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Mar 26, 2020
The golem that gained feelings and the baby that became his daughter. How beautiful it is, and I haven’t talked about the background yet, and this music, I directly found feelings.

In this story, you don’t support people, you don’t support monsters, you only support Somali and her father. People here are not exhibited from the best side, but I will not judge them, they had only one great war, but we are already planning a third.

The golem found a heart in the meadow with wind-rider flowers? What could be prettier and ... no, I don’t cry, don’t think, again something fell into my eye, probably read more
Mar 23, 2020
One of the best anime that I watched. It has brought a lot of things to my life, and I’m not only about feelings of joy and sadness, but also about the awareness of my parents; some of us don’t understand the great burden of our parents, don’t understand and don’t realize what they sacrificed for the sake of their children, not understood or forgotten, but they need the word that they handle it, the word that they are good parents. And with such ideas, this anime comes to us, with ideas of awareness of oneself and one's relatives.

How many feelings can awaken the phrase read more