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Love Live! School Idol Project
Love Live! School Idol Project
Sep 14, 8:43 AM
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Aug 15, 1:53 PM
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Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu
Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu
Aug 14, 6:45 PM
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5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Jul 30, 6:05 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Jul 21, 12:44 PM
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Jul 18, 8:25 AM
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Geshtinanna Sep 11, 10:52 PM
Yeah I had never come across the word Gobbet either before that class on St Augustine. A gobbet is a short commentary on an assigned primary source. The source is usually textual, but it may be an image or even an artefact!

I first heard about Voltron because I accidentally found out from some online site that at least three of the main people (producers/writers) involved in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra (two of my favourite shows btw) were behind it. I hoped that Voltron might remind me (in some way) of those aforementioned series, and I wasn't disappointed!
Geshtinanna Sep 10, 8:52 PM
Back in the day I'd wake up between 7am and 7.30am for 'secondary school' - as you rightly called it! 5.45am seems a bit rough for anyone at any age though! Perhaps you can enjoy burning the midnight oil now your a Freshman, and anime as well as music, always gets more exciting, involving and meaningful after midnight IMO anyway - so it might open up a new world of discoveries for you. Ah, I remember printing of Gobbets (as the shorter essays were called LOL) in the evening to hand in the next day - there was none of that new-fangled techo-whatsit back in my day LOL. Handing your essays in before midnight sounds like something out of Cinderella or a vampire/werewolf movie - lest the assignment should turn into dust LOL.

Ah, Coran, Coran, The Gorgeous Man - as one of the jokes go! Actually where I'm at near the end of season 8 they spin this phrase around to Coran, Coran, The Non-Truth Telling Man - in a wack-a-mole funfair game where Pidge has to 'bonk him on the cranker' (as he puts it) LOL. Yeah great voice inflections and accent - which (talking about the different English speaking regions) I think sounds Australian. He even (very deservedly) won an award for it! If you like what you've seen/heard of him already, I think you'll get a lot out of what's to come because he has many inspired moments of eloquence and jovial banter!
Geshtinanna Sep 10, 4:23 PM
I'm quite addicted to YouTube myself - mainly music tracks/albums and live music performances. When I was at Uni it was a lot less hours than school, but typing up essays and working through the reading list and finding the books in the library took up a lot of extra time - I think in the end it wasn't that much less of an effort as when I was back in school!

Bleach was like the 5th or 6th anime I watched and it was the first one I followed onto successive seasons and (sort of) became a fully fledged fan of! There were so many great tunes from Bleach that it would be easy to pick like 5 of the best ones for your profile wall. In addition to OPs and EDs there's also Never Meant to Belong, Soundscape to Ardour, Treachery, and Hear to Stay - that are among the highlights from a brilliant OST.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Voltron because it could seem a little childish for some, but for me it's like this Epic Universal Odessey that speaks to all ages! There's a timeless beauty in its craftsmanship (art/animation/script/structure/plot/characters) and the VA's are better than Funimation dubs, although I often like those as well! I can understand that to a young American some of the jokes might seem a bit too cheesy - some of the quips from Hunk and Lance LOL, but it seems quite different to a British persons ears - fresh, charming and loveable in its differentness, because UK English tends to be quite dry, dreary, and unemotional - hence, even some (tangy!) cheese is a welcome escape from the mundane and monotonous. I think Coran and Allura are my two favourite VA's from the series! Talking about American series with good VA's, have you seen or heard about Castlevania?! Wow, it's like Shakespeare my dear boy - Classically trained thespians and all! If you haven't seen it I'd highly recommend it, and it's a bit darker, heavier, and more adult - if you like that kind of thing!

Always Voltron, Vrepit Sa!
Geshtinanna Sep 8, 7:15 PM
Yeah I remember Freshers Week (the first week at Uni) myself back in the day - I'm a little bit older than you LOL. We started a few weeks later near the end of September though. Remember to put your studies first, but why not catch up with animations in your free time! Don't worry you're not that far behind me, just two days!

I had a listen to your favourite openings - wow, that Bleach song was pretty damn cool and really nostalgic for me. The Gintama one was quite good as well but my fave from that franchise is the ED Glorious Days from Gintama 2015! It's nice to see Yoruichi amongst your fave females haha, and bravo with the colour scheme and the layout of your profile!

