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Mar 1, 2018
Don't dare you guys judge me! - DannieOne

This anime is not for children or ecchi haters.

I can say this is the first time I've watched an anime this ecchi with sounds and art. I've watched this anime with a friend through the whole thing and I don't regret watching this anime.

The anime is one of the ecchiest anime (Aki-sora is another thing) and one of the funniest. The OP is really funny and its one of the ecchiest anime OP to, but this anime was really enjoyable and I really don't regret watching this, but the best thing is that I watched it with my read more
Jan 3, 2018
My opinion on this anime

In my opinion, then this anime is really good, but it is really different from every anime, that I've seen, because this anime contains love, but what is love in this anime??? That is in a different level, and with that I mean that , the main charater named Itou, Makoto is someone I (personally) really fking hate, because he really loves everyone, and that is great, but here is the question "Does he like his gf" that is something, that I don't wanna say, because that could contain spoilers.

Drama is something that is in this show, and the drama is read more
Dec 12, 2017
This is a great anime.

This was one of my first animes, since I have been a weabo, but this is one of the animes that I really like, and the reasons why, is the fun romance between the main charaters, and the action in the anime, and it is just really, really, really good.

The anime is really about bond of love, and a tons of action, but in the actions, the main charaters protect each others, but in a lovely way, not like other animes, and somehow I really like this, I've never seen an anime like this, that makes me think about love and read more
Dec 11, 2017
I really like this anime.

This anime make me laugh, because the story is really weird, but still enjoyable, but the first time I watched, I thought it was drama, but it was not only that. When I was in the 1,5/4 of the film, I realized that the anime is really good, and with good I mean, that they live up to the genres they have, and they did, romance, drama, harem and ecchi, but this ecchi in really something else, its not hentai, but I would say its beside the border, but still I think its an good anime. The charaters are really into read more
Dec 11, 2017
This anime is really something you should watch.

This is an anime that really hits your feelings.

The first time I watched the anime, I really felt something deep inside, because the anime itself is really about romance, mystery and adventure, and i couldn't get enough of it. Everything I have ever watched was really about romance, and more, but this romance really hit me deep inside, because the bond of the main charaters is really something, and they just try to find a solution on trying to find each others, and that thing really is outstanding, and just everything is great on that anime.

I hope you read more
Dec 11, 2017
This anime is something that woke me up!!!

This is an anime I really like, not because its "Yuri" but because the whole series is about protecting one of the mcs, and not only that, then the series is nice, because of the ecchi, romance, action. The action is really, really, really, something that can facinate you, and the ecchi, is kind of fun, but its hard to explain, the romance is something that is really strong, between the main charaters.

This is an anime that really is fun, but in a weird way.

You will like this anime if you like Action, romance, ecchi and weird yuri, read more
Dec 11, 2017
This anime is one of my favorites.

The reason why is one of my favorits, is because it has romance, comedy, ecchi, harem and just much more.

The first time I saw the anime, I laughed really hard, and i couldn't control myself, but after 3 episodes I realized that the anime is really good, cuz the romance is really, really, really something between Issei and Rias, and its really good if you like ecchi anime.

This is some of the ecchi anime I really like, and yes IT HAS UNCENSORED SCENES, but not only that, then the anime itself have action, and the action is freaking read more
Dec 11, 2017
Guilty crown is somehow like SAO (In my opinion)

One of the reason I like Guilty Crown is because, its like SAO and yes I am a SAO FAN, but not only that, then the anime itself is really good, cuz it have the romance and the action in it. The action is there all the time, and its really great, and the romance is on a whole other level, and with that I mean that it is a weird romance, but its really enjoyable.

When I first watched the anime, then my intention of the anime was really weird, but after sometime i realiazed that the read more
Dec 11, 2017
This is just a part 2 of the SAO series.

It's a great anime, with tons of action, and not only that, then romance is like, there all the time.
It can get you to be really emotional (I got emotional, when i watched it) and when i say emotional, then i mean that the anime is with strong romance within Kirito and Asuna, and not only that, then the anime got me emotional with the romance, and it can be something, that really hit something deep inside you (It hit something in me, something deep inside)

I think this anime is something to start with, cuz it read more
Dec 10, 2017
I think is anime is outstanding, cuz when I first watched episode 1-3, then my whole mind got lost in that anime.

To me this anime is something that can cheer you up.

The first thing that got me to like this anime, was Kirito and Asuna, their love is outstanding strong, but not only that, then Kirito and Asuna is like one of the characters i mostly like, and don't ask me why, I just like them xD

If you like Romance and Action, then this is for you. Love is strong in this anime. Action is there all the time, and it reminds you somehow of read more