up with whats going on to reach that point.

The art style is quite good. During read more
Mar 14, 2008
Shuffle is a harem anime with a mix of Angels and Demons, that really peaks ones interests... at first.

The anime starts off innocently enough, theres the required single male character, and a plethora of female leads who all want him to be theirs. Typical Harem stuff. One of the girls is a childhood friend, one is a mutual friend of him and the childhood friend, one is the daughter of the king of the demons, one is the daughter of the king of the angels, and one is an off limits loli choice with a spoiler background.

During the first half of the series or so read more
Mar 14, 2008
I really don't understand the raving about this series. D.N.Angel has a typical anime plot, and executes it poorly.

The story starts out typically enough, based on the first two episodes it could have really been something good. Young boy who is a high school student by day, and a paranormal thief by night.

Its just that the storyline itself develops slowly and never really built up much interest. The actual stealing was a bit interesting, in the style of Lupin the Third, but in the end D.N.Angel just fails to deliver.

I'm not sure on the English dub, but I must say that the Japaneses voice acting read more
Mar 14, 2008
Baccano! was an interesting experience about a large number of passengers on a train. By the time the train reaches its destination, a fairly large amount of blood has been spilled on it.

Without giving too much away, I'll say that there is a bit of a flare for the supernatural in this work. Its not overbearingly so, but it works itself in in a way that it could potentially exist in our world because it remains hidden, which is a quality I quite like in supernatural media.

The story itself is very nicely done. It reminded me a bit of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in read more
Mar 14, 2008
Interstella is not your average anime movie. The main reason for this, its really a long music video with a storyline.

Thats not to say the storyline is bad, or it lacks developed characters, it actually has them. Maybe not the greatest story ever told, and without dialog its hard to have the characters develop too much, the the movie manages.

In fact, I believe that if this wasn't a music video it could have been much better. Much of what the characters were thinking and feeling could be assumed by the situation and music, but the characters did seem one dimensional because of this. The actual read more
Mar 13, 2008
Golden Boy is... interesting.

Its in essence, an ecchi. However, I feel that the underlaying background story and characters of the show were very well written, just the ecchi got in the way a little too much. If Golden Boy was just Kintarou going from place to place and helping people without his sex drive constantly getting in the way I feel it could have been a much better series.

Kintarou himself is a very interesting and great character. You expect most characters in ecchi anime like this one to fit in a specific role, dumb and honest, smart and sly, ect. At first Kintarou comes off read more