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Apr 17, 2019
An interesting but unnecessary Digimon story. (A review of all the Tri stories)

I understand that for the 15th anniversary of Digimon, the studio wanted to do something fun and interesting. This story however feels like it could have been better suited to one of the other Digimon properties. I think a story taking place 3 years after the event in Tamers might have worked better with a more developed digital world. But alas, we returned to the original characters.

There really isn't much to say regarding the overall story of the Tri series. There seemed to be more loose ends than answers. The characters read more
Oct 5, 2018
Another over-thought, attempt at being clever anime that completely misses the mark.

- On our first introduction to the characters; a 15 year old dead-beat and his 11 year old 'genius' sister is ruined by a G*ddamn panty shot. I nearly stopped watching there, but decided it was stupid to judge the anime on one bad choice.

-The duo is known as "Blank" in the online world, and after being whisked away to a parallel world, begin the process of overthrowing the government(s) by playing games -> which is the way all issues are settled in this world.

I like the premise of a world read more
Mar 24, 2018
This anime is the definition of "Trying too hard."

Lets start with the story: On the surface its actually a decent concept. In fact, if there was more world to explore it could be quite enjoyable. Instead, the first two episodes are 25 minute expositions that end up doing nothing for the story overall.

From that point on the story attempts to pull heart-strings by delving into the debate of logic vs. emotion, and exploiting the death of children to really drive home the point of how gut-wrenching the story is.

All in all the story ends up going nowhere while attempting to paint itself read more
Dec 29, 2016
I decided to watch this anime based on the plot listed on CrunchyRoll, and seriously regret that decision. The plot, from the description, seemed fairly interesting, but boy did they drop the ball on this anime.


Lets start with the characters;

Mi Lui: Generic "badass" with a winning personality. He's so predictable its sad. He also seems to be able to make these leaps in logic that make no sense unless you were the writer of this character.

Anji: The tits of the operation. That's it. She has large tits and is almost entirely useless.

Chen Fong: Doesn't wear a shirt. Cries a lot. read more
Oct 4, 2013
Heroic Age isn't a bad anime by any means, but it's not the best either. This was an anime that I picked up randomly because the description sounded interesting, and it did deliver on interesting for sure.

The plot tends to mix SciFi and Fantasy in an interesting way, blending mythology with technology and developing a world on the brink or death. The characters aren't exactly the most creative, but they are fairly diverse and mesh well together.

Some of the scenes are phenomenal, taking on massive scales for the ships and stations. Planetary scenes are nice and defined, so there is a fair bit read more
Oct 4, 2013
This anime is one from my childhood, and I absolutely love it! I remember watching it when I was about 12 / 13 years old and I can still go back to it today with the same enjoyment.

For an anime that is focused on children, it tends to be surprisingly deep. It is very emotional with fair morals to be taught.

Friendship, honesty, hard work, TEAM-work, etc are all in the foundation of this series. After watching both the American version and the original (subbed) I can say I am pleasantly surprised by both.

The characters are fun and interesting to watch and there are read more
Oct 3, 2013
I was going to wait until I reached the end of the series to write a review, however this anime has finally worn away my tolerance.

In short, skip it.

For a longer explanation; Kenichi is a moron. He is stupid, gullible and doesn't actually seem to grow as a character. Every time he is taught (or supposedly learns) a lesson he reverts back to his original self, he's dull and easily suckered.

Miu appears to be a complete ditz with a total lack of social skills, yet is a martial arts master. She's only there in the story to be fan fodder, as apparent read more