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SunlitSonata Jul 28, 7:23 AM
Good luck on that video man.

You'd be surprised. Look up Steven Universe Onion theory and there's quite the amount of crack theories.

To be fair I think the last two episodes of Season 1, with "Dreamscaperers" and "Gideon Rises" led well to the more serious tone of Season 2. Season 2 couldn't exist as it does without all the worldbuilding and setup Season 1 had.
In Season 2, most of the episodes that were darker and more serious are some of my favorites in the series (ex. Scary-Oke, Into the Bunker, Sock Opera, Northwest Mansion Mystery, Not What He Seems, Dipper and Mabel vs The Future, the finale, etc) but some of the more lightweight episodes (The Golf War, The Love God, Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons, Roadside Attraction) feel lesser to similar episodes in Season 1, but still not bad. With a few exceptions like "Blendin's Game" or "Soos and the Real Girl", since Soos episodes tend to really hit it home. Regardless, I still think the consistency is incredibly admirable, and I'm glad they stopped while they were still ahead to keep a consistent plot pace. Better that than have entire seasons go by with no real progression, or god forbid gradually lose integrity.

What's your personal favorite episode? Are there any episodes you're more curious to learn about? I own the Complete Series Blu-Ray, and one of the things it comes with is commentary for every single episode of the series from creator Alex Hirsch and two guests. It provides some really interesting insights into episode development, and how much Hirsch was able to slide by Disney censors. One particular part I recall was that

Hirsch mentioned how for Season 1, episodes like "Dipper vs Manliness" weren't quite there for the tone he wanted the show to be. "Summerween" he felt was the early exemplar for the tone he wanted the series to have.

I'm on Season 2 of Teen Titans right now. It's incredibly well-made, fun and expressive. Maintaining that animation style is pretty impressive in 2003. The more intricate and serious episodes are real strong with some comedy bits throughout, although some of the pure comedy episodes are hit and miss, yet usually super admirable visually. And Slade makes a great first villain; Ron Pearlman's voice is perfect for the character, and he comes so close to winning in Season 1 that it feels more satisfying when he is defeated. No wonder Adventure Time got him for the Lich.
SunlitSonata Jul 26, 2:46 PM
That’s a fair point. In both cases it could be seen as an excuse to keep tons of “memorable” characters in one place pursuing the same goal extensively.
I know Naruto eventually moves on from those exams to explore the world, for better or worse but with HeroAca in its first three seasons it’s been a mix between tests and random villain attacks over and over again. And I’d assume the forth season keeps up the pattern. RWBY also spent its first arc doing this, before later seasons moved into exploring the Naruto for better or worse.

Well, shit. In hindsight I feel horrible for putting that image in your head, but to be fair, I think you would’ve made comparisons while watching regardless I mentioned anything. For the sake of less perspective I deleted my extensive thought piece on it. Given elements like never-before-seen-fusions appearing for a few brief seconds in Change Your Mind and elements like being able to bring a gem out of poof state by fusing with them, they were probably holdovers from cut episodes. By the time of the plot stuff ramping up, I kinda forgot about characters like Onion. I remember everyone being theory crazy about Onion having some sort of connection to the Gem War stuff but yeah...........that was never gonna happen.

How’s Gravity Falls going? It’s also one of my favorite western animated shows ever, with great comedy bits and exciting character revelations mixed with heart and supernatural variety. Speculating on events while it was airing was a really exciting part of my life in Season 2. They really did a solid by quitting while they were ahead. As for me, I’m currently watching the original Teen Titans.
SunlitSonata Jul 25, 7:46 PM
I mean you can't truly talk about exam arcs without mentioning the Hunter Exams from Hunter X Hunter, which predates Naruto's version.

