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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
May 16, 2:07 PM
Watching 7/26 · Scored -
Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Feb 16, 1:49 PM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 10
Feb 9, 10:21 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 10
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AngeredSpace May 20, 9:51 AM
Mercusu May 16, 1:13 PM
I tried fornite, but couldn't get into. I recently quit Overwatch because of the new hero, but if they can get the balance straight again, I'll return to it. I'm currently not playing any video games.
MiniGuy77 May 11, 11:39 PM
kid, i'm not the one you are looking to apologise to. i'm not going to critique your life choices there or here, but it looks like you have a positive circle here. embrace it.
Nightlee May 9, 9:43 AM
hey! Yeah it has been. I'm doing well just busy with life. You?
Moog May 8, 6:48 PM
Whoa! Hyggelig å se deg igjen, også.

Det har vært årevis siden jeg har sett disse titlene, så kanskje jeg ville ha gitt de en annen score i dag. Husker i hvert fall at jeg ikke likte Paprika noe spesielt, men Perfect Blue of Baccano! kan nok være verdt å gi en ny sjanse en gang... hvis jeg klarer å rive meg løs fra min anime-hiatus.
Ken-san May 8, 2:22 PM
Yeah, there's 3 of my favorite characters on my profile. lol
Melrissa May 7, 12:09 PM
oh i see your devotion is towards me :>
Gator May 6, 11:26 PM
Aww, that sounds hella annoying. Pain anywhere in the head is always the worst >_< Damn that's a lot of money, I'm also at public health insurance but will switch to private once I become an official. At least it's not cancer or some shit, I also had to do a lot of tests at different doctors because of my migraine attacks. But they also found out nothing so far, will probably visit a specialist for migraine later this year. I was also glad that there's nothing wrong with my head T_T Sounds like your approach is pretty good, one step at a time and you'll reach the solution. Don't overdo it at work though >_< Get well soon <3
patriotprideboy May 6, 7:52 PM
I'm glad you have a career that you love and you make a lot of money in. Where I live, instances like that are actually kinda rare.

As for me, I think I'll enjoy the field I've chosen (I'm in electrical engineering).

Speaking of projects, what was the hardest one you and your team had to do?
TheSkiesAwake May 6, 4:12 PM
Mhm! Yeah. I mean, if we click on one another's affinity, we can see the ratings and all. How are you doing?
Stardust262 May 6, 3:09 PM
Just because something is popular, respected, or influential doesn’t mean everyone will love it. I like Perfect Blue and GITS: SAC because of the themes and in GITS’s case the characters but I don’t love them to the point that they’re masterstrokes to me. Stand-alone movies have to do a lot for me to score them highly, and while I like Perfect Blue it isn’t something I reflect on or think about often or something that affected me in a significant way like other things I’d give a 9 or a 10 to. GITS’s first season was a bit too inconsistent in quality for my tastes and overall it could get bogged down in technobabble to a detrimental degree. None of that means I don’t like both anime, a 7 means they’re good after all, but I don’t value them on the level of things you mentioned like Brotherhood, Monster, or Steins;Gate.

Paprika didn’t appeal to me aside from the creative visuals, which for me are not enough to save a story. I didn’t care for the plot or characters (at least not for how they were executed, and I thus couldn’t give it a net-positive score (a 6 or above). I overall didn’t enjoy the experience of watching it, simple as that. It is certainly influential, but that doesn’t mean I have to adore it because of what it inspired. I still respect Paprika even though I didn’t like it.

Point is no score is unreasonable, everyone’s tastes and opinions differ and no show or movie will be loved by every single person. I think Tokyo Godfathers is Kon’s best work for example, but I’m not gonna call whatever your opinion of it is unreasonable.
Melrissa May 6, 7:16 AM
oh sweet!
Gator May 6, 3:16 AM
Hey Devo <3
Alright I guess, just the usual. At least the weather is getting better so I can do some jogging outside and try to get a tan again haha.
How are things going for you? Still got that well-paid job? :3
Mercusu May 6, 2:29 AM
I don't lol
TheSkiesAwake May 5, 8:04 PM
Hahaha, yeah. Thanks for the +1. It's kinda interesting. Since our favs. are pretty different.