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Feb 25, 2018
Honkan Evans no Uso is one of the best philosophical manga I've ever seen. Believe me, if you read this, you will gain some life knowledge for you to apply in real life.

1. Story: 9
You have this MC, a sheriff name Evans who has a knowledge of a real man which he learned from his Papa. He lives in a wild west era. He struggles to find love, and want to be popular with girls. No girls can match his manliness. His struggle makes the story is a top tier. He's basically just a sad man.

2. Art: 9
The art matched the story, which read more
Dec 13, 2017
[FREE SPOILER] it's a 4-koma manga with a "fat" girl. Why the fak she thinks she is? she's not fat she's T H I C C .

STORY, CHARACTER, ART (7): Yeah basically straight decent for me. the story is decent, the character is decent, the art is also decent. I think the only thing that makes this manga is different than others is that the continuous lewdness in every chapter.

Enjoyment (8): it is an eight because i'm a fan with ultra T H I C C, no offense for slim girl buy hey, that arse and bewbs are crazy man. read more
Dec 13, 2017
You are not gay but want to read lesbian shit without getting any weird sensation? here's the manga for you guys!

It is basically a guy who wants to date a girl, but turns out she's manphobic (fear of men). The story is decent to me but the art and characters are really high classes. Btw, this story is not suitable for you who don't like a cross-dressing dude since this thing is a huge plot machine in the story.

Since the story is already finished, imma make a review on this underdog manga.

Story (7): I think it is quite decent, there are not read more
Sep 18, 2017
ASS rhymes with ABS.
"If you like ass then you might like abs too." -me

You like abs woman with feminine attitude? if yes then congratulation you might like this manga. Why did I say might? because maybe you don't like the MC for being "pessimistic". That's being said, it's still a good ROMCOM.

Story (7): I really want to give it (8) but for now I will say (7) because this manga is still ongoing and don't want to have a high expectation first. The story is pretty decent for me, that's being said I've never seen any kind of "mainstream" story who read more
Sep 18, 2017

There's a girl in your class. She's secretly a ninja, and you're the only one who knew her secret. Yup, that is the summary of this story.

Ninja Shinobu-san no Junjou is a refreshing ROMCOM manga which its main audience is just people who want to have a good sweetness experience of their life. I know you are kinda like "Real Life sucks and so am I rite?" guys, so just let's get going to my review.

Story (8): It is basically a slice of life story. read more