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Sep 21, 2020
Bai Yao Pu (Anime) add
This donghua was quite the surprise. It's not a show you can light-heartily watch, because each episode does its best to wring on the audience's heart strings. And this is exactly what this season is about: unraveling all the colors of the human heart:
"Who will break the deadlock,
Hard to heal the mind, at least there is the heart" - (from the opening)
A powerful yet mysterious bell.
A name that makes spirit hope for salvation or run away in fear.

We follow the wandering about of a young girl called Táo Yāo (桃=peach; 夭= die young). She is a doctor, ...
Sep 17, 2020
Xiang Ling Ji (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
N/A: I'm going to summarize each mark in capital letters for those who don't like long pieces of writing. After the summary I'm going deep into explaining the reasons behind the mark. At the end I'm discussing also the problem surrounding the so debated finale of the series (but you can avoid spoilers avoiding the *SPOILERS AHEAD* section). Yes, I like to talk a lot and say my opinion in detail, hope you enjoy XD.

This is the perfect show if you want to chill out a little bit. I watched it during my lunch breaks when writing my final dissertation and I felt both ...
Jul 2, 2020
Zhen Hun Jie (Anime) add
I've just finished the first season, because I know the second season should be airing now/soon. Well, let's start with the (not too) 'negative' aspects.

CHARACTERS (6/7). Judging the characters is a bit difficult. I think the two brothers, that are the main male leads have a well defined personality; their choices and their opinions are coherent with their psychological evolution. The spirit guardians are also nicely scripted, and they have a sense of loyalty that makes me fell the historical Chinese warrior-lord relationship and which makes them more interesting than some narcissistic/stubborn/selfish servants of the Fate series (but I don't want to compare them ...

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