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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
May 16, 2:07 PM
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Feb 16, 1:49 PM
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Feb 9, 10:21 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 10
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Tentai-chan Aug 17, 7:32 PM
whoaa sugoi konnichiwa!
Gator Aug 17, 4:28 AM
Ah yeah, the Winterhold quests were quite fun. I also liked the snowy atmosphere up there. I never did much with alchemy I have to say, but smithing and enchanting is pretty overpowered. Glass and dragon armor should already be enough to reach the armor cap and if you also enchant that armor with magic resistance you're almost unstoppable :3

That sucks, I hope they figure it out soon and fix it. Best luck for your surgery of course, I imagine having to stay at home is really hard on you. At least you're not bored and got some stuff to play to distract yourself from all that crap.

How is life going on other fronts? Are you still living alone? :3
Gator Aug 15, 11:24 PM
Ah yeah college, you either have too much free time or none at all there... depends if the exams are near or not xD Skyrim is great, no game gives you that much freedom imo, especially with all the mods available. I mostly played solo as well since I don't have to take care of my companions that way. Getting distracted is indeed easy, I mean even you companion is trying to distract you when you are near a cave... "Hey look, a cave. Wonder what's inside..." ^^ Btw I can recommend the mod "Enderal" if you ever get bored of the world of Skyrim but want a similar experience. It's made by a German modgroup, which is actually in the same city I'm working in currently. It's a total conversion mod, so you get a completely new area which has nothing to do with Skyrim and the story is much more interesting and better.

Oh god, that does sound awful. I had to google at lof of those terms, but needing surgery is always a bad thing. I hope that pain killer doesn't exhaust you too much, if exhaust is the right word here, I hope you know what I mean. So it's just something you were born with and just happened to come up recently?
Hope you get better soon <3
Gator Aug 11, 4:50 AM
IT support in another public office, this way it might still be able to become an official and work only 12 minutes away by car from home ^^ Yeah the weather is way too hot. Normally I can go for a run no matter how hot it is, but last weekend even I couldn't do it. Today it's way cooler though, might go for a run later.
Haha I might know why you never finished Skyrim, too many interesting sidequests to take care of xD Good to hear, I mostly enjoy playing a fighter, but tried a mage as well. I know a few girls who are into playing it as well :3
I don't watch that many regular shows, last ones were Westworld, Vikings and Black Sails. Wait, 100% sick leave? Why's that, what happened? :o
That sounds quite serious, I hope it's nothing too bad and will get better soon >_< Nice to hear that you can go to the ocean easily, I'm sure that's pretty calming.
Hmm it's hard to top my summer last year with the Japan vacation ^^ Haven't really done much, just trying to be outside as often as possible and stay fit. Next month I'll have a one week vacation in the Netherlands though, my first vacation alone ever :3
Gator Aug 10, 1:08 AM
Oh, you joined the Fortnite train as well. Have to say it didn't really catch my interesting so far just judging from some Twitch streams :3
I played way too much Skyrim in my life so far though xD
Nice, I'm still waiting patiently for the last season of Game of Thrones next year. Watched Westworld season 2 a few weeks ago though which is indeed quite good ^^

Just the same old work with same old commuting. Applied for a new job which is near my home though last week, still waiting for a response though.
Else just the usual I guess, playing some guitar/piano and watching all kind of anime. I don't game that much currently since I don't have the time for it T_T
Oh and of course lots of BBQs since the weather is so nice ^^
Gator Aug 10, 12:52 AM
Hi Devo :3
How have you been? <3
AngeredSpace May 20, 9:51 AM
Mercusu May 16, 1:13 PM
I tried fornite, but couldn't get into. I recently quit Overwatch because of the new hero, but if they can get the balance straight again, I'll return to it. I'm currently not playing any video games.
MiniGuy77 May 11, 11:39 PM
kid, i'm not the one you are looking to apologise to. i'm not going to critique your life choices there or here, but it looks like you have a positive circle here. embrace it.
Nightlee May 9, 9:43 AM
hey! Yeah it has been. I'm doing well just busy with life. You?
Moog May 8, 6:48 PM
Whoa! Hyggelig å se deg igjen, også.

Det har vært årevis siden jeg har sett disse titlene, så kanskje jeg ville ha gitt de en annen score i dag. Husker i hvert fall at jeg ikke likte Paprika noe spesielt, men Perfect Blue of Baccano! kan nok være verdt å gi en ny sjanse en gang... hvis jeg klarer å rive meg løs fra min anime-hiatus.
Ken-san May 8, 2:22 PM
Yeah, there's 3 of my favorite characters on my profile. lol
Melrissa May 7, 12:09 PM
oh i see your devotion is towards me :>
Gator May 6, 11:26 PM
Aww, that sounds hella annoying. Pain anywhere in the head is always the worst >_< Damn that's a lot of money, I'm also at public health insurance but will switch to private once I become an official. At least it's not cancer or some shit, I also had to do a lot of tests at different doctors because of my migraine attacks. But they also found out nothing so far, will probably visit a specialist for migraine later this year. I was also glad that there's nothing wrong with my head T_T Sounds like your approach is pretty good, one step at a time and you'll reach the solution. Don't overdo it at work though >_< Get well soon <3
patriotprideboy May 6, 7:52 PM
I'm glad you have a career that you love and you make a lot of money in. Where I live, instances like that are actually kinda rare.

As for me, I think I'll enjoy the field I've chosen (I'm in electrical engineering).

Speaking of projects, what was the hardest one you and your team had to do?