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Quixii Yesterday, 2:09 PM
Alright. :>

I see. Well, it's better not to interfere something really personal. But then if they need aid from you don't hesitate to help them.

I see. How old is she? :o

Ohh well that's quite a lot in a year!

Oof I guess your father might just one hit me. Dx Maybe even you!

Ohh that's really sad. :/ Did your father told the cause about his parents' death? Yeah, I know. But it's not good but eh. What's the past is the past.

I see. Yeah, most of the time you are at 100% risk of having a critical surgery. So as what I have said. Whatever is good for him he should follow it.

Oh good! :>

Oh, that's great! It's good to overcome it or else you can't manage it once you grow older. Yeah, that's true! Just keep praying! You'll be fine in no time! Ohh that's surprising and interesting! :O

Well, who knows? I can say both only.

Welcome! Oh hehe that's nice :>

Cya later! Let's play some games soon? :>
Quixii May 25, 3:57 AM
I'm really sorry for the late reply. I was playing most of the time and didn't have time to answer your comment.

Oh, I see. That's really harsh. You could have tried to calm down your parents from that. :o Do you have siblings or you are the only child?

Oh good to hear. :> I see. Is he earning a lot as a butcher or no? Ah well, I guess your father is a strong man, eh?

Oof that scenarios seem pretty intense! What made him think of doing like that? But it's good to your father is really all right or else it would be painful to experience like that. Eh? Why not do the surgery? Maybe it can help him aside from the 50% chance? But then it's up to you. If your father wants to risk it then alright. But yeah whatever is best for him he should follow it.

I see. :o

Ah, I see. That's good. It would be disrespectful to just abandon him or something. You should continue to help him! And even though your mother is still arguing with him try to convince to just help.

Oh, I see. Well, I guess I have an advice for you. The most important is to pray every day. Keep praying and you'll be fine. Another is to try to think of good memories with your parents and such and just don't think too much or it else it would become worse. That is all I can give.

Yep! Well, a lot and it depends to which country I will head to. Yeah, I agree with you. I must be cautious about it!

Not yet but in the next few days. Everything will change though.

Oh, I see. :> Good luck! ^.^

Hehe you're right! But it feels like my comment is a bit too harsh. >.>

Freyja-Lilith May 20, 6:32 PM
Freyja-Lilith May 20, 6:17 PM
Did you enjoy it?
Quixii May 20, 9:47 AM
Alright. :>

Oh alright. Oh, my that's quite a traffic! Well, it also applies anywhere in the world. Here it's traffic in the morning around 6:20 AM since they go to work at that time and head home around 4:00 PM.

Eh? Total disaster? What did you do and what happened?

Eh? Do they really hate each other?

Oh, I thought they were. :o

Well, that's not very nice. Why couldn't make something for her?

Oof that's really a tragic past. Is he alright now? What was the cause of his paralysis on both legs? And the others too? Where is your father working currently?

But still at least your mother should have some concers for him. Did you try to help him?

Haha totally! Oh alright, but right now going to Canada isn't my plan. I want to visit other European countries first. Hehe.

Yep! Thank you very much! ^.^

For sure you will!

Yeah that is really true. But it will be more since I will be moving in the Philippines soon.

It was alright! How about you?

(I'm sorry if my comment or my questions seems rude regarding about your parents. >.>)
Quixii May 18, 10:46 AM
Sorry for the late reply. I usually gather comments so that I can reply them as one.

I see. I guess I can not say much about your schedule so I'm sorry about that. >.> Well, that seems like a harsh schedule! Maybe once you are free to try making down a list and try to limit each. Or maybe try to maximize those? (Oh :/ Well why not bond together with both of your parents instead of going one by one? And how come your parents were divorced?)

Well, do not fret! What I meant was maybe we can meet each other in the near future? I know it's not possible to do now but maybe when I grow old and have a job.

I prefer doing alone since the group does not lead to unity at all. Being alone is like you have the absolute power to do everything. (Especially in the Philippines. Most of the politicians are just into personal interest which disgusts me fully.)