May you continue upon your journey of enlightenment noble Paladin of Voltron! I don't know if you know this Galra salute yet but - Vrepit Sa :D

Oh, from where you are in season 2 I remember a funny episode called Space Mall where Hunk is forced into kitchen duties to pay of a debt and Coran has to barter for Scaultrite! It's nice the way the series breaks up the more serious and action-orientated stuff with some slice of life goofiness, and the main cast of characters are so warm and charming through it all - and I just love the witty repartee between them!
Geshtinanna Aug 31, 2:48 PM
I got to 65 days first - yay, my first taste of victory! I like your new profile layout btw. I think someone's been studying up on their bbcode :D
Geshtinanna Aug 1, 9:43 PM
Voltron is a lot of fun, and the mythology gets a lot more complex as it goes on. There's some great voice acting in it as well, especially with some of the key characters who are introduced as it progresses. These's eight seasons in total and it's a bit of a magnum opus. It kinda reminds me of a multi-volume science-fiction/fantasy novel in its breadth, depth and scale. The characters are so charming and endearing, and there's lots of funny moments along the way. See how far you can go with it intergalactic voyageur :D
Geshtinanna Aug 1, 6:29 PM
You took the words right out of my mouth regarding Shippuden! Where I am right now - episode 445, things are starting to feel sluggish alright. One flashback recap montage too many IMO. I guess that's why I put it on hiatus for so long, my interest waxes and wanes. It has some special qualities - like the soundtrack music, and some inspirational/motivational ideals, but it also has it's fair share of flaws - like the extremely slow pacing, and some very mediocre/unexceptional filler episodes.

I recently received a message from (what I've presumed to be) a real-life Japanese MAL friend, stating that he's not into anime anymore, and has devoted all his free time to video games instead! So you're in good company there, just follow the natural urge - you never know when something new will take your fancy!

Voltron is a US production and relatively popular, but there are so many animations and entertainments out there in the world right now that it's so easy to pass by many interesting or worthwhile things. I was so close to missing out on anime completely - I'm just lucky that I went with a random impulse purchase of a Ghost in the Shell box-set 8 years ago, because I knew zero about Japanese animation up until that point. I mean 8 years ago I didn't even have regular access to the internet LOL, and just relied on whatever they pumped out onto British TV screens.
Geshtinanna Jul 31, 8:03 PM
Yeah, it seems I've pulled ahead in this little contest we've been having LOL. I think continuing on with Shippuden (after a year long hiatus) has made a big difference - I've probably watched 44 episodes in the last month. I finished A Place Further Than The Universe, where 4 Japanese girls voyage to Antarctica. The premise sounded amazing but I thought it was a tad overrated by the end - I just didn't feel a deep connection with any of the characters. I've started Dr Stone dubbed and I'm really enjoying it so far, it's quite an original twist on the Shonen genre, and there's science/chemistry and fun facts to boot!

If I'm being honest though, all those Japanese shows - and nearly all anime full stop, has been eclipsed by Voltron: Legendary Defender (the US series). I was completely enthralled for like 5 episodes in a row last night. I'm on the final season right now, and I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes ATLA or Legend of Korra, as it has a similar vibe and sense of humour, but's it's set in space with a diverse bunch of cool, charming new characters - who I just love SO MUCH right now! It's better, quality-wise, than FMAB or Death Note - IMO anyway, even though it's a tad more family friendly, it has a timeless 'classic' atmosphere about it.
etekusat Jul 31, 5:37 AM
Geshtinanna Jul 29, 4:30 PM
Haruhi is ALWAYS cute - glad you liked the Birthday greeting!

There was a MAL forum debate (a few weeks ago) over who the strongest anime character is, and I wrote this (I think it'll make you laugh):

I think Haruhi Suzumiya could defeat the big guns like Saitama and Madara because they couldn't even exist within the same temporal 'reality' as Haruhi! If they were in any way a threat, or even an annoyance to her, they would be immediately transported to another space/time dimension without quibble LOL. Before it even came to that, I think they'd be too scared to even face someone with her level of 'personality' :D
Geshtinanna Jul 28, 4:41 PM
Happy Birthday :D

etekusat Jul 28, 1:07 PM
happy birthday! (*ˊᗜˋ*)/
wish you many many happy returns of the day, have a good one!
Geshtinanna Jun 2, 3:25 PM
Congratulations on your Graduation! Enjoy that free time while it lasts, I wish you well upon your Monogatari adventure! Let me know if the franchise is something you think I would like to watch - as you gave good advice last time with your Haruhi recommendation!
Geshtinanna Jun 2, 2:59 PM
You seem to be watching at quite a rapid and steady rate so victory will be no mean feat. I have a lot of anime on my PTW list so running out of ammunition wont be problem!
Geshtinanna Jun 2, 2:22 PM
You seem gracious in victory, let's see if I can mount a comeback for the second stage of the race :D