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Jan 11, 2014 1:46 AM
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Little Busters!: Refrain
Little Busters!: Refrain
Dec 28, 2013 12:25 AM
Watching 4/13 · Scored 8
Dec 28, 2013 12:20 AM
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Mugen Spiral
Mugen Spiral
Jul 9, 2012 1:00 PM
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Death Note
Death Note
Jul 9, 2012 12:58 PM
Completed 108/108 · Scored 10
Jul 9, 2012 12:58 PM
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Miharu-Kun Aug 29, 2013 6:23 AM
No problem, I know how fast time flies by ^.^

I'm good, yep, alright except maths and waking up early is a pain lol, pretty good and sadly still no lol xD AND all those questions back at you! :D And also how was your Summer break? :D

Your birthday passed too! :o Happy Late Birthday :D Yeah it was pretty fun, did the usual birthday stuff :D I'm officially/legally a adult now since 18 is the "adult age" here ^.^ How was your birthday? :D

And what's Poyopoyo like? It's looks pretty whacky lol :D
Miharu-Kun Jul 20, 2013 9:36 AM
That's true :D Watamote seems interesting though I really can't stand how ugly the MC's design is lol But I guess they made her ugly on purpose lol I'll give it a try sometime :D

I'd choose a Asuna figure over a Slica one anyday, even though I don't collect figures :D

It's really that great!? :o hmmmm...Though I think I'll wait until it's out on blu-ray to watch it :D I'll tell you what I think about it then :D

I listened to the latest Animeal ^.^ Gotta love that ServxServ OP, though not as good as the Working ones Imo :D

Michiko and Hatchin seems interesting...

That 'Hal' sounds creppy imo lol

didn't NISA licence Brave 10 like a year ago O.O

The evil power of badges! :{
And did you go to the Studio Trigger panel by any chance? :D

That haggling power! lol

I watched the SAO dub trailer and I thought Kirito's VA did a good job, it kinda reminded me of Crispin Freeman as Kyon in the Haruhi dub, how it didn't sound much like the Japanese voice but still fitted the character well :D Those SAO prices are insane lol

I like A1 Pictures but the way they ruined Black Butler and Magi... :|

I saw a video of all the AOT cosplayers at the panel on youtube, so many! :D I thought Mikasa would be more popular but maybe it was too hot on the day to wear her scarf lol

Dog that used to be human...scissors..reincarnation...mind reading!? O.O

I wish Free! was more sports than slice of life/fan-service but damn that art and animation is so amazing! like usual for a KyoAni show :D
Miharu-Kun Jul 16, 2013 6:37 AM
Thanks for the offer but from reading the synopsis it doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy and do you know why it has two different English titles? O.O MAL says it's "The Legend of Soma" I thought that was interesting :o

I don't know why they haven't made one already :( I watched the first ep of SxS and I agree it's pretty good :D though characters and the setting are a bit bland though so far :|

I'll look forward to that :D

Well that sucks, I heard that AX is pretty late when it comes to scheduling stuff, they really should be better organized then since they do run the biggest Anime convention outside Japan. (I think lol)

Lucky you! I'm guessing SAO figures were selling like hotcakes :D

I hope to finish it soon :D and AOT sounds good :D

Pacific Rim looks pretty cool but I heard a lot of ppl hated it :\ Are you going to see it/already watched it? :D
Miharu-Kun Jul 15, 2013 1:20 AM
I am so SORRY~ for the super late reply again!!! :O My parents banned me from the internet by changing the router password lol And for the whole school holidays because I did pretty bad in math for the semester :! I still had internet on my phone but using MAL on it is so frustrating :| So in the meantime I watched some things I'd downloaded but never got around to watching and I also re-watched the whole Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Even Endless 8!) (And I enjoyed Endless 8 better this time around! rofl)

I think you mentioned 'Blade of Heaven' before hmmm... but anyway I haven't read it, I haven't read manga in a while now actually :O

And I listened to the latest Animeal!

