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Oct 21, 2012
Code:Breaker is sort of a shift in the magic genre in which the actors involved could very well be genetically enhanced humans, at least that's what the first two episodes seem to be leading us towards. This is really just an educated opinion concerning a possible direction for the anime, but I'll just have to wait to see if I'm right or not.

Anyway, the coolest aspect is that the protagonist, Sakura Sakurakouji has already focused on Rei Ogami as her own personal antagonist. The dynamic this implies just sets the stage for conflict between the two main actors through out the series. With Rei read more
Feb 26, 2012
Here we have another re-imagining of the "Sengoku" Period/Warring States Era based on the Sanada Ten Braves. Although it's an interesting twist, it doesn't deliver much in actual story; however if the story were to continue beyond the current episodes expected to air there is ample room for improvement. Personally, I love the artwork. Lines are crisp and clean, plus the color palette offers plenty of visual flair. Battles are short, too short in my opinion, and the main protagonist is made out to be some sort of bad ass warrior but is continually getting his butt handed to him. (Not a good sign)

Overall, the read more
Apr 30, 2010
This anime special is an excellent addition to the Detective Conan universe. As a fan of Detective Conan, I enjoyed this in-depth look into the workings of Kaito Kid. It really explains, sort of, why he is the way he is and the reasons for him choosing this path. Unfortunately only one episode has been released so I can't say if the story will be as engaging as Detective Conan, but it looks promising.
The artwork is excellent, in my opinion, and the characters are promising if you haven't already read the manga. I feel any Detective Conan fan will really enjoy this expansion should it read more