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Jan 6, 2019
I was quite let down by this show to be honest. It's attempts to be subversive basically boil down to: "Oh, you thought this was the case? WRONG. now laugh at it and be merry." Which can work for some people, but I can't even call it a "cute girls doing cute things" show in good conscience. The show poses itself as a comedy, but I only managed to laugh every now and then. It was funny enough to keep my attention, but that's about it. Let's look at the numbers:

Story 3/10
This is a story that very loudly and busily goes nowhere. There's no plot read more
Jan 1, 2019
I had never heard of this incredibly old IP before, but if the originals were this good, I might get curious.

What makes this 21st century remake so compelling is that while it's true that it's technically a "kids show," the themes are very mature and fleshed out to relate to the modern age. Almost every episode is a moral lesson, or a cautionary tale, of the pitfalls of today's society. It is a serious examination of various cultural phenomenon brought on by technological advances and modern social attitudes. It even takes a quick look at western vs eastern viewpoints, through an eastern lens, that read more