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Jun 6, 2009
Fuji's mask of smiles, Inui's disgusting most likely inedible drinks, Kaidoh's "fwsshh", Oishi's weird haircut, Kikumaru's cool playing style, Tezuka's "don't keep your guard down" matched with a stoic face, Momoshiro's dunk smashes, Kawamura's "BURNING!" and of course Ryoma's "Mada mada dane" not to mention awesome tennis prodigy, are all reasons why you should definitely not miss out on this anime.

Before, I could have sworn I never watch Prince of Tennis, since I wasn't interested in tennis and found it a boring sport. But all of my ulterior assumptions were made correct once I coincidentally saw someone watching the anime in my friend's laptop. I read more
Jun 6, 2009
Though it may be an old anime it never fails to satisfy me whenever I decide to watch it. For one thing, it's a funny anime with tinges of romance, and for another the tendency for most people to shout out loud when Kenshin's close to death only proves that you focus your mind into it and how you just want to yell "Kick his ass, Kenshin!" when he's fighting with some opponent.
When I was a kid, I've always idolized him usinga tennis racket and swinging it as though it was a sword. And my love for long haired anime guys started with him. read more
Jun 6, 2009
I hope you do agree with me that the introduction of this anime really does produce excitement. Especially the romantic meeting and moments of Amu and Ikuto.
Sadly, I got bored with it after fifteen episodes or so. Of course I still look out for episodes wherein Ikuto and Amu would have some intimate moments, but that is as far as my will extends to.
This is only my opinion though, but...Tadase's other character transformation, the one with the frills and ribbons, sucked. He looked so gay. This is just me though, and some of my friends. Haha.
Jun 6, 2009
At the beginning, I was delighted to find a well drawn anime with a vigorous original plot. The episode wherein they discussed about the Tetragrammaton was indeed intriguing since I'm a fan of religious conspiracies and history myself. However, the last four episode proved to be the demise of my excitement and enjoyment. Sadly, the anime wasn't able to grasp its true potential since I truly believe it could have been better.
But for utmost respect and humility, I do believe this anime is worth one's time.
Jun 6, 2009
A fabulous work of art, with outstanding screen graphics and impeccably genius drawn characters with different personalities or stereotypes.
This is one of the best reverse harem animes I've ever watched that truly provides ground breaking humor.
Tamaki, a narcissistic prince, Kyouya a somewhat double faced smart ass, Honey small but terrible, Mori I don't really know ho to describe him, silent?, and of course my own personal favorite the devious twins that never failed to make me laugh out loud once I see them flaunting with each other.

Ouran High School Host Club, is a masterpiece in ever sense of the word.
Jun 6, 2009
A brilliant anime with a hysterical plot. Combine pavement pounding humor and heart palpitating romance and there you have skip beat.
Even the manga's downright funny. Each chapter or episode cannot go ignored, since all of them contains the same witty sarcasm and comedy plus romance that you're looking for.
A thirst quencher for romance-comedy addicts. I suggest you watch/read now.
Jun 6, 2009
It's a cool supernatural-historical there are some major twists in cliffhangers in the story. The protagonist portrays what typical real life boys are, so I sort of liked his arrogant yet kind attitude.
But over all, it's an enjoyable anime, a little short though for my tastes but ground breaking and pule racing in some episodes.
I only hoped it could have been scarier, but at least the handsome spirits and the long haired hot guys (I have a fetish for long haired anime guys, haha) makes up for it.