Now that I finally finished it, I think Steven Universe is a good show. It had some very good episodes here and there. Mr. Greg, Sworn to the Sword, On the Run, Mirror/Ocean Gem, Mindful Education, Jailbreak, etc. I also liked the movie for having a plotline it could focus on for a significant amount of time. There's tons of beautiful songs both vocally and as background music. There's several charming jokes. I appreciate it raising the bar for progressiveness. Regardless of how it's dolled out, the main group gets proper due. And yes, some of the foreshadows are real clever.
But the 11-minute episodes I think led to certain stories both plot and slice of life not being as developed as they could have been, and the style of the show swapping between fantasy drama and episodic comedy gives the pacing a very stop/start feel, at times having a lack of urgency during some of its arcs (the Cluster arc comes to mind, where it's not the immediately pressing matter until after celebrating Steven's birthday) and being afraid to have drama if Steven isn't present.
Having seen it all, it's hard to remember a lot of the townie episodes, and

Steven Universe's highs are really strong and commendable, but I feel like taking the entire show into account, there was often a lack of focus. It was good at hitting you hard and slow when the time is right, but I feel like this slowed down progression too
SunlitSonata Jul 24, 9:16 PM
Hey, it's been a while, how goes things?

You were thinking about Steven Universe videos, what of it? Just curious.
I haven't seen Future yet, and while I finished the show plus the movie and thought it was overall "good", I recently found another series that built off its progressive steps to be a very strong, more focused series.
RicePirate Jul 15, 4:04 PM
Hey, i've seen you have watched apollon, what's your opinion on it? It's on my ptw for too long now but i keep postponing it and i'm too afraid to read reviews because of possible spoilers. Would be interested in hearing what you can say about it.
RicePirate May 19, 9:11 PM
Now that I'm done with Vinland i'd like to share my thoughts, seeing that you still really stretching out these eight episodes i'll try to avoid spoilers and try to talk about show as a whole.
It was actually really hard to give Vinland a definitive score since IMO it does many things right, but at the same time it failed to give me almost any emotional impact. First thing to say is that i'm not going to mention impressive graphics and animation, although it is all done remarkably well I rarely take it into account when rating shows since most engaging points for me is a story and a characters. I've read through first 100-ish chapters of manga after finishing series and I can say now that despite I still consider it a good adaptation, there was a few times it did an amazing disservice to original.
Right after watching show I felt really weird about pacing, it was nice first ~five episodes and then it kinda dragged up to episode eight without anything of significance happening. It turns out that in adaptation they changed chapters order, so it came out like three (four if you count fifth episode) consecutive episodes telling viewer almost same thing, while in manga boat-mountain-dragging happened in very first chapter, and grandma-betraying was after fourth episode chronologically.

Anyway, story wise, outside of the case I've talked about, it never felt to me as uninteresting or boring, every episode was significant to overall story progression, done genuinely well HOWEVER, actual storyline before, like, episode eighteen was so dull. I get that show tries to convey an important messages to an audience (war is bad, revenge will not bring you peace) but it could've been at least little more subtle about it, because every time it wants to give you a reminder that killing innocent people is bad and six/fourteen year old child should not do that (who would've thought), it just beats you over the head with it. Another good example of show treating it's audience like a kids was when certain character started thinking hard about something, and author was like: «Well, how do I show a character thinking? I know, i'll make his brain glow for whole twenty-five seconds of screentime, that way audience will certainly catch on to it.» It's just a minor detail, but it felt really funny to me for some reason. Now that I have experienced the manga, I know that everything happening in this season serves as a great foundation to further character growth and story development (not that I did not knew it when I was watching adaptation, i've read Vagabond after all, core themes in these two almost indistinguishable ), but that's IMO not a good reason to give a spotlight to the single most annoying character in the whole series.
I won't say much about characters other than Thorfinn because that would've required delving into spoilers (if you actually interested in my opinion on Canute and Askeladd I can go into more detail about them after you finish the season). So, Thorfinn, outside of the first few episodes is either sad or angry (or both at the same time), and author insists that you feel sad about him too, but it didn't work for me. Maybe it's because of nonexistent characterization or me having no enough empathy, I , after some point, could not care less and just waited when scenes with him will be over.
Would be interesting to hear what you think of this show after you finish it.
Awesomezme May 17, 4:13 PM
yoooooo Thanks for the accept

