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Mar 2, 2018
If I were to describe "B: The Beginning" with a single word it would probably be "indecisive". The show can't decide what it wants to be; is it a detective show or is it a style over substance action show? And in the end it succeeds in being neither of those.

The show is not all bad, there are some really great action scenes and some well written dialogues near the end of the series. But although those action scenes were a great sight for my eyes, they weren't good for my brain. I couldn't care less about who died and who lived. That is because read more
Feb 22, 2018
Ao Oni (Manga) add (All reviews)
This is a review for the first volume of the Ao Oni light novel - a novelization of the popular horror video game. Although, I say it is popular, I have never actually played it myself, so the LN was my first experience with the franchise.

I was pleasantly surprised by it. The horror aspect didn't really feel that well-done to me, but horror in novels rarely work. I feel like horror has more impact when written in first person POV rather than third person. So, despite being a horror novel, I wouldn't say that the horror was its strong side. Its mystery was. read more
Feb 21, 2018
Having heard it was the first light novel that had actually won Kyoani’s Grand Prize, I had very high hopes for Violet Evergarden. It is a two part novel consisting of short stories about a young woman traveling from one place to another assisting people with different things.

When you read through the first 5 chapters, which are basically short stories, you will notice that the author describes Violet - the main character in a way that makes her feel like a Mary Sue character. She is unrealistically strong, smart and fucking great looking. In fact she is so beautiful that the author can’t stop read more
Feb 9, 2018
"Sugar Candy Bullets Can't Pierce Anything : A Lollypop or A Bullet" is one of the underrated novels on MAL. Perhaps because of the rather unattractive cover, or due to a lack of proper translation. In any case it is a great story that deserves more attention than it gets in the West.

The story is narrated by the protagonist, Nagisa Yamada, a middle-schooler who intends to join the JSDF after graduation. She wants to shoot **live rounds**. But her daily life tooks a strange turn when a girl named Umino Mokuzu (lit: watery grave, a metaphor for drowning at sea) who read more
Oct 24, 2017
Amidst all the crappy imouto fetish light novels involving writing those crappy imouto fetish light novels, all the trashy Isekai harem light novels about an all powerful yet completely beta as fuck male protagonist who makes every single virgin as wet as a drowned rat only with a single glance, who in the end may or may not *canonically* or *not so canonically* load several years worth of man yoghurt into shallow heroines, amidst all of those utter degeneracies in this darkest of all timelines which we have been destined to live in for whatever crimes we have committed, it sometimes comes a work of read more
Sep 13, 2017
I am just copy pasting my reddit post instead of writing a new review. This review will spoil the first episode of the anime:

I believe that the synopsis of the series makes **Sakurada Reset** seem like a high school superpower show while the first few episodes of the series makes it seem like a show where very very boring and dull characters solve other people's problems (like finding a cat) with the help of their abilities. T Both the synopsis and the first few (mini) arcs of the anime give the wrong impression of what this anime is really about. To anyone considering giving read more