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Days: 88.7
Mean Score: 6.90
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Bakuman. 2nd Season
Bakuman. 2nd Season
Feb 11, 1:54 PM
Watching 4/25 · Scored -
Jan 27, 11:37 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 7
Banana Fish
Banana Fish
Jan 13, 12:20 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7
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Days: 8.2
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Hagoromo Mishin
Hagoromo Mishin
Feb 3, 8:06 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 7
Liar Game: Roots of A #2
Liar Game: Roots of A #2
Dec 28, 2018 9:07 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Liar Game: Roots of A
Liar Game: Roots of A
Dec 28, 2018 9:06 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 7


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Monarch-Reli Feb 15, 7:30 PM
Oh thank god. =.= Like have you ever gotten a plate of fajitas at some place that is not Mexican but has Mexican food? (like Chilis, Fridays, etc)? And the plate beneath it is sizziling hot? My worst fear is to be burned by one of those things! XD

..... I watched no movies actually, but instead found something even better. O.o
Okay so a long time ago, I'm talking 2010 long time ago, I wanted a game called: "Alien vs Predator", it's basically a video game set in the Alien (xenomoprh) and Predator universe, and a story mode you play as a marine and it's SCARY as shit!!!! Even though it's old lighting is used so effectively, along with sound effects and, while you're a Marine, you're not some badass who can kill all these aliens like they're nothing, they have acid blood, use shadows and darkness to their advantage, are many times more agile, and scared the hell out of me to be honest. It was the first time in a long time I've been scared of any video game, I can recall the times throwing flares out in hallways for light, using my flashlight, etc. It's really amazing and I can't believe I missed it so many years ago, but to be honest I'm glad to, I would not have been able to play it at that age. XD

YES! SATURDAY IS JUST A FEW HOURS AWAY! It's at the Gaylord hotel and while a BIG place I'm sure I wont be lost or something. I want to go to a few panels, the maid cafe, and of course heaven--THE DEALERS ROOM!!!!! Where all the merch is sold, this year they have over--100 merchants!!! I can't wait to get in there! But gotta spend my time wisely and picked methodically, I can't carry too much nor watch all the stuff if I need to go to the bathroom, so, uh... I'll figure this out! XD
It'll be like my own little adventure, in my video games or something. Can't wait.

Btw, uh, this stuff is 24 hours a day once it starts, which was yesterday and runs for 3 days. That's 72 hours of nonstop anime, and they have.... Eromanga sensei.. nightclub parties at 2am.......... I will let your imagination run wild with that. =.=
SweetKiichigo Feb 15, 5:14 PM
Fried rice is so good. What does it usually have?~
The one i have has corn, peas, green beans and that one crunchy thing in Asian foods.~

Worked today but have the day off tomorrow. ^^
Bought some groceries like cookies, ice pops and 4 cases of water ^^
Monarch-Reli Feb 14, 4:24 PM
Awe! I wanna go to one! ;__; .... Wait, can't some of the grease or something pop and hit you? Dang that must hurt if so.

Ooh, a really busy day on Valentine's day, huh...? Has Dime bagged herself a cutie or something?! XD

Well, got done with a hard day of work. =.= I have never seen so many chocolates... roses... and cards in my life.... makes me want a flamethrower to be honest. <_< On the bright side I had a REALLY good sandwich from this deli, and my convention is Satuday! I CANNOT WAIT! I'll take pictures and show em if you want but my camera quality sucks! xD
Speaking of which Dime OMG! I met THREE anime fans in one day! And I have two of their phone numbers now! One was someone who used to work at the store before we haven't seen in a while and I may run into him at the convention.
Another? She was one of my regular customers who just moved from California and turns out she's a HUGE geek like me who likes comics and anime (and is in a relationship haha... dammit all. =__=), she asked me for my phone number and was interested in Rurouni Kenshin! I was SO excited talking to her I accidentally, partly, maybe just a little... broke a small part of the register. XD And finally, there was another girl who said Hunter x Hunter 2011 was her favorite anime--I legit almost cried!!!!!! XD

So other than it being pretty busy, fun day at work I guess. xP
SweetKiichigo Feb 14, 2:30 PM
Yea and now Cali is getting snow or got snow like yesterday. Pretty crazy weather tbh.~
So what did you have for lunch today? ^^

True, much less get speeding tickets from them cameras. ~
So what did you do for Valentines?~
I remember making like gifts to pass out in class when I was younger.~
Hmm one time I wrote a poem but it came out kind of meh, like you really need to read a lot of books to develop a good sense of imagery to put when writing each line.~
SweetKiichigo Feb 13, 6:33 PM
What was your favorite class?~
I think it's pretty hard to come up with an original poem. I took poetry once and yea you have to make it flow well and rhyme or so from what I remember.~
Indeed, ever worse are when you're behind tall vehicles with bright lights. Do you always drive speed limit?~

Did you hear parts of Hawaii got snow. Pretty crazy right?~
Monarch-Reli Feb 13, 3:48 PM
No no it's.... it's way too complicated I wont try to tell ya. XD

Didn't they teach you anything like that in highschool...? Like a bit. o-o

Watch? Jeez well aren't you fancy, mine was just made in the kitchen where I didn't see anything lol.

