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Days: 92.9
Mean Score: 6.92
  • Total Entries424
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  • Episodes5,380
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Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season
Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season
May 26, 3:40 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Kono Oto Tomare!
Kono Oto Tomare!
May 24, 3:37 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
May 21, 8:22 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7
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Days: 11.7
Mean Score: 7.71
  • Total Entries44
  • Reread0
  • Chapters2,114
  • Volumes179
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Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt
Apr 30, 8:39 PM
Completed 88/88 · Scored 7
Tower of God
Tower of God
Apr 13, 7:57 PM
Reading 130/? · Scored -
Death Note: Tokubetsu Yomikiri
Death Note: Tokubetsu Yomikiri
Feb 5, 2:51 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8


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Royal-Guard-Reli 3 hours ago
I mean, uh, based off how little I know about your life..... hey, unlikely but we can't throw it out there. There is still some part of my brain that wonders if you're actually a celebrity or something who is just incognito. Sounds like a fun "webtoon", if you ask me lol. If you're Marilyn Manson dude I'm your biggest fan sign my stomach. ;-;
Okay too far lol.

That sounds SOOO cool! I'm afraid I'd really botch it up, though. Dazzling, I must confess to you; I don't have the best "table manners" and my friends always make fun of me for it. It reminds me of when I went out with Quincy for their birthday and there was this cute little, hot pastry that was composed of chickpeas and plant based, they sliced three slits in it to release the air then cut it in 4's, and picked it up with a fork and knife, their plate was spotless by the end even though the dish was very flakey. Meanwhile...... I just stabbed three sushis with a single, big fork because I don't know how to use chopsticks. *Sigh* Train this abrasive ogre, Dime. ;-;
Ramy_Stereo 5 hours ago
nah I do sports anyway, but that doesn't help. if anything it'll wake you even more to be physically active. I'm talking something that slowly drains you mentally and physically throughout the day like 9 hours of work or sth, after that shit I can fall asleep right away.

Royal-Guard-Reli Yesterday, 6:24 AM
I see. O.o Space Boy does sound fairly interesting and I once again, uh, never would have guessed you'd be such a fan of these. What other hobbies are you hiding from me?! Lol.

Awe, I thought you were a tea expert or something. T_T Anyhow, I'm a big fan of Green Tea but want to try others like Earl Gray soon, considering it's really compared to coffee.
Royal-Guard-Reli Jun 2, 5:19 PM
Alright Dazzling, fine, you got me. >_> I actually got those books today and thank god the store was basically kinda empty! xD
I have.... literally never heard of those. Do you want to explain to me what they are? xD

What are you favorite types of tea?! I'm super curious since you don't drink alcohol or coffee! If I recall correctly?
SweetKiichigo Jun 1, 6:13 PM
Hmm i typically do laundry three times a month, basically like once every 12 days or so. I'm very picky with my laundry though, i like to wash things in order like shirts and then shorts and so on. Just makes folding them less tedious.

Hmm i wouldn't say i love summer but i enjoy it. I hate how some bugs come out during hot weather, humidity and also bad storms. Do you go out a lot during summer?~
Ramy_Stereo Jun 1, 3:16 PM
I tried believe me. I was gonna do an allnighter and then gts the next evening. thing is tho when there's nothing to exhaust you during the day like school or work you'll always have too much energy to gts early and it'll be pushed back little by little

I mean I had my fun, but it was scattered all across months and each episode felt like it lasted 2 minutes bleh
dude yesterday I rewatched s3p2 up to the basement reveal with a friend who's seen it for the first time and it's exactly as good as I remember damnnn. I pick favs to represent the whole show, if all of aot had been as good as that season, it'd be up there ngl
Royal-Guard-Reli May 31, 4:15 PM
That is true I must admit. *Sigh* Well we’ll see when this is all over. I guess I’m just wrapped up in the nostalgia of a time that seems long forgotten, as if an old man reminiscing about his youth and malt shops hahaha.
You love webtoons?! Once again, never would have guessed. Uh, you have any favorites? O.o
Xelecus May 31, 5:55 AM
Indeed you're right, but Idk why for some reason I feel that in my situation it'll be quite the opposite, like it's just an assumption but based on a previous experience on the internet, there was a time when I talked to maany girls in online games / on MAL etc .. And gosh, I just had to quit after a while and avoid talking to girls at any cost. I always find that I'm way more comfortable when I talk to guys y'know, despite that I get more enthustic when I talk to girls, but I mostly end up losing contact with them so fast. On the other hand, this doesn't happen when I talk to guys. Majority of them end up being my friends for years. Idk why but there's something wrong with me hahaha.

Wow I never thought about it hahaha,but yes you're totally right. It'd be more common if you're from the high-populated countries, such as US, Germany, UK, France, Russia, India, China, etc ...

Yusssh !! I already downloaded the game - after several failures, cause Microsoft store / the launcher suck so bad lol -. So I'm waiting to finish my exams ! Unfortunately, the borders in my country won't open before than July it seems, so I'll have a lot of free time here, gotta binge playing this game then !!

Yes we are, we all share some genes indeed but the more the similarity between our genes, the more probability of getting diseases / mutations. We have to maintain a large gene pool for survival purposes. Survival for the fittest huh. Unfortunately, according to the western community, ethics and morals are transparent, means that they can be modified according to our desires and our interests. As I said before, it's literally the same thing with homosexuality, 10 years ago, ppl would look at homosexuals as "irregulars' and that they're doing a crime by their actions, needless top say the amount of transmitted diseases, according to our "ethics" and "morals". But now? If you say anything against homosexuality, you're the irregular now. If you try to bring up any proof against homosexuality - such as they need to be treated, transmission of diseases, breeding etc .. -, you'll always find a ready answer from their side. (Like heterosexual ppl transmit a lot of these diseases as u mentioned).

