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Aug 28, 2016
The STORY of World Trigger don't go anywhere and ends incomplete like nothing really happen in 73 slow episodes , talking about the setting this is explore superficially is pseudo-science that most of the time its told by powerful teenagers that apparently are more smart than adults of there superiors creatures in this world. Talking about the CHARACTERS the principal cast most are super smart and powerful teenagers , as i said the teenagers are super smart but in other times are only fools that only fight then start to cry and make determination dialogues to win then are super smart again , the read more
Jul 8, 2016
starting overview:
first , the characters design is fresh for make a example compare Ryuko body with others anime popular waifus. I can't explain why the design in this (and other shows that the same creator works) is super cool is only imaishi style. talking about the animation is good ( and is limited animation) The soundtrack is very good and sticky
only hear Don't loose your way
The premise and the explanation of the clothes power is very good to a point when you take it serious and is the best of the series. Ryuko Matoi is a good and interesting read more
Jul 2, 2016
I have a decent impression with the series when I see the images because the design are really good the animations is really good is bones is a teen shonen simple premise What can be wrong?
Starting overview :
As I said the production is good ONLY GOOD
The premise is simple like a most shonen a city with superpowers is all , but the story want to make this simple premise more deep with moral speeches and don't work also
the EASY SIMPLE BASIC PREMISE and the story add some little thing then the EASY SIMPLE BASIC PREMISE DON'T MAKE SENSE read more
Jun 26, 2016
I always want a hokuto no ken remake CAN YOU IMAGINE HOKUTO NO KEN FIGHTS WITH MODERN ANIMATION!!!!!??????
and the most close for this is Shin Hokuto no Ken
starting overview:
The animations most of the time is good the battles are very good the soundtrack is not great like original but is good. good in this apart they care about the remake. is fun to watch .
yes, the passing is fast they only take important arcs of the original but this important arcs have a good time read more
Jun 23, 2016
OH! Fairy Tail did you know that was time this anime & manga was popular ? This was really famous and ALL ANIME FANS LOVED .......... so, years later like 50% of the world know the universal truth that this is terrible.
Starting Overview :
beaked chin, protagonists with "intimidating" eyes, fangs , different color hair and girls with great bodies oh and also all are THE SAME GENERIC DESIGN
The animation is poor in all sense its a not real color for the series in some episode in others can be ok~
decent some music is forgettable~
STORY & read more
Jun 16, 2016
I feel weird , I'm finale someone that say : HUNTER X HUNTER IS A 7/10 ONLY IS A GOOD ANIME IS NOT A MASTERPIECE IS ONLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
starting overview
The production is very good they really care about the remake is very cool to see with the pretty animation and music
IS THE SAME OF SHONEN the heroic protagonist is want to be some great in future with hes self improvement and start to know new people and friends
I NOT NEED TO TALK MORE ABOUT THE STORY, like MOST fighting shonens they read more
Jun 16, 2016
I was having very interest of Lupin 3rd franchise and the first series that i see are this and then i don't have more interest Lupin 3rd franchise.
starting overview :
IS AMAZING STYLE you don't need me to see AMAZING ART
the music is classic music that is really cool for the series
The narrative is a mystery of the woman called Fujiko Mine .......also the Lupin and there other characters....... THE MYSTERY IS NON SENSE IF FIRST PART
I can divide the series in two parts
Part 1 ( first 5 episodes) :
On this first part of the read more
Jun 12, 2016
Samurai+Hip-Hop can do something wrong ?
starting overview :
The premise simple is find a samurai. The series is pseudo episodic each episode has stories but still have a lineal story. The episodic stories are good~. Some episode are very good , other are decent , meh , but mostly episodes are good.
I need to do talk about the start question:
Samurai+Hip-Hop can do something wrong ? the answer is ...... NO and YES
The mix style is little shocking really you can have a idea of samurais dancing and fighting hip hop REALLY some drop the show and read more
Jun 10, 2016
This show was one of the first anime that I started following , It met all my e and left me satisfied . My expectations were a non sense series with brainless action.
begin the review
Is spectacular most time , decline sometimes
really sticky
As I said my expectations were brainless action but the series have a story also take subject as the life , the freedom the , lose , etc. but this subjects are take with teen thoughts .Again the same story of defeat the final boss , deepens very solid there story of determination and self improvement
All have read more
Jun 9, 2016
How i can begin with the series
first the series SAVE ANIME for his time was horrible anime industry
second this start to have controversy as the START AIRING.
So, let begin
STORY 9/10
First the story of Evangelion are NOT abut Aliens , religious concept and much less
fight for justice is about the CHARACTERS and his relations the Aliens , religious concept are only there are support the story to characters that develop with his problem also his emotional conflict are the real conflict the real reason of the story to move right and solid
Shinji - the read more