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Sep 28, 2021
((CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS! Here's your spoiler warning, please don't let me ruin your viewing experience of this masterpiece, go watch it before you read any further! OR save yourself some time and go smash your head into a wall, that wouldn't be a very different experience than watching this anime)).

Mayoiga, Ousama Game, Satsuriku no Tenshi, Mahou Shoujo Site, Darwin's Game, Talentless Nana, and recently High-rise Invasion. What do these have in common?
They're cheaply made attempts at the survival sub-genre, and they can be summed up as a bunch of random ideas slapped together with amateurish writing. They also tend to be badly directed and animated read more
Sep 8, 2021
Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu (aka A Whisker Away) is a love story about Muge (a teenage girl too cheerful she almost comes off as a maniac) who falls in love with Hinode (a typical bland anime teenage boy), it's a one-sided love but Muge is not afraid of flirting with her love interest and voicing her true feelings, even though he keeps ignoring her all the time.

Muge and Hinode's interactions are cute at times and cringe inducing at others, but the movie adds a certain twist that makes things more interesting, where Muge gains the ability to transform into a cat, a cat read more
Mar 21, 2021
Another season, another Isekai, another one of these with some controversy that lead to their popularity, the interesting part is that Mushoku Tensei didn't do much different than your typical escapist fantasy targeted to shut-ins who live in basements and play ero games, in fact, there's an even more explicit show that was airing in the same season, so why did this one get more criticism?

To answer that we have to get into Mushoku Tensei's premise, basically the protagonist is a shut-in living in a basement and playing ero-games all the time (as expected from an Isekai, they even show you what they think their read more
Jan 20, 2021
This show is both a reboot, a manga adaptation, and a videogame adaptation at the same time, and I don't mean that in a good way.

Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken (2020) is a reboot of an anime that was cancelled decades ago and was adapted from a long running manga, why's that important? Because since it's been animated before the people working on this project won't bother putting any effort into re-animating the same thing, so it was expected that they were gonna rush the pacing.

I've made a comparison between the two versions, and so far this reboot managed to fit 30 episodes worth of read more
Dec 27, 2020
Psychological thrillers are the best, aren't they? Even when it's the stupidest show ever it's still fun to watch. Watching Talentless Nana is like watching a martial artist playing Tennis for the first time, you know he wouldn't do well but you'd still be interested to see what he's capable of.

This show feels like it was written by someone who watched Death Note and a couple other anime and was too hyped he decided to make his own manga, not an actual mangaka working a professional job.
Nothing about Talentless Nana feels polished or well executed, it's too amateurish that even when there are bits of read more
Mar 29, 2020
To put it simply, Dorohedoro lacks common sense, it's insane, chaotic, and over the top, this gives it room for creativity and style, which it has a lot of.

The story is basically about two worlds, Hole, a place where humans live, and the magic world, a place where magic users live, and apparently there's conflict between the two.
In Hole they used to hunt magic users (like in the medieval era), and magic users used to experiment on humans, it seems like that's in the past, but honestly it's still hard for me to tell how much the relationship between the two sides have changed, the read more
Mar 28, 2020
You ever feel conflicted while rating a series because even though you enjoyed watching it, you know it's badly written and has many flaws?
I wasn't conflicted while rating Kyokou Suiri, just wanted you to understand why I'm going to rip it apart despite giving it a decent rating.

There are 3 characters worth talking about in this show, Kotoko (the female protagonist), Kurou (the guy Kotoko has a crush on), and Saki (Kurou's ex-girlfriend).
The story is about Kotoko and Kurou solving paranormal mystery cases, or at least that's what it's supposed to be.
Stories like this usually go one of two ways, either get into a story read more
Mar 20, 2020
Darwin's Game is just a mediocre action/ super-power disguised as a survival game anime, it doesn't really belong to the genre, nothing about it feels like a game, only people trying to kill each other with no rules except a convenient one where players can surrender so the protagonist doesn't have to kill in order to win.

I like the survival game genre because it has tension, with creative rules that result in interesting situations (one example is Life is Money, a manga about a survival game that has the players kill each other by yelling and cursing, the setting is hilarious but creative), unfortunately Darwin's read more
Oct 29, 2019
After 22 movies there isn't much they can do in terms of mystery, so what they do is turn the series into a battle shounen.
I know Detective Conan movies always had overexaggerated action, I'm fine with that, but they weren't missing the mystery and how the characters used their brains to overcome every problem.
This movie is just pure action with a lot of explosions and almost super powers (it's hard to imagine anyone was actually looking forward to see Makoto go super-saiyan and beat up bad guys), and the murder case was too weak even for a spin-off.
Overall this movie is not bad as a read more
Jun 23, 2019
Battle shounen, a genre designed to attract a large audience with the least amount of effort, it doesn't require any research or studying, only basic knowledge of what people would like, and this pretty much sums up what Kimetsu no Yaiba is all about, since it's one of the most basic shounen anime I've ever seen.

-The story: it's nothing new, a young boy named Tanjirou has his family massacred by a demon and then trains to become a demon slayer.
The story could've been interesting but it suffers from laziness, the writer tries to avoid any complicated conflicts that would require effort to solve.
For example, the read more