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Days: 171.3
Mean Score: 6.99
  • Total Entries723
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  • Episodes10,060
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Fairy Tail: Final Series
Fairy Tail: Final Series
Yesterday, 11:58 PM
Watching 41/? · Scored -
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Yesterday, 12:25 PM
Watching 16/26 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 30.4
Mean Score: 6.78
  • Total Entries106
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  • Chapters6,148
  • Volumes394
Manga History Last Manga Updates
One Piece
One Piece
Jun 30, 1:15 PM
Reading 446/? · Scored 6
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Jun 30, 1:15 PM
Reading 41/? · Scored -
Bungou Stray Dogs
Bungou Stray Dogs
Jun 29, 1:15 AM
Reading 53/? · Scored 8


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danyeager Yesterday, 5:57 AM
np 🙂

lol thanks you too
danyeager Yesterday, 1:23 AM
thanks for accepting my friend request
DeitysDynasty Jul 12, 12:13 PM
I’ll watch it later
I promise
DeitysDynasty Jul 12, 10:46 AM
Any reason why
DeitysDynasty Jul 12, 10:18 AM
Btw I’m interested in kanata no Astra
What are your thoughts
DeitysDynasty Jul 9, 2:54 PM
Well see
DeitysDynasty Jul 8, 11:39 PM
Why don’t you like the new isekai
Jagd84 Jul 4, 7:59 PM
Echidna <3


Nice to meet you. :)
Aoki-tan Jun 24, 6:29 PM
Hey, sorry about the almost 2 months without reply haha. I was busy and tired, and I focused on watching, and, well, a litle of laziness too haha. Reaaaally sorry man >.<'

Yeah, you're right. Btw, finally Gintama really ended. I didn't read nor plan to read very soon the manga, but I'm a little sad, and I'll be even more with the final anime, but well, nothing lasts forever, right?. 'Bout YNN, I didn't read it too yet, but some of my friends aren't liking of some aspects of the current chapters... Is it that bad?

The last episode of FT was so bad. Actually, the last ones. And it'll going on. I know we alredy knew 'twas bad and rushed, but omg, to see that animated is really frustrating. But yeah, I agree with what ya said 'bout the Dragon Slayers, it isn't random that most of my favorite characters are part of that group, especially Sting and Gajeel.
Yeah, and I'm more and more afraid as sooner as the adaptation of the final fight gets. Btw Tartatus is my favorite arc too, and I agree it would have been a end much better.
Hahaha that's good to hear, 'cause I won't need to read it haha. But it's a little sad how much success it made, even though that there're series a lot better.
Yea, they're a cute couple haha. I would really enjoy seeing a marriage of them.
Oh, I didn't watched it yet 'cause of spoilers, but I plan to. Nice to hear that ^^.

Exactly lmao. Yeah, I agree it was sudden and a little exaggerated.

I expect a lot from the series, but I didn't started yet, sorry haha ^^. But I did started JoJo and I'm loving. I'm at the beginning of 3rd Part and I'm amazed with the series. Saddly I'm not watching in a regular rhythm, but I'm really enjoying it! >.<
NotJesse Jun 11, 2:01 PM
Thanks! I like yours too :)
LadyNaipes May 19, 1:35 PM
hi dear Deminus,

sorry for never reply life changed so much and i am having an hard time. I almost had to stop watching anime because i don't have a lot of time and because i had a lot of complicated stuff going around. -.-'

I started to work again on march and it's being a hell of work for me...and i am kind of sad with a lot of stuff...

i miss someone very important to me who looks that will never what to talk back to me...i have a work that i don't like and consumes almost all of my day ( almost 14h for day ), i have a lot of stuff to studied and also something complicated is happening on my family.

i see my live on work like morioka-san of net ju no susume...i really want to win the EuroMillions so i can be a bit free and watch animes, study more and play video games again... :'(

I just ended watch kaguya-sama and almost catch up with rising of the shield hero. ^^''''

i hope you are fine and having better days them me!!!
SenpaiOO May 4, 4:44 AM
Ohh I see it's ok then and sry to bother you. Pls enjoy yourself ^^
SenpaiOO May 2, 11:13 PM
hey can u join my club....]Join

would u be willing to join my club, Soon we're goin to Giveaway some cards soo...
Plss join :)
Aoki-tan Apr 15, 11:40 AM
Don't worry, don't worry haha. Yea. Well, CCC's event is almost there, and there'll be BB as a free servant, so good luck to both of us haha.

Yeah, but they could just do a random number of eps, like Gintama last season with 14, or something like that, but, well, be it. Yea, that was really awesome!

I get it haha. I understand that, but I can't dislike Erza; idk maybe she got me with her beauty and personality. Yeah, 'twas pitiful, even why there were the plot about the Dragon Slayers.
You're right. I remember the panic in Tenrou Island arc about Acnologia being intense, or in many others situations. It's really a pity that he was so badly used. Zeref too, 'couse, his plots with Natsu and Mavis, and all the hatred that everyone had for him or respect that the villains had...
I just watched the NNT's first season 'couse since then I didn't like it. I liked Ban, Merlin and Diane. Elizabeth had a nice design too. But that's it.
Oh, that's a nice thing to read. I'm glad that 'twas the case for Gajeel and Levy.
It's sad about them... They're a good couple and I don't see why Mashima confirm them after so many happenings - like Juvia's promise to Gray's dad or Gray's one for her.
I fully agree with you. And I liked so much the plot between Obi and Madara... But the countless scenes remembering Obito's past was really annoying lol.

Oh, don't worry. I don't care about fillers, I'll see all of them when I watch Detective Conan. I just was curious if it was really great, and I'm glad that it's. Thanks for saying it. And thanks for the guide too ^^
Zerity Apr 6, 6:27 PM
just wanna say that bokutachi came out before gotoubun in terms of the manga (7 months in fact) u didnt shit on it for that reason unlike other people but dont want u to think its just a rip off cause its not