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Jun 28, 2019
Well this was a below average manga, with an interesting story but awful development and more to it, the greatest disappointment was that it was axed midway, it might have been a good manga but it was cut short and the story left unfinished, if it weren't have been axed it would be worth around 85-90 chapters. Not recommending to watch it, only reason is that you will not enjoy it at all when the manga stopped midway and unfinished.

(Spoilers - but well you can just read review and pass the manga)
The main character has a very less existence in real life andf being read more
Mar 29, 2019
Truly a masterpiece!

Story : 10/10
Art : 9/10
Sound : 10/10
Character : 10/10

This anime is one of the best sports and positive anime.
100% recommended for sports animes.

The story resloves around the main person Haiji who is a long distance runner suffered from leg injury but still wants to run at the national event.
He does fulfill his dream by convincing everyone in best possible and realistic way and they did reach to the Hakone Ekiden, by registering scores for all players and also securing 10th in the qualifying round

The best part is that the whole story goes ahead perfectly step by step like Prince's timings eventually reached to read more
Dec 5, 2018
Story 6/10 :
Again a new system comes as always, but this time it is a bit too much. They included all the old characters and now kicking them out one by one. The FFI was also in the main first season, but this time too awkard.

Art 4/10 :
Well I don't know they are sort of time or money on the animation, but it is just worsening after each episode, definitionely not expected from animes such a shit animation.

Character 6/10
Just as Inazuma franchise, 1 or 2 traitors are always there, they aren't developing much, except Endou and Inamori, all have accepted the traitor but just can't read more