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Dec 17, 2020
This right here is on its own league

Well I would call it "comic about yakuza in real life"

Its based on stereotypes about yakuza people and how those would interact in everyday normal life situations if it so happened that the yakuza "monster" would be living as a house husband.. :D

It is really entertaining, really well written and will really set you laughing pretty much in each story.

What else here to say, the very well executed unique approach that is meant to create a very well comedy.
There is hardly anything else I would recommend reading next to this manga, that how read more
Nov 30, 2020
This right here boys and girls is a masterpiece and those who say otherwise or compare it to the similarities in western culture movies about hit mans staying low, don`t really see the beauty of this work and don`t really get deep enough to the story and how it is written.
This is by no means simple manga. This has many many layers of complexity going on and a reader just go through those layers, some do notice that, others don`t and only concentrate on shallow bits of the story.

I am not gonna write much about the story line, because you can read more