Incest prevents you from forming certain relationships with a small group of people, and same is for homosexuality btw but in a slighter effect. Your bestfriend might be actually interested in you or fapping at you . In the past there was a border between males and females cause of "sexual orientation" but now there might be also a border between males and males, females and females (But again, a much smaller border). If you check now the porno websites such as Pornhub. I don't want to exaggerate but seriously at least 75% of the vids include the word "step-". If someone sees too much vids of this topic and he/she has a step-sister/brother or heck even blood related one. Don't ya think, one day that person might commit a crime due to the fetish that's evolved from this industry? What's exactly, the purpose of this genre ? It doesn't seem right, and I'm pretty sure ... People will be much into this genre, until they can't hide it no more, they'll try their best to legalize it, Love is gender blind and "relation" blind, a new moto will appear. Associations will be united and fight for their rights. Companies like Twitter, FB, Twitch etc ..will give a hand in this as well. And it won't be normal in prono only, but they'll try to include it in every possible thing, not animes for sure lol in movies, cartoons, shows etc .. Didn't the same thing, happen with homosexuality ?

Not only incest btw, pedophile is probs gotta make its way much more faster, I ain't gonna talk much, just take a fast look at these screenshots, and you'll ... understand what I mean for sure. (PS: I'm not saying that incest/pedo is a normal/good thing lmfao, I'm just talking from different perspectives at the same time xD).

Bruuuh I ain't gonna talk to my classmates lmfaoo, I'm so introvert and I'm not into them as well, I don't like the majority of them. Yeah I can feel your enthusiastic's emotions haha. Maybe one day, I'll be invited to a Halloween party for sure, I hope tho.
Royal-Guard-Reli May 30, 4:16 PM
Yep. And looks like I have to do it again for about 2 more friday's as the person who usually does is out. *sigh* Well, at least I get out early. I mean, I would, and I can, but ... this is gonna sound petty; it just doesn't feel right, Dazzling. ;-; It's idealistic but there's something magical about a bookstore that is almost lost in that fashion when I want to get something of particular interest.

I... didn't know you were into those, Dime. . . uh, are you? Woah, some hobbies you have never told me about lol.
Shiekai May 30, 12:08 PM
ah ok thats dope that youve been to a lot

nice nice it really is quite good, a lot of fun to watch
Royal-Guard-Reli May 29, 9:21 AM
I see. T_T To be honest the bookstore opens up too but I'm a little cautious myself of going. I'd love to get a copy of Paradise Lost, Heart of Darkness, and I Have No Mouth, Yet I Must Scream (I'm fun at parties lol) but I kinda don't want to risk it. Plus, I had to be at work at 4am today and am super tired. ;-;

Ya know, I forgot to ask - but what is your profile picture even from?
Ramy_Stereo May 29, 7:52 AM
kinda, tho after school I basically sat on my ass for a whole year and even then my cycle was never this fucked idk

exactly, I watched chihayafuru 3 weekly and that really opened my eyes since watching it that way ruined some of the experience I could've had if I had watched it at my own pace plus some stuff completely confused me as I watched weekly smh
I've been kinda spoiled on the final season of aot but not that extreme I think. I may have been spoiled on s2 but I didn't really care about aot after waiting for s2 for like 4 years so I probably didn't remember lol
Royal-Guard-Reli May 28, 4:59 PM
It's trendy? Well, I suppose diabetes is on the way to being "trendy" as well.

You're like my big-sister, Dime, but that ain't happening lol I'm not eating that thing plain.
Stuff is opening up slowly tomorrow at 5pm for me. How long do you think it's gonna be until you live your life "normally" again?
Royal-Guard-Reli May 27, 12:04 PM
Well I mostly rewatch some of favorites like Death Note, Berserk, etc.
Haha happy belated memorial day to you too! Today I went to a mom and pop farm that makes all their stuff HOMEMADE! I had the best milkshake of my life there. I got their weekly special, which this week was -

That is a chocolate milkshake with hot fudge blended into it, marshmallow with little candies stuck on it around the rim, with a ice cream cookie on top, whip cream on top of that, and white and milk chocolate on the whip cream. . . it was absolutely delicious but I got a sugar crash so strong that it beget a headache I’m still experiencing while typing this lol. What’s the most unhealthy thing you’ve ever eaten?
They are edible and are only and usually reserved for the most extreme of hunters who want to value every part of the animal. It’s not that they’re extensive, it’s that nobody really wants it. It’s known for taking decades to cook, and the texture tasting and like: “fatty cobwebs.” They require strong cheese, wine, and crackers to overpower its bordering repugnant taste. It’s uh. . . interesting lol.
Shiekai May 27, 8:44 AM
ah ive only been to a couple, mostly dragonforce. wby?

cool, sounds real dope and chill. ive heard great things about it, and that music genre is quite difficult to grasp sometimes. (ive watched most of the good ones, hibike euph, ylia, but ive really wanted to watch this one for a while :D)

speakin of underrated, i really think that you should give white album 2 a try (it has a drama sort of feel to it, and its also centered around music. its mega fuckin underrated XD)