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Dec 5, 2017
I'm not sure if this is a review as much as it is a rant. If you're still interested in reading what I have to say after being told this, thank you. Thank you for reading. Gratitude is one hell of a virtue, and cultivating virtues should be a part of learning how to live in a civilized society. Patience... other great virtue, but extremely overlooked in MAL. People seem eager to "being opinionated", which is not the same as "being knowledgeable". "Knowledge" is pretty much subjective when you're watching an anime, though. Evidently, it helps to know a few things about Japanese contemporary culture/history read more
Aug 18, 2015
/Introductory Note\

I never wrote an anime review before. So far I've felt there was nothing that I could say that others, by some reason, never did. Perhaps other people might have said what I'm about to say, but I digress.
I am a College teacher, anime lover, and eternal procrastinator, who had GTO lost somewhere among a fairly big backlog. One day, completely bored out of my mind, I decided to pick something that a friend of mine recommended a long time ago. I read the synopsis, and I thought "hey, I am a teacher, and the hook sounds pretty fun (albeit generic to today's read more