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Dec 26, 2020
Sit back and watch this anime as your remember how f***in' weird you were as a teenager. This anime is basically just an awkward and quiet teenage girl having her first lesbian thoughts and going about it exactly how you'd expect a teenaged baby-gay to go about it along with another girl who is way too apathetic to care about anything.
This makes me realize how absolutely f***in' creepy I was a young lesbian and I feel very uncomfortable.
This is more of a coming of age than a romance. Do not act this weird and unhinged towards your crush. Everyone has those points in their read more
Dec 21, 2020
I loved this anime. It's one of my favorite kinds of anime. Relaxing and chill, Animal Crossing like vibes.
Lay back and forget the world is burning beyond your doorstep while a cute reincarnated kiddo runs a laundry service and makes friends. Has it's dark moments, but, it's all about finding peace after chaos and heartache.
Very lovely and heartwarming. Not too shounen or too shoujo. Just a good wholesome anime to help you forget your troubles for a short bit.
I expected it to be like "That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime" but, it's even more chill than that. It also reminds me read more
Sep 25, 2020
I LOVE anime like this. It's so adorable and laid back. Laid-Back Camp is among one of my top favorites and this reminds me of it a lot. Also, I love food anime, too. It's kind of ironic that this is going to be one of my top favorites since I'm vegan. lol I loved how they have a safety episode about vests and such, info about fishing gear, and saved a crane from a fishing line. It makes me want to go fishing even though I shouldn't. Maybe, I'll save for a kayak and going on a boat trip instead....
1000% Kawaii, 1000% Rewatchable

Mar 18, 2020
The numbers concept is great and creative. The fights are awesome. I also really like Nana and Hina, great characters. For the most part, it's pretty fun.

My problem with the show is it's "ecchi". This is not ecchi. This isn't an "oops I slipped and fell in your boobs" or "I thought it was the boys turn with the onsen" or "wind blows, accidental panty shot". This is a girl screaming "No!" in fear and a guy just forcing her harder. Crawling up to a girl you never met and forcing her legs open is not an ecchi comedy.

I'm pretty laid back. Pervy characters can read more
Oct 3, 2017
I watched the uncensored version, which I doubt all of you could find and I enjoyed the anime and I am a girl. I relate to the main character, Shizuka Kominami. Also, I am a big fan of the kind of love Ryou Kirishima has, the I-fell-in-love-so-hard-I-can't-hold-myself-back trope. That usually is a yaoi thing, not a het thing, but, still a fan. You can try as you might to make Ryou look like a horrible player who forced Shizuka against her will, but, she totally went for it. She was more than capable of refusing Ryou and she didn't. It wasn't stockholm syndrome. She liked read more
Jul 21, 2017
Croquis (Manga) add (All reviews)
The side story "Boku no Shookoi ni Tsuite" hurt me so bad that I can never even look at this manga again. Don't. Do. It. I can't even fully explain how horrified I am by that side story. It hurt me. The only reason I am rambling on like this is, because, my review needs more words. The side story ended so badly that it ruined the rest of the manga and I can never read it again. I don't now how more detailed I can be with that.... Well.... it's still not accepting it..... uhm.... I liked "Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru", maybe you read more