RicePirate May 15, 6:24 AM
I really liked it, prob best title of 2019 for me (although im yet to watch vinland saga, but i doubt it will surpass beastars). I have to say, it must be first anime with 3d graphics that feels like it was made by people who knew what they were doing. Story was good and intriguing enough to watch it in one go, but man, characters was phenomenal. Legoshi is one of my all time favourites, can't wait to see how things unfold. I'm even kinda sad that it's just 12 episodes and i now have to wait a year for a sequel (i barely can hold myself off reading manga till ongoing).
SunlitSonata May 5, 9:36 PM
It didn't take me too long to adjust. When I had the combat shotgun, I never used the standard shots: only the explosion weapon mod. People can kill Marauders in 15 seconds by alternating between the super shotgun and ballista, but it's the biggest divide of the fanbase as to whether they are a well-designed enemy or not. I hated the Marauders at first but grew to get used to them as the game went on. Sorta like how DOOM II players felt about the Archvile. Thankfully, there is not any point where more than 1 shows up at the same time. It probably helped in my case that it had been at least a year since playing with 2016 so I've gotten used to the chainsaw being a massive ammo dispenser. Pleb demons are always around and about when the big ones are afoot so it shouldn't be too much of a problem with the added mobility. DOOM Eternal's idea of escalation was to make the gameplay feel faster and more hectic with better encouragement to constantly weapon swap and I didn't mind it too much, aside from one or two Secret Encounters where it felt like they gave you really little time. The Combat Arenas are edge of your seat intense.

So far it's mostly just fine. I like the huge variety of character designs, the soundtrack and it does have me curious about a lot of the following character relationships but it's feeling very drawn out and the main character is on the blander side. Supposedly this is the Korean Webtoon equivalent of One Piece, but having read about 200-some chapters, One Piece did a much better job giving the sense of a wild world. Tower of God rn is basically in the Hunter Exams from HxH. Potential thereafter but I just wonder if this prologue season will go further there. It's got focus at least and kinda alternating between fun and dumb moments.
SunlitSonata May 5, 6:18 AM
The one thing they did say upon initial announcement is that the game would be Switch-exclusive. So I have a feeling they’re targeting the Switch. SMTV probably is their next project since Royal’s been out the door for 6 months in Japan, but COVID-19 might’ve impacted development even further unfortunately. It’s even preventing Sonic’s team from revealing its news it was gonna share in March until things settle, which is in the “don’t know when” category

To be fair 2016 had you start with the dinky pistol. The shotgun’s explosion mod was my best friend for a lot of Eternal, but for the other weapon types I used other options. There’s still plenty of weapons but Eternal throws you into the fire pretty quickly, asking you to get a greater handle on weapon switching for the sake of making the gameplay feel faster. One enemy in particular will be a real pain-in-the-neck (in a good way), but be so satisfying when you get their pattern down.

Episode pacing is more noticeable in how that effect shadows the whole series, yup. I’ve mostly been focused on video games. The only seasonal I’ve been watching is Tower of God, the popular Shonen webtoon adaptation. Supposedly it’s the Korean webtoon equivalent One Piece, but it starts more like the Hunter Exam from HxH. Five episodes in and its prologue kinda shows the best and worst aspects of modern anime at the same time. I’ll probably get to a few more seasonals overtime but video games steal my attention more and more lately. Especially as, thankfully, the college semester ends for me on the 15th.
SunlitSonata May 4, 10:12 PM

At the very least I’m glad Persona 6 will have a new director and different writing team, or at least, the team who wrote the and integrated the new storylines in Royal. The stuff with the new characters, new month and new palace they added was really good, better than a lot of the content in the OG game, so I’d be curious how the next game will be different. Hopefully it and SMTV go well. I plan to play my first actual SMT game, Digital Devil Saga, at some point this year.

Feel bad about your office job. Hope you’re doing as alright as you can be.

Also, yeah.........Magia Record was pretty disappointing. The first episode had me hope that something could have come out of it that may have reached similar striking pathos as the original at its best but alas it was not to be. The show barely had any focus long enough to make me care about anything that was happening. Aside from overcomplicating the cut and dry lore from the original series with things like Dopples and the magical girl cult. Effective focus can do a lot for a story, any story. Constant narrative jumps and trying to delve into forgettable characters before immediately forgetting they exist and not giving them distinct personalities in interactions is a major no-no.
SunlitSonata Apr 16, 1:10 PM
I gotta say that with the quarantine being a thing, it's really nice that so many high quality games have been coming out recently or will come out to help people bide their time. Glad you're enjoying Animal Crossing, I'm enjoying the P5R stuff/had enjoyed DOOM Eternal a lot, and people are getting a ton out of the FFVII Remake, very divisive ending notwithstanding.
Good luck watching all those. And good luck if any of those seasonals actually end, because of COVID-19 disrupting anime production.

