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Jan 14, 2020
Actually, I was more hopeful about this "Hibike Euphonium movie", because it was made in the form of a movie, Kyoto Animation made a beautiful TV series, especially if it's a movie, I said. but it turns out my expectations are too high. this movie is not bad, I like it a lot, but in my opinion the conflict is still less climax than what happened in season 2 hibike euphonium, orchestral music in season 2 can make me cry emotion because it's really cool, but in this film I think " good "but not special. The ending that is presented in my opinion is read more
Jan 13, 2020
I watched 2 seasons of K-ON, the story is light, but for this one movie, I give "standing applause" because it has exceeded my expectations. K-On films can really take me into the story. when the beginning of the film began, I said whether K-On movie would provide beautiful music at the end, because for 2 seasons, I felt that the song that HTT performed not special. but apparently they can give me what I expect. beautiful music with deep meaning. thank you to all who have been instrumental in the process of adapting K-ON Films. You have managed to make me smile and hold read more
Apr 8, 2019
I'm a fan of "Taru Series" for the first time, I'm disappointed with the adaptation of the Taru Anime project. after I could enjoy season 1 and 2 stories, movie, and the Toaru Railgun series. In season 3, the Toaru Majutsu 3 index failed. knowing that a lot of stories have to be spent in one season so that a lot of parts are wasted, there are a lot of espers and top ranked wizards but in season 3 it looks like they are just a display. even I am reluctant to accept this as season 3, this is just a joke adaptation of jC read more
Sep 16, 2018

from some teenage romantic comedy anime that I watched, this one managed to impress me.

first; because I'm not Japanese, usually some jokes in anime that have elements of comedy, especially romantic mix, not all I can understand quickly or even I don't like jokes. but "bokura wa minna kawai-sou" is an exception. for me, the comedy presented in each episode I can understand and enjoy.

second; characters are well introduced, and how these character characters carry out their roles with the uniqueness of each character. only at first I was doubtful about the main highlights in this anime "Usa & Ritsu" especially female characters whose appearance read more
Jul 15, 2018
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this is an anime that managed to make my stomach hot while following every story line. even this atmosphere has been felt since the opening song. for character recognition is good enough, they have their own characteristics so it is easier to be known in 12 episodes despite their numerous numbers. for the story I think it's pretty good but it can actually be simplified if it turns out the characters want to show the true ability from the beginning, but of course it will not attractive right? Music support can be done very well and I think this is the best point of this read more
Apr 14, 2018
I just watched this in 2018. and I dare say that this is one of the best story anime I've ever seen, at first I do not really like anime with thriller genre, but I dare give perfect points for this one. the plot is very neat and not easy to guess, the character development is very good, the music is good from the opening and closing songs, and the background sound is perfect to support the atmosphere. not just to see, the audience also come to think what will happen next, just a little left, you will be made to be confused with the read more
Apr 5, 2018
the best value "violet evergarden" I appreciate the most is the way they present very detailed and truly beautiful graphics, the story is very good, original, and heart touching.
Coupled with music that is very mixed with every part of the story.
I always enjoy the stories presented every episode, I am very satisfied with the 13 episodes given. Although I often see violets evergarden consists of 14 episodes but become 13 + 1 special.
Thanks also to everyone involved in the anime "Violet Evergarden".
I'm not sorry after waiting for the release of "Violet Evergarden", I'm happy to be able to give a perfect score for this anime.
which read more
Feb 3, 2018
"Nagi No Asukara" features a very original fantasy drama story, the curiosity of its continuation is always at the end of every episode. I also can not guess what will happen next. I was deeply touched by the plot of the drama, the complicated story of their romance, as it was brought into the story. I was also amazed by the quality of the graphics as well as the music that this anime presented, very beautiful. Seen that the workmanship is very totality. This anime successfully drain my emotions as a spectator and I am satisfied with the end of it, really 26 very memorable read more
Feb 3, 2018
friendships are formed from 4 different levels of strength, but they can support each other. does not mean the weakest only as a complement to the story. the division of each character's role is very good, all can be their respective roles. I also really like the opening and closing songs in each of these anime. The success of this anime made me curious with the continuity of his story at each finish watching every episode, the way the author made the puzzle in the story and how to solve it very neatly, coupled with the successful animation excellent battle made me enjoy every episode read more
Feb 3, 2018
"Beautiful Music" I know a little more about the brass instrument so I can see the hand gestures, and the music that is presented is very real not an obscure movement. the animation presented is so beautiful that it supports the existing story. I can enjoy every episode there. the music presented is also very good, I can feel the detail of the music when I hear it, it proves how seriously this anime is worked on, and therefore I recommend it. Some stories from the main characters "kumiko" in the music world I've ever experienced, make me always carried away the plot, therefore, I read more