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Hataraku Saibou
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
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Shinsekai yori
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Hunter x Hunter
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NickDen Apr 19, 10:37 AM
I look forward to reading it, so far all of your reviews have been super solid.

Yay, that is a huge breath of relief for me. I am always hesitant to recommend my favorites because I am unsure of how people will receive them, not that there's any issue if people dislike them or anything cuz difference of opinion and all that jazz but I'd be lying if I said it doesn't sting a bit. Anyways, I hope it continues to impress!
NickDen Apr 18, 8:10 PM
I thought the second ep picked itself up a bit after the clumsily paced first ep. We get a bit more insight into Carole and Tuesday, and I think there's potential for their relationship to become truly memorable. There are def conveniences galore, but the nature of the first ep made me aware that there'd probably be more to come so I've kinda braced myself for them already. Over time, I've become a lot more tolerant of story flaws such as minor plot holes and contrivances as long as they don't break my immersion. As of now, I find the music scenes and the overall aesthetic pretty dope, but it has to do a lot more before I'd consider it anything special. If I had to score it based on the first 2 eps it'd prob be sitting at like a 6. I hope it develops into something I really love, but I ain't getting my hopes up or anything.

The writer is new when it comes to anime, but she's written for television dramas before and has apparently won some awards (although that doesn't really say much of anything regarding the quality of her scripts).
HeadlessHorseman Apr 16, 9:57 AM
HeadlessHorseman Apr 15, 3:07 AM
Yeah, its definitely got a pretty clear political stance. Don't worry about not being able to reply right away, I don't mind. I don't reply right away all the time myself.

Yep, I like Jojo. Part 4 is my favorite that I've seen/read so far. I'm currently reading Part 6, although it's been a while since I read a chapter :D
NickDen Apr 15, 2:30 AM
I torrented it from
NickDen Apr 12, 3:14 PM
Yeah, I already started the first ep. Audiovisual presentation is nice as I come to expect from Watanabe but the writer for the show is making her debut in the medium here as she's previously written for television dramas. I'm quite skeptical about how well the script will turn out because the pacing of the first episode was pretty damn wonky and the emotional beats didn't quite hit the mark because of this. Willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on principle of course and also because I truly want the show to develop into something special but I'd be lying if I said the first ep didn't leave me with a little bit of trepidation.
HeadlessHorseman Apr 12, 9:34 AM
lol, the voice acting in some of these old English dubs is absolute gold.

Oh cool, Patlabor. The movies (excluding the 3rd one) are my favorite parts of the franchise. The second one in particular is really good; it's probably one of Oshii's strongest works.
NickDen Apr 11, 10:56 PM
I mean yeah I can see why that would be super frustrating. Celty is my fav as well and so far in the season I've watched she's been out and about on wild missions and all but if she eventually gets reduced to that it would most certainly not sit well with me.

Ah cool, like I've said before Sora yori is a tough rec because it's just a title that I could relate to on a rather deep level so it's kind of hard to tell whether someone else will be emotionally invested on the same level as I was or not, plus how much you enjoy it depends on how you typically receive moe comedy.

I am fairly certain you will like Utena, Texhnolyze is sorta polarizing so I'm pretty interested to hear your thoughts on it, Kids on the Slope is a pretty neat show and I think I remember reading somewhere that Watanabe wanted to direct it because of his love for jazz. As far as I can tell, it's an adaptation that's faithful to the manga but you get the added audiovisual presentation from Watanabe and Kanno.

I have no recollection of recommending Kaiji, but glad you're checking it out cuz it's a pretty good show. It can get a little too heavy-handed with its social commentary at times even though I agree with it, but overall it's a binge demanding, nail biting ride that offers some really clever gambling.
NickDen Apr 11, 9:36 PM
Beats me, it made the second time around much less emotionally impactful than it wanted to be.

I'm having fun with the sequel so far, the plot aspect of Durarara is much less important to me than the unique vibes I get from its style and being able to spend time with the characters whom I've come to really adore.
NickDen Apr 11, 8:33 PM
Yeah Joseph is great as usual and Polnareff would be my choice favorite.

Well, now that you've completed the season how'd ya feel about the Avdol reveal?
NickDen Apr 9, 6:48 PM
Because it make my pp hard, Eromanga-sensei is an erotic masterpiece and I will not tolerate any slander against it.

On a more serious note, you got a favorite SDC JoBro?
HeadlessHorseman Apr 9, 2:58 PM
Nice! There are some great lines in Dark Cat, lol. "DARK CATS UNITE!" The inexpressive voice acting of Hiroki made for some great moments as well.

I actually asked literaturenerd for some recs recently since he's seen so many old and obscure titles. If you're ever feeling in the mood for another bad series someday, Mad Bull 34 (dubbed version) would be a series to keep in mind and save for that time. I just finished it the other day and it might be the best bad series ever made.
NickDen Apr 2, 2:25 PM
As of right now I've haven't really had enough time to form a solid enough attachment to any of the characters in order to call them favorites, but Meme and Senjougohara have been the stand outs of the only 2 episodes I've seen so far lol. Who are your favs from the series?

Also, how you feelin' about SDC so far?
NickDen Apr 1, 11:27 PM
It's absolutely masterful so far, to the point where I'm almost certain that this season if not the franchise will become one of my top favs and that I also want to write about it after I finish watching.
invaderzz Apr 1, 8:53 PM
Not a fan of MHA either but I'm surprised you don't consider "You say Run" to be a standout track, good review though