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Jun 18, 2016
Hi my name is David Cheesborg and I'm here to review this show.

Story 5:
In response to this query, I pondered with what little intelligence I could muster. I can only conclude, with this morally challenging question of "story," and how it was. Well, my fellow cartoon consumer, it's trash. Zippity zap, bing bong, fling flop flip. Just know that this is not a cartoon where the story isn't the main focus: it's the snacks.

Art 8:
The art is what is should be, and I would assume it stays true to how the author wanted it to look like. They have managed to use actual, real life, read more
Jun 18, 2016
It's ok and here's why.

BAD parts:
Everything is terrible. The plot is terrible because the MC isn't capable of critical thinking and is as dull as a rock, he hasn't had a romantic with any of the girls he's surrounded by, and really, everyone but the MC is interesting (still extremely shallow). Ameribra "MEAT" Milkduds had more going to her but died near the end of the episodes. SPOILER: MC does literally nothing to push the story forward, and instead it's the script at work.
MC is the biggest waste of a creampie on this god given earth.

GOOD parts:
I like cooking shows so this is a read more
Jun 14, 2016
This is my first review please be gentle~

It makes me go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and here's why:

Story NINE:
Gril protects Teache, Teache wants to protect his students. Gril is a student, but Teache can't protect her from fights. School administration: "imo everyone for themselves I want personas to break because something something," thus building a setting for great characters, and great fights.

Art TEN:
There are many fight scenes, each very detailed. What I love most is the way the characters overdo their emotions, (anger can be grotesque, cute is super cute). These portrayals is great for this kind of manga. It's definitely up there in terms of uniqueness. read more