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Oct 11, 2016
Mod Edit: this review may contain spoilers.

I have adjectives galore for this movie. For those experienced in Makoto Shinkai filmography, the art and animation are par for the course, but heads and shoulders above what is the next most visually beautiful animated movie you’ve seen.

Had I watched Kimi no na Wa for the scenery, I’d likely have considered it a passable film by Shinkai’s standards (because frankly, Garden of Words was just so much more aesthetically pleasing). However, like Garden of Words, Kimi no na Wa’s characterization and plot range from potently bad to practically non existent.

5 Centimeters per second had a particular air of read more
Feb 15, 2015
+Outstanding music
+Powerful, fully realized main characters
+Wonderful, charming, developed and three dimensional side characters
+Female lead's unassuming, eccentric charisma draws you inexplicably
+Male lead is a refreshing dissent from usual wimpy and indecisive leads
+Romance is never melodramatic, overstated or contrived
+Neither leads are excessively dependent on each other or have their lives construed around their better halves
+Refreshing and impeccably timed humour superbly woven into the narrative
+Assertive drama - never too maudlin or overblown - but carries weight nevertheless
+Sends the message of hard work and dedication - those who are good are only good because they put in more effort than anyone else.
+No characters are perfect - All of read more
Dec 24, 2014
For those who don't want to read the entire drivel;


+Good dialogues, well written script
+A plethora of interesting and deliciously real characters
+Consistency in ideals and believable character development
+Great banter, witty conversations and well placed references
+Dialogue oriented comedy delivered with a slightly nihilistic edge, perfect for those who want to indulge in the feeling of watching an intelligent work without being bored to death
+Understands the flaws of various characters and exposes them, never glorifies a reclusive lifestyle despite the nature of the main characters
+Impressive social commentary and a very insightful take on the nuances of social hierarchy, in a group environment and with regard to read more
Apr 4, 2014
Log Horizon. The basic premise, as is evident in the synopsis, centres around a group of players who by some - as of yet - unexplained phenomenon, got stuck in an online massive multi player role playing game.

I can imagine anyone familiar with Sword Art Online doing a double take at this point, obviously comparing the two anime, itching to see how one holds up against the other. SAO lovers and haters alike will travel down this line of thought. To be honest, I was and is one of the latter. Infact, I went into the series hoping to find all I missed read more