Oh, I see. :O Well, that's good enough! Perhaps you can play with her some time? :>

Hehe ^.^ We can play some games on steam sometime.
Hello & Welcome to MAL, DarthShihTzu

And Nice to meet you ^_^, How are you? btw.

Did you enjoy the MAL World? I hope you enjoy your time here! :)

Feel free to explore the MAL World and Feel free to add me :D

Have a Good Day! :)
Freyja-Lilith May 15, 8:12 PM
Sure. :)
Freyja-Lilith May 15, 8:07 PM
Naruto was one of the first anime I got into when I began to actively seek anime out. I still need to watch Shippuuden. Glad you're enjoying it. :)
Freyja-Lilith May 15, 7:51 PM
Are you enjoying Naruto?
Quixii May 15, 11:11 AM
Oh? I didn't know that! All I know is that they are different companies. Well, thanks for clarifying it!

Yep! Try putting some stickies on the calendar or do some events on your phone and I guess you'll be fine handling everything. :> (Or up to you on how you want to do it.) Ah, I see. I thought you are or else that is another factor of why you have less time in everything.

I see. Well, you will get the position in no time! Just be confident and show them who's boss! :>

Well, not necessarily a big one. xD Maybe like in a mall or something. Or a coffee shop would be fine. We'll just talk about such anyways.

Oh, I see. :< Well try to give him a text or call sometime.

Haha for real. I don't know if I could ever do that since people have mixed impressions towards each government. Well, technically that one.

I see. :o

Ohh that's nice. :> Aw that really sucks. :/

Hehe alright. Thanks for accepting my friend request! ^.^
Quixii May 14, 10:39 AM
Yes, those three big companies. Aye, that's 100% true. They don't even want to hear the community's opinions. I wonder if they'll ever be sued and closed for good. But if that happened to them then who can be the next ones?

I see. :o Yeah, I understand why.

Oh well, that's alright. Yeah, balacing and proper time management can help you with ease. Try to make a schedule or something and you'll be fine. :> Oh and do you often use social media too aside from gaming? That is also another factor in consuming too much of your time.

Oh, I see. :o Well you shouldn't reject their offer but yeah you're right. You have to learn first about everything and once you feel like you can do high postions then sure.

Nah it's fine even though he's not here I can at least meet both of you in real life and talk about those. Maybe I can get some advice. Hehe, but who knows? Oh, that sucks. :/ Are you like best friends with him? Maybe you can try chatting with him for awhile.

Hehe totally! Another is to fix this damn current government.. too corrupt enough. (Nope, I'm from the Philippines.)

Oh, I see. Well, then it's up to you. :p

Yeah I guess I can agree with you. We should be satisfied with one thing. Eh? What did your mother play? :o

Alright! I'm going to send you a friend request.
staresque May 13, 10:07 PM
i'm alright. a little tired & lazy aha. i have some exams coming up so i'm not excited bout that ;_;
staresque May 13, 7:48 PM
thanks for the friend request :) how's it going?
Quixii May 13, 3:55 PM
Yes, it is. Damn you EA you pesky little prick being greedy. Aside from that CoD is making another... sequel to Black Ops and it's too much already. Seriously. :/

Oh, I see. What's your favorite PC game? If I may ask.

I see. :o Well, life is really so hard especially if you trying to do multi-tasking every day. And you have lesser time to really do what you want due to work. Well, that's understandable. Maybe you can try doing those again by like on the weekends? How many hours do you usually sleep?

I see. :o Are you planning to achieve higher positions?

Yeah, oh really? I guess I can meet your friend and try to talk about economics. Hehe. Well, I have a reason why I really want to be an economist, it's mostly because to help my country which is quite almost impossible because of politics. Oh, I see. Yeah, I'm quite aware of that. Eh well unless you really want to make a business in the first place as like your will or determination then it won't be a hindrance of sacrificing. (If you know what I mean.)

I see. :o You have a lot of consoles unlike me. x.x I only have a PSP, Xbox 360, and a laptop. Hehe.

Oh alright! Do you have steam? Perhaps I can add you in there. :p