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Oct 8, 2020
Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken is a wholesome, marriage-centered anime that you can watch in one sitting and not worry about wasting a ton of time.

I think the story was really good, and had some funny moments to go along with it. As each episode is short, averaging at around 3 minutes per episode, I also enjoyed the references to games and other anime a lot. I rate 8.

The artstyle is something that fits the anime in general. Happy couple + cute artstyle + funny moments = worth giving my attention. It's on par with Nichijou, which is a good thing if read more
Sep 6, 2020
I watched this as a kid when it aired, so some parts are cloudy in my memory. Skimmed through two episodes as a refresher.

Story is okay, typical Ash stuff like "oh i gotta do all of these and then ill be a pokemon master!"

Art was good, although it doesn't look as good as I remember. 2010, so I can't really hate on it.

The sound was to an extent good quality. Not the best, as it was aired on Cartoon Network in the early 2010s, lol.

Characters are a six because they aren't as well written as other anime of the time, probably translation errors as well read more
Aug 15, 2020
Ghost in the Shell is a wonderful action-packed manga with tons of high tech electronics, guns, and vehicles [most of which can still be considered extremely advanced today].

Story: This had a lot of things that I haven't really seen anywhere else, and mostly haven't even thought about before. Nearing the end, it got a little bit hard to follow along, but I still understood it.

Art: Shirow's art-style stays consistent as the story progresses, and the backgrounds are detailed more than what you'd see in some anime. Every little bit of each page is full of things. The guns are amazing, keeping close to what they read more
Aug 15, 2020
Before I talk about my thoughts on 1.5, I need to clarify that I am a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell, so I may have put a bit too much of my thoughts into some categories.

Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor is the 3rd part of the GITS trilogy, so if you haven't read the first two [I'll say why reading GITS 2 is worth it in a little], I'd recommend doing so before reading this one.

The manga should be read in this order: Ghost in the Shell -> Ghost in the shell 2: Man-Machine Interface -> Ghost in the Shell read more
Jun 21, 2020
It's your average soap opera with easibly predictable plot twists. Yesterday wo Utatte is the story of a guy who meets some girl and then ends up seeing his crush from college the same day.

I watched this when it aired, so my opinion is of someone who put aside time once a week just to watch the new episodes of an anime they didnt enjoy. I think that dedication makes this review a worth reading.

I think it's a extremely lacking in the story department, and becomes unenjoyable nearing the end of the show. I give it a 3.

The art is good, like many read more
May 20, 2020
Kino no Tabi is a masterpiece that I hope everyone should watch at least once in their lives.This one will make you contemplate upon varying questions and thoughts from the things that happen throughout the show.

I guess you could call it the anime of the thinking man. You question the scenarios that you see, theorize why they're like that, their reasoning.

I have no words for how beautiful this was. The stories that come with each episode. The characters, Kino, Hermes, and the people they meet in each country. Their struggles. I have never cried this hard at an anime.

This anime is one far more beautiful read more
May 17, 2020
The show is still currently airing, so my review might change a bit.

This is one of the only anime that I have updated during the time it aired.

I like the concept and idea of a show about a woman that works as a radio host and gets into some funny situations. Some of the plot twists were actually unexpected for me, so that made this even better.

Character design was beautiful and the background and scenery fit in well.

Clear audio gives no issues from me. Gotta love clear audio. The chosen VA fit the characters wonderfully.

The characters were nice, although I wish they focused a bit read more
May 12, 2020
After completing Domestic na Kanojo, I realized that making a review of this would be a bit complicated, due to how unusual this one was for me.

The story was composed well and had an average buildup of the climax, but I could tell what would happen next quite often. At the time of writing this, Domestic na Kanojo has one of the lowest story rating that I've ever given an anime in a review. I didn't like how this show finished up, and some of those who are planning on watching this may feel the same. I do not regret watching this though, given read more
May 5, 2020
When I read the other reviews for Copellion, I thought this might be bad, but it was actually the opposite.

Story is great, I can't give any other info on that. Too important to spoil.

Art was amazing, but the fact that the characters kinda stand out in comparison to the scenery was a bit of an issue that kept catching my attention.

Sound was wonderful, and the SFX was nice.

Characters were nice, wish they could've elaborated more on the girl's backstories, but I'm content.

Enjoyed this enough to give it a 9, don't let the other reviews discourage you.

Overall, a definite 10.
May 5, 2020
I haven't really watched many anime with guns, which is a bit unusual for a gun guru like myself. I had been wanting to watch Black Lagoon for a long time but I procrastinated, but when I finally did, I was very satisfied.

The story was awesome, but I won't spoil much. Skip ahead if you don't want to see minor spoilers. Black Lagoon starts with your average joe, working in an office. Blah blah, something inconvenient happens out at sea, and he ends up with the other main characters.

The art was quite enjoyable, and I wasn't distracted by the scenery, so I could follow along read more