I am taking a break work destroyed me. =.= I had to constantly help in different departments due to the Valentine's day rush, I haven't seen so many roses and chocolates since--... ever. =.=
Oh yeah! Happy Valentines day! ... Just gonna eat ice cream and watch bad movies too? <.<
SweetKiichigo Feb 11, 5:58 PM
Did you ever take poetry at one point?~
Today was darn awful in the morning. This one bridge was pitch dark since the heavy fog was blocking the downtown area, but at least it wasn't raining too hard.~Do you have exams coming up?~

How cold has it gotten for you?~
Monarch-Reli Feb 11, 6:32 AM
You know what, you're right! Thing is I'm playing this REALLY immersive mmo now called: "Final Fantasy 14", it's... really hard to describe.o-o Let's just say it's an entirely separate virtual world with jobs, housing, and other stuff! I LOVE IT, but in the back of my mind I'm going: "... You know... I could be doing stuff in real life.... EH WHATEVER! Back to casting black magic!" Hahaha (no entirely of course it's just getting kinda addicting. <_<)

Nobody ever told me how to do taxes it was SO weird, they need to teach this in school! XD

DAZZLING! I tried Korean BBQ yesterday and it was SO good! It was a bar, you see, and it was my first time there with live music and stuff playing and trying to order take out and the bartender was REALLY nice. ^^ I got ribyeye bulgogi (basically rib eye cut up and on top of veggies), rices, seaweed salad and kimchi. I was really skeptical of the food but ended up LOVING it! And it's apparently really good for you. I loved it so much I ended up saying: "I love Korean people! God's gift to the world!" Hahahaha.
Do you like Korean food?

On a final note, don't you hate when you exercise and the stuff starts getting easier as you do it so you have to keep adding on to make it more difficult? ;__;
BSM_ Feb 10, 4:07 AM
Damn, I never knew there was a specific reason for their aversion to humans. Knowing that i'm definitely a lot less disappointed of how fast they bounce when they see me, haha.

ayy, you gotta do what you gotta do for these japanese cartoons. I hate it when a trailer turns you off or makes the film/show unappealing but when you finally see it you love it. Either that, or the trailer is dope as hayul but you watch the film and basically the only cool moments were in that same trailer. It's kind of odd how that works.
OH ok, good. Figured that's what you meant, just wanted to be sure :D Glad to hear you are doing so well. LOL I have had the same thought about myself in regards to watching anime xD
Yee dawg, everythings been cool. Just losing my mind a little bit since the weather has been a bit unkind. Really miss getting outside on a regular basis so I can't wait for March to hit so things can at least get more consistent.
You are absolutely right about the most relatable characters being disliked the most. Whenever I start to question why a character annoys me, its usually because they are acting a certain way I used to act or carrying the same flaws I have.

So I see you captioned Hagoromo Mishin "adorbz" so I imagine you thought it was halfway decent?
I haven't been in the mood for any anime myself more recently so I can't decide on watching anything. Hopefully we can both get back to our usual anime-watching self.

ooo I may have to give that live action a check-out.
Mind giving me the rundown on Eve no Jikan? Sounds pretty interesting. Did you watch the show too or just the movie? Also tell me a little about Hal too if you can, wanna hear your opinions as they both sound pretty cool.
funbar Feb 10, 2:09 AM
Stocks are actually pretty interesting but are extremely stressful, lol. I feel like by the time you fully understand everything about it, you're like 50+ years old and retired. You also have to wake up pretty early depending on what time zone you're in because of when the market opens and I'm definitely not a morning person. Yeah I looked up a bullet journal and couldn't find anything, haha.

Sometimes I'll see people like really small people go into the mosh pits and just disappear. Also, everyone smells really bad in those things ... so I do my best to stay away. I wish they'd practice their hygiene a bit better!
Monarch-Reli Feb 8, 8:04 PM
Haha, there's a difference between being lazy and being somewhat obsessive. >.> I love trying to understand everything and put a lot of effort into anything I do, for godsake, in the latest game I'm playing it took me almost an hour to create a character and come up with a symbolic name for them haha.... Love being a geek.
And yeah! It would! Be also be weird. ;__;

I do too, in every adaptation there has to be changes but it really does suck when you get so invested in something and--*poof*--ends. Ugh.: :/
And yeah to be honest you don't need to watch it just read the manga if you want. XD

I did my taxes! .... It's weird: "Adulting" haha.
SweetKiichigo Feb 8, 5:49 PM
Do you like poetry?~
How's your week been?~
So weekend s here andI gotta work tomorrow assuming the roads are good. It's supposed to sleet later tonight so idk how icy it will be when i wake up to go to work.~

Funny how it was in the 70's 2 days ago and today it's in the 30's.~
sokoru Feb 8, 2:06 PM
MEANwhile me: forgetting to reply to half of my comments on MAL
hi how u been LOL
Monarch-Reli Feb 8, 8:16 AM
Yes! Yes they are! I know this very well, all the lifetime movies I grew up on smh.

I understand ya. A lot of stuff isn't meant for a lot of people, I don't blame people for not enjoying stuff like Lovecraft and A ClockWork Orange cuz it just makes em feel uncomfortable or don't "get it." I personally like being forced to understand something or not get it at all because--... well I don't really know. Guess it fits someone like me who thinks all the time haha.
Funny enough I just met someone VERY similar to you who has the exact same thoughts on Penguindrum. O.o Like, they're you reversed. She has the exact same score for it, and loves Lain, then uh you exist as your mirror image. Like we said, coincidences.

I mean it's not that I entirely hate filler. As long as it's good I think it adds to the material rather than takes away from it (We don't talk about Naruto filler though...), but eh while I liked it the critical nature in me knows it's really flawed from that, a lot of the time nothing happens and it just has the: "Read the manga!" Ending I really dislike in a lot of shows. Guess I took it so hard because I really enjoyed it up until its flaws started to show.
SweetKiichigo Feb 6, 5:26 PM
What do you like talking about?~
It was alright today.~ Chill day and not much to do. have you ever done homework at work?~
I used to know a co-worker who used to do hw during lunch break. It's pretty tiresome working and studying, though i finished my studies but in general you really have to time yourself to get things done.~

Are you very into family time?~

How's weather been for you?~