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Jun 17, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 6 (Good but very predictable)
Art: 9 (Exelent quality)
Sound: 7 (Not memorable, but nice)
Character: 5 (Generic characters...)
Enjoyment: 7 (Meh at least not boring)

Overall: 6.8 (Very americanized flavor, kinda ruins the movie)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 10 (Very refreshing twists to the already old storyline)
Art: 10 (Beyond perfection - the best I've ever seen)
Sound: 10 (Award-winning soundtrack, for a good reason)
Character: 9 (I wanted more Asuka in it...Mari is a nice adition though)
Enjoyment: 10 (As a NGE fan this was like heaven on earth)

Overall: 9.8 (Anno, you've done it again...)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 9 (Follows the original show's story, which isn't a bad thing)
Art: 10 (Cristal clear designs and colors)
Sound: 9 (Once again, true to the original formula)
Character: 10 (Unique as always)
Enjoyment: 8 (While this isn't the most enjoyable series, the combat segments are a treat)

Overall: 9.2 (Great remake of a great series)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 8 (A bit generic by now, but still very well done)
Art: 10 (Toriyama at his best)
Sound: 7 (Some tracks tend to get repetitive)
Character: 10 (What a colorful and original cast of chars)
Enjoyment: 10 (Must have seen about 10 times or more, and it's still somehow enjoyable)

Overall: 9.0 (This is the anime that defined what shonen should be like, enough said)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 7 (Starts really bad but later on turns out ok)
Art: 3 (Very poor, worse than it's prequel)
Sound: 8 (The music during the fights got a significant upgrade, more upbeat)
Character: 5 (Every good character gets worse...and pan is annoying as hell)
Enjoyment: 7 (Not much but watchable)

Overall: 6.0 (Fair ending to a great franchise, maybe this one shoul've never been done...)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 8 (Originality is the key)
Art: 7 (Best of it's time, lousy by today's standards)
Sound: 7 (The major flaw in my opinion)
Character: 10 (prety much defined what a cast should be)
Enjoyment: 8 (The tournaments were awesome, the rest not-so-much)

Overall: 8.0 (It's great fun, and surely a good classic)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 9 (It's a surprisingly deep and extensive odissey)
Art: 8 (Good at the beginning, and gets better by the episode)
Sound: 9 (Ravel's Bolero in a "kid's show"? Now that's genious.)
Character: 10 (Well developed, very likeable, realistic. In short, perfect)
Enjoyment: 9 (Rarely dull, and with some moments of pure epicness)

Overall: 9.0 (Certainly NOT a copy of pokémon - it's far, far better than it)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 9 (Refreshing and more dramatic as the series goes on)
Art: 9 (Great designs, solid animation)
Sound: 8 (Very good in general)
Character: 8 (Apart from the main char, great cast)
Enjoyment: 9 (Very watchable)

Overall: 8.6 (The revival of the digimon saga, after a not-so-good 2nd season)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 7 (Not that great, I was expecting much more)
Art: 7 (Mediocre animation, good designs)
Sound: 8 (Solid, good OP)
Character: 6 (Major flaw - the new chars sucked)
Enjoyment: 7 (Meh not bad)

Overall: 7.0 (Worse than it's great prequel, still good though)
Jun 10, 2010
---Dcm18's quick reviews---

Story: 9 (A bit confusing at times, but great nonetheless)
Art: 10 (Just perfect)
Sound: 10 (Again, I can't find a flaw in all the jazzy western tunes)
Character: 10 (Spike is itself an icon, and the rest of the cast is just as good)
Enjoyment: 9 (Not all episodes are fun, but the great majority are)

Overall: 9.6 (Instant classic)