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Feb 9, 2008
Meru Puri is a love story about Aram and Airi. Airi meets Aram when he comes out of het mirror^^heh. The arts are beautiful, the story is sweet And exiting, because Airi is a heroine. Aram is the kind of boy all girls want to have.

if you like shoujo and fantasy, you really have to read this manga! Sometimes it is a little pervert, but it is really funny.
My favourite manga!

Airi walks to school one morning and loses her mirror. Suddenly a boy comes out of the mirror! A strange boy, who gets bigger in the dark and can only shrink when kissed by read more
Jan 21, 2008
'Fall in love like a comic' is fun because it is a story about a mangaka, but if you look better at it, it is a bad story. It has no real end, and the love scenes aren't very good too. The only real good thing is the art; (I really like this drawings. It is a simple story to read once, but I can't really recommand it. It has some fun in it, but that is only because the characters are some stereotype.
Jan 11, 2008
Beauty Pop is an exellent manga to laugh. The genre is comedy, and it is.
Kiri Koshiba, the daughter of legendary hair stylist Seji Koshiba, has golden hands if it comes to hairstyling (just like her dad). But she don't really care about that fact, and that's what makes it funny, I think. Kiri always has troubles with her rival, Narumi. Narumi is the son of the owner of the biggest hair salon in Japan and he's pretty good in hairstyling too.

The art is really good; it is fine to read and it looks so cute, even the 'bad' guys!

Beauty Pop has a sweet read more