At this point in Persona 5 I’ve past the part where the original game ended and am headlong into the Royal content. Thankfully, the story it’s telling with the new characters is fairly interesting and it does bring more closure to the main characters’ acceptance of the traumatic circumstances that led them up to that point than the original game did.
Cypress- Apr 13, 3:50 PM
Wow!!! One Piece and Bleach at once, that's quite the journey you have ahead of yourself!! I'm watching Bleach myself right now, I'm actually not that much farther ahead of you. Good luck and enjoy!
SunlitSonata Apr 5, 6:56 PM
I’m lucky I’ve made some friends online via MAL, which led to Discord chat. Our “video game club” where we vote up a game, all play it at the same time and discuss our experiences with it or other games we’re playing at the same time. We have frequent chats about the game or times we play a game online like Jackbox or Cards Against Humanity.

Maybe try watching RWBY and see how far you can make it in. By comparison to Seven Deadly Sins and Fairy Tail, it actually is inspired in places conceptually despite all its cliches, what with all the major characters having different types of powers, unique weapons that double as guns, and inspiration from various classic fairy tale characters. It’s definitely pretty flawed, though in ways very unique to it, aside from the animation which started incredibly janky because of its low budget and staff (except for the fight scenes) and at least had the decency to get better as it went. 7 Volumes in, it’s one of the most high and low series I’ve ever watched develop, the soundtrack probably being its most consistent.

Speaking of inspired though……man, I’ve been playing Persona 5 Royal ever since Tuesday, poured 40 hours into it (38 not including time I left the game on), and I’m not even halfway done!

I fell off of Steven Universe and Adventure Time at different points, though from what I’m aware. Adventure Time is really important though. It showed how creatively inspired cartoons could be once out from the late 2000s lull while also helping to show story progression and the ability to get away with a LOT of dark stuff. It and Regular Show heralded the entire mainstream cartoon era. Well, before most of the best shows stopped airing on TV and went to the Internet or streaming services.
SunlitSonata Mar 27, 7:54 PM
I did! The good news is that it seems like the people judging the position liked me judging from a Skype interview and an additional idea sheet I sent back for them. The bad news is that hiring for the position is on pause. Friggin Coronavirus ruining everything.

I actually beat DOOM Eternal since your last comment, and I can say without doubt that it is epic and even better than 2016, aside from me wanting one of the game’s three bosses not to spawn enemies. The action is even better, with stronger movement mechanics including a dash for both midair traversal and backdashing, plus several new weapons, new enemy types, new weapon mods, and much more variety in the fantastic looking environment/level designs. Even on Hurt Me Plenty it’s more difficult with all the enemies and environment design changes (there’s one enemy type that’ll drive you up the wall but the challenge of them is still fair). By limiting ammo, making the chainsaw regenerate, and adding a new flame belch that can make enemies drop armor, you’re constantly adapting for whatever you need most and between all your types of weapons. There’s even a mini-hub which adds so much character without saying anything. Excited for when you can give it a shot.

I’m surprised too, even Kingdom Hearts realized Final Mixes were outdated and just made their additions a standard DLC. Thankfully, I didn’t buy the game the first time so I can just treat this as if I were buying the original but with touched up gameplay and more content. Don’t say anything further since I’d rather know less and report my P5 experience in a long form once I complete it (probably a PM), in the roughly 1-2 months I’m estimating.

“Maybe they should work on SMT 5 instead of releasing Persona 5 again so it can exit its status of eternal limbo?”
They could be now, since Royal released in Japan several months ago. Maybe you could play Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne if you have the time since it’s super hardcore but people love the depressing apocalyptic sci-fi atmosphere and minimalist approach it radiates.