I'm also looking forward to Servant x Service, though I would've preferred a Working! series 3 instead! :(

lol I also plan to check out Free! soon, though apparently it's not looking good for DVD/BD sales for it in Japan which is pretty surprising :O

Toonami's giving SAO a pretty crappy time slot, They should have pushed back Naruto and given SAO it's spot since everyone's already seen Naruto already lol And also If you're not part of the Neilsen ratings survey, then nothing you watch or record on tv is actually counted, we have pretty much the same system here in Australia and it's total BS, ratings are completely pointless and inaccurate and so many good shows have been cancelled because of them! (especially my favorite tv series 'Rush' *angry*

Yuyushiki sounds interesting :D

I still haven't finished Chihayafuru 2, I'm so behind everything lol

I know that feel! I wonder if Attack on Titan is actually proper grammar, it doesn't sound like it makes sense to me lol

That was a okay-ish list this week :D

And how was AX? ^_^
Miharu-Kun Jun 14, 2013 5:45 AM
I haven't had the chance to catch up lol I'm addicted to this anime series called Nodame Cantabile :D and for some reason I felt like watching a weird CGI/Anime hybrid film Funimation dubbed :O

Maybe you should consider getting a yearly subscription to CR :D Since it's probably cheaper than getting months at a time or maybe not lol
Miharu-Kun Jun 10, 2013 11:12 PM
Sorry for very late reply! I just did my last mid-year exam today :D

It does feel like forever lol well congratulations on that :D I get my results back next week :D

Really? :O

I noticed there's a new Animeal episode and special! :o I'l listen to them after I catch up on some anime ;D
Miharu-Kun May 23, 2013 6:30 AM
Oh that makes sense :D

Finally a short title I can use for that movie lol

lmao I have heard that saying before :D I was all like this sounds like some historically-rich saying that has something to do with British money lol either that or I thought it had something to do with a butcher giving a pound of meat over the counter, hence the "on your end" lol

=I listened to #70! :D=
I wish it was hot weather here again lol

What's this 'free comic day' about? :o The competition sounds cool but I'll let other ppl who really want the prize to have a better chance of winning it since I'm not that interested in the comic :D

This happened to me this week! except I was in math class and the heater was broken, and everyone was frozen to their chairs lol and there wasn't any 'con-funk' lol :D

YES!!! more baseball anime!!!!

I agree with The Doctor, Gargantia is one of the better anime this season :D

"and I'm just like I hate you so much...*whispers* I hate you" lmao xD

All 25! o.o I only know 3 lol
Miharu-Kun May 21, 2013 6:01 AM
Best of luck to you! :D My mid-year exams are starting in 2 weeks o.o

Your're so lucky!!! Do they normally have multiple screenings of movies or just one at AX? :D

It was so awesome!!! I didn't actually know it was by the same director as The Girl who Leapt through Time and Wolf Children until I noticed how similar the art style was :O

"on your end of the pound?" That's a really neat expression, did you make it up yourself? :o
Well it's the exact opposite over here lol
There's been a new ep up for that long!? :O Time flies fast :D
I'll listen to it soon :D
Miharu-Kun May 20, 2013 6:22 AM
Sorry for the late reply!

I did hear about it and I'm excited :D Though I wonder what it's going to be about :o

Did you hear that they're going to show the Blue Exorcist film subbed at AX? :O I don't think it will be even fan-subbed by then :o

And I finally watched Summer Wars, it was a really great movie :D I was torn between watching the dub or the sub, since my favorite English voice actress (Brina Palencia) was voicing the main girl character and my favorite J-drama actor (Kamiki Ryunosuke) was voicing the main guy lol But eventually I chose to watch it subbed :D I'll probably re-watch it dubbed once I buy it :D Funi just released a pretty cheap blu-ray/DvD combo of it :D
Miharu-Kun May 6, 2013 7:23 AM
Jumping Jelly Beans indeed! lol

I don't mind how long it takes for a reply, unless someone replies like once every three months, that's pretty annoying lol

And that's why I hardly buy the Australian releases :|

But you already giveaway your podcast for free....sort of :D

Damn, sorry to hear that, I heard how California was having some wildfires but tbh I forgot that LA was in California....again lmao I need to learn U.S Geography lol I wrote a essay for Montana 1948 in English class and kept mentioning how Montana was a city in North Dakota, then I later found out, Montana is actually a state :O lol

Well it's still cold :D I'm on a One Piece marathon-sort of thing atm trying to catch up to the airing episodes :D

==Btw I listened to the latest Animeal :D==

I knew that reference the Doctor made! lol

People loved Upotte O.o

I saw the Swimming anime coming after how many views the commercial got on youtube :D I'm going to watch it since It's a sports anime....by KYOANI :D

I demand Yugioh DVD season re-releases! :D

NO,no,no Maiden Japan is a 'sister company' to Sentai Filmworks, they're basically run by the same people just using a different name :D

I like Sunrise, but they are terrible at coloring Imo :| Just look at all those awful color combinations in Accel World o.o

What!!! there's a clip episode in Chihayafuru 2 O.O (wasn't there one in S1 too? *hmmmmm*) I've been stacking them up for a few weeks since I'm focusing on watching One Piece atm ^_^

I think it was a good time to end Futurama, I thought it was getting 'stale' but not as bad as Simpsons is currently :|

LOL Those MAL anime recommendations :D
I am going to click on that sticker!..If I ever need stickers :D
LOL that Doctor pun xD
Miharu-Kun Apr 27, 2013 6:05 AM
No problem, I understand :D

lol They might sell more than I thought then :D

And those stickers are everywhere, Games, CD's, they even were considering putting them on books a while ago :O

I think 'global cooling' (apparently global warming is over now/never happened haha) is taking effect over here lol It's already Wintery weather here even though it's supposed to be Autumn :O
Miharu-Kun Apr 18, 2013 4:14 AM
That's a lot :o
I managed to get most of my maths homework done :D

Well I don't know about any research papers about it lol but a few points I can say about it are
*Blu-ray/DvD combo's are completely non-existent
*Anime here is hardly ever discounted, it's nearly always sold at full retail price, online and in-store :(
*We have these ugly disgusting and useless irremovable 'stickers' on the covers (like all DvD's/BD's here) for example.
here's our release of the Brotherhood box set and ova collection

I listened to #68 :D

I thought you were already on a normal two week schedule :O

I could see Funimation pushing so hard to get One Piece on Toonami, they are so desperate to make that series popular in the U.S and I'm glad because it's a great series and they put a lot of effort and high production values into their dub, except I hate Luffy's voice lol if they were going to make him sound like that, they should have had Brina Palencia voicing him ^_^

lol "I would love to wear Kuroko no Basket underpants" :D

I do not know what that line up thing is lol

I think Kyoukai no Kanata looks pretty dark and dramatic lol Yeah I'm pretty sure your mentioned it last time :D

So that LOL funniness level huh? lol

There's a guy in Photokano O.O From the poster it looked like it was only about chicks lol It sounds interesting :D

I think Shingeki no Kyojin is going just going to get better and better :D That would be a good idea for a cosplay..if I actually ever go to a convention and decide to cosplay lol

I think he was only asleep for a few weeks or something hmmm...


BS Chihayafuru should be #1 lol
Miharu-Kun Apr 16, 2013 7:51 AM
Alrighty then, I saw the new episode is up :D But I can't listen to it till Thursday since I have a ton of maths homework to do tomorrow :(

It's coming out July 16 according to Amazon, though I hope the price drops, they first posted it with a price of $26 and now they've raised it up to $35 :(

I'm guessing since Funimation doesn't want to expand their company past North America :( or maybe some Australian company has already licensed it here, although none of them hardly ever stream any anime lol
Miharu-Kun Apr 15, 2013 4:43 AM
I never thought I'd see it happen lol

Well actually I still only have 1 way of getting AoT lol since Crunchyroll isn't streaming it here for some reason and Funimation never streams here so :(

And it's official! Legend of Korra is getting a BLU-RAY RELEASE!!! ^_^ I am so gonna buy it and the art book too :D

And what's Photokano like? :D
Miharu-Kun Apr 13, 2013 6:21 AM
That makes sense, that's a interesting scoring system :D

Well now they've officially announced it lol But apparently CR is also going to stream the series O.O Idk what's going on there :o