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Mar 26, 2020
This is one of those adaptations that take a lot of creative liberties when it comes to direction. Hamasaki's imprint is very apparent with this one, with many scenes preferring stylized compositions over cohesive ones. And when it comes to a simple samurai story, I believe this is one of the most interesting ways to do it.

With the source material being this graphic and revolting, the use of effects like static, rapid frame changes and outlandish imagery drives these moments home and makes them more memorable overall. This also includes the fight, while mostly stylized in direction, they don't compromise on animation quality and good read more
Aug 7, 2016
Somali and The Forest Spirit is like a cold beverage on a hot day.
You're covered in sweat, eager to rush something cold down your throat, then after you take a big gulp out of that sweet beverage, you let out a cry of utter satisfaction.

This manga revolves around a world, in where humanity declined, and non-humans have taken over.
Somali, a human girl, was lost and bound with chains in a certain forest, until that forest's guardian, a golem, finds her.
The golem then leaves the forest, which he spent all of his life protecting, to search for the girl's family.

Now the premise might sound like read more
Dec 24, 2015
Finally, a manga that gets me!

All jokes aside, the only reason why I've decided to read this is because of its title, and boy was I in for a surprise.

Onanie Master Kurosawa may seem at first as your typical perverted manga with loads of ecchi and similar crap. But its not like that at all, the manga is constructed as a psychological, with drama and bits of comedy. It also is very similar to Death Note, in the triumphant faces, rape faces and the carrying of judgment. Only difference is that one kills people, while the other soils their property with jizz.

Kurosawa Kakeru